Amity Auxiliary Craft

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  • One Defiant class starship
    • USS Independence-B
    • NCC-1776-B
    • Standard "stock" Defiant specifications
    • Includes one Type-10 shuttlecraft, four Type-18 Shuttlepod, and two work bees

Defiant class.jpg


  • Ten Type-6A Shuttles
    • Arbutus: Named after a tree native to Earth
    • Jumja: Named after a tree native to Bajor
    • Katraas: Named for a tree native to Vulcan.
    • Magnolia: Named after a tree native to Earth
    • Maple: Named after a tree native to Earth
    • Ratana: Named after a tree native to the Rigel system
    • Sequoia: Named after a tree native to Earth
    • Three yet-unnamed craft.


  • Four Type 17 Argo-type Heavy Transport/Cargo Shuttles
    • Everest: Named after Earth's tallest mountain
    • Karakoram: Named after the mountain range with Earth's second tallest mountain, K2.
    • Two yet-unnamed craft.

Type 17 "Argo".jpg

  • One McCall Class Long Range Attack Shuttle
    • Targhee: Named after the Caribou - Grand Targhee National Park (Destroyed and left behind in MU during away team escape)
    • Targhee - II: Successor to the Targhee, created using prototype Vehicle Replicator for us in the Denali Invitational.

Targhee McCall.png

  • Thirty Work Bees

Workbee 3.jpg