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“Amicitia vera illuminat”

authentic friendship shines

Amity Outpost is a Federation Diplomatic Corps installation based beside a rare regenerating benamite crystal field in the Barossa Sector in the Delta Quadrant. The benamite crystal field is a beautiful asteroid field clouded by a translucent purple nebula, stretching for almost a lightyear. Benamite crystals (which are essential for quantum slipstream travel) form naturally in the area, but the chemical reaction of the nebula enables the unusual regeneration of this precious resource. It was discovered by Betazoid scientists surveying the area.

Launched in 2398, Amity Outpost represents the next venture into the Delta Quadrant for the Federation following the pioneering voyages of the USS Darwin-A and USS Apollo-A and the construction of Outpost Unity earlier in the decade. Amity Outpost marks the first permanent creation of a Federation Diplomatic Mission in the Delta Quadrant headed by a full Federation Ambassador. Ambassador Niarivi "Rivi" Vataix, daughter of the Eleventh House of Betazed, has been assigned as the outpost’s Chief of Mission and serves as the commanding officer for both the civilian Federation Diplomatic Corps staff as well as the Starfleet personnel assigned to the outpost.

Ambassador Vataix leads a contingent of 800 Federation Diplomatic Corps personnel along with 645 Starfleet personnel assigned to support the operations of the outpost. An additional 800 civilians live and work on the outpost, serving as shopkeepers and merchants, scientific researchers, construction and starship repair crews, and in other supporting roles such as teachers and healthcare workers.

OOC: This reflects the chain of command in modern-day embassies and diplomatic missions where an ambassador/chief of mission holds the highest authority, including over military personnel assigned to the diplomatic mission such as Marine guards and the defense attache.

Ambassador Vataix is supported by a Deputy Chief of Mission from the Federation Diplomatic Corps as well as a Starfleet attache, Lt. Cmdr. Wil Ukinix who serves as her “first officer.”

Station Profile

Amity Outpost is a repurposed outpost and was originally commissioned as Copernicus Station, a Starfleet R&D facility constructed in the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant at the border of the Delta Quadrant to conduct research on anti-Borg technology.

Following nearly two decades of operation, Copernicus Station was transferred in the 2390s to the Federation Diplomatic Corps and moved into the Delta Quadrant to act as the Federation’s new welcome center and diplomatic outreach facility for the area after Starfleet vessels with quantum slipstream drives began making serious expeditions into the previous unexplored quadrant. The overhaul, move, and reassembly of the outpost was overseen by Commander Tristam Core, who serves as its Chief of Operations (the equivalent of chief engineer ala Chief O’Brien on DS9). It was formally renamed Amity Outpost to reflect its new mission of peace and understanding through mutual friendship between the Federation and the species of the Delta Quadrant.

Amity Outpost is supported by a standard Defiant class vessel, the USS Independence-B. In addition, the outpost has a number of auxiliary craft ranging from Venture class scout vessels to Type 6A shuttles and heavy transport cargo shuttles to assist the station and visiting ships.