Ambrosia Hayley/Quarters/Deck 4, Room 12

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Crew of the USS Eagle

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Ensign Ambrosia Hayley

Room 12 is a fairly standard singles Crew Quarter aboard the USS Eagle. It consists of a bedroom, a living/dining area and a small bathroom. It is assigned to Ambrosia Hayley

Note: Due to the limits of 21st century floor planning technology, placeholders are used in the stead of 24th century objects.

Main Room

The main room functions as both her Living Room, her Dining Room, and her Office. Just in front of the door is a small shoe rack which contains a few pairs of boots, a couple of work-shoes, and a singular pair of high heels.

Living Room

The living room aspect of the Main room consists of several large bookcase against the corridor wall. In front of this is a armchair and a small coffee table and next to the chair is a recliner style chair and a small cabinet. Littered around the area are various small plants.

The coffee table is impeccably clean, with several coasters for drinks.

The bookcase largely contains labelled PADDs on the bottom rows with important notes, papers, books, and other pieces of research she feels like she needs to keep aside for easy access. On the higher levels are more personal items, such as photographs.

Dining Room

Unlike most quarters, Ambrosia's has facilities to cook at the very least basic meals, and to store food. She also has a sizeable dining table.

Office Area

This area is pressed right against the wall to north wall of her room. The bulk of the actual 'office' part, was a small desk in the the corner with a standard issue Desktop Viewer on top of it.

The Walls


Ambrosia's bedroom is, like the rest of her quarters, impeccably clean. On immediately walking in you will see a very well made bed, with a dressing table next to it. In front of the bed is a wardrobe, which contains several spare uniforms as well as a somewhat eclectic selection of casual clothing. On the ground is a very plush purple mat.

Dressing Table

The dressing table is fairly basic, and used more as a night stand than anything. There is an induction charger for her personal PADD built into the desk, so she can charge is as she sleeps particularly seeing as she likes to read a few chapters of a book before sleeping. She has a somewhat basic selection of make-up and other sundries there, although she keeps the bulk of her make up in the bathroom as she's still experimenting a little with what she likes.

The Walls


A standard washroom equipped with a sink, sonic shower and toilet. Under the sink is an embarrassingly large selection of make-up, including a lot from her previous style phases.