Amicitia Vera Illuminat (Amity)

Amicitia Vera Illuminat

  • Episode: S1E1 (2398)
  • Stardate 239809 to 239810

Amity Outpost was built in the Barossa Sector, near a naturally regenerating benamite crystal field.[1]. This was the project of Tristam Core, who had been assembling it and also working on the USS Independence-B[2], and most of the staff would come from the USS Veritas, which was ending it's five year tour of duty.[3]

Meanwhile, on Betazed, after Lt. Cmdrs Alora DeVeau and Wil Ukinix discussed her ascension to the Matriarchy of the Fifteenth House of Betazed[4], the next day Rivi Vataix was named Ambassador, by the Secretary of the Exterior, Lily Ventu in a ceremony, which both Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller and Lt. Cmdr Wil Ukinix attended. In it, Rivi gave a speech talking about what the Federation was, to her, and it was the principles, which is why she was assigned to the Delta Quadrant, stating that she wished to continue the work of the forebears before them. [5]. In addition, Wil's cousin Keehani Vataix, asked to be allowed to join the mission.[6][footnotes 1]

Back on J'naii, Ens. Kivik had returned home to deal with the after-effects of the sudden way ne had left when leaving for Starfleet[7]. While it was still much too early for any effort to contemplate a massive change to the society and government of J'naii, Kivik argued persuasively that even the opening steps of cultural exchange could lead to a more welcoming J'naii[8], and would later take steps to make this more firm by discussing this with Envoy Jansen Orrey[9]

The ship carrying the Ambassador, the USS Thor came, with many of the command staff being onboard, before arranging with the Chief of Security Lt. Commander Cassian Iovianus to hold a cultural arts and food festival as a welcoming event and food festival[10]. With the arrival of the new officers, the new mining supervisor, Evelyn McLaren, asked Lt. Ikaia Wong and Lt. JG Katsim Peri for help surveying the nebula to determine where to mine, which they agreed to.[11] This however, would be cut short due to a panic attack.[12]

Meanwhile, other officers were getting used to their new positions - with the new First Officer, Wil Ukinix, being moved from the Chief of Engineer position, and the PA Lieutenant Ikaia Wong now a Chief Medical Officer.[13], and would then have to deal with a potential outbreak of the Levodian flu[14]

During the festival, on occasion, senior staff would man booths - often promoting elements of Federation culture they were familiar with[15]. The festival was interrupted when Ensign Jaxon Fargo called for help[16]. Initial attempts to find him, by Lt. Wong, revealed that there was some oddities - he was in an area under construction, there was a drug in his system, and that there were some shady characters near him.[17]

Due, in part, to the station making waves in both the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, two reporters would eventually arrive - one, a reporter from the descendants of those abducted by the Briori in 1937[18], and the second from the FNS, Kiyaini Ri'zella, one of their new reporters.[19]

At the end of the festival, many members of the crew chose to celebrate Wil's birthday by operating a grav-pub.[20][footnotes 2]

First Appearances


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  1. While she was on a watchlist, following a psionic attack that a group she belonged to perpetrated, she was never the less allowed to join the mission after Federation Security granted a waiver - likely because she would be in a position to be monitored. The exact reasons are classified.
  2. Normally, Starfleet regulations prevent grav pubs, but as Amity Outpost is a FDC outpost, the normal regulations don't apply.