Amici Novi (Chin'toka)

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2398, Episode 2


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

-Winston Churchill

Amici Novi

  • Stardate 239805.12 to 239807.17


Notable Characters

  • High Lady Balei Jurnir: House Lanaxa Representative
  • Eizai: High Lady Jurnir's Aide
  • Captain Sheyl Dratana: House Larokon Representative, Captain of House Larokon warship, Telsara
  • Marchionessa Jasjeet Samra of Paxar: High Ambassador of House Tadere, House Tadere Representative
  • Captain Gaylen Dakios: Captain of Rettan Transit Titan (51-B)
  • High Lord Kass Vannel: House Rettan Representative

Mission Summary

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Act One

Captain Mei'konda calls the crew to the conference room and briefs them on a conversation he had with Admiral Reynolds regarding the construction of a larger Federation starbase in the Expanse. They will be meeting with representatives of the various houses to negotiate a location for the starbase. Department heads are instructed to compose a list of various technologies they can offer as part of the trade. Also, Lieutenant Commander Rosek is given the task of gathering as much information as possible on each house and working with Lieutenant Commander Raga and his department to analyze what technologies each House might ask for versus what the Chin'toka crew can offer.

When they arrive in orbit, they are contacted by the House Lanaxa representative High Lady Balei Jurnir, who serves in the role of their contact. They make arrangements with her to beam down.

However, sensors detect an unstable Rettan transport that is experiencing difficulties with navigation among other things. Lieutenant Commander Peters contacts Traffic Control to advise them, but they seem uninterested in helping. Despite the risk given House Larokon's strained relationship with House Rettan, the Chin'toka crew moves in to offer their assistance. They discover a plasma leak near the middle of the vessel and Captain Mei'konda orders Lieutenant Commander Rosek to lead a team consisting of Lieutenant Commander Raga, Lieutenant Commander Peters, Lieutenant Commander Logan, and Lieutenant Lephi to beam over to the Rettan vessel and assist with repairs and help any injured. The remaining senior staff take the runabout to Oscion for the negotiations with the Caraadian Houses.

Act Two

Act Three

Notable SIMs

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After-Action Reports

Additional Notes

REV SD 239810.16