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Amity's Stellar Cartography takes up two floors, and is accessible via level 17 of the Science and Research Center. Inside the entrance is a large, long platform that leads into the center of the huge room. From there, a large holographic display that spans the curved walls is visible. There are many consoles complete with holographic displays, allowing multiple science officers to perform in-depth analyses of whatever part of the galaxy they wish to examine.

The lighting on the platform is dimmable, to allow the holographic display to become more prominent during operation. The floor of the platform contains “pop-up” chairs, allowing for a group of up to fifteen people to be seated for a presentation. The floor of the platform can even be made transparent to give people a true 360 degree view of whatever is being presented if necessary.[1]

Stellar Cartography was commissioned after an upgrade of the Science and Research Center, from the smaller Astrometrics located in Copernicus Center.[2].


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