Ambrose Cole

Member of FNS

Am cole.jpg

Ambrose Cole


  • Height: 1.86m
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Hair: short, black
  • Eyes: blue

Ambrose Francis Cole was born into a wealthy family on Earth. He was sent to the best schools, had private tutors, and generally received an education that was second to none. Unfortunately, A.C. (as he prefers to be called) felt smothered by his parents and family, and when he was old enough, struck out on his own. He got his first real job working for the Federation News Service as an investigative journalist. The job involved a lot of travel, which A.C. enjoyed very much. It also involved prying into a lot of people's lives and sometimes dangerous situations, which A.C. discovered he also enjoyed very much. Quickly, however, A.C. changed his career goals after doing a political story. He had been shadowing and interviewing Starfleet's Fleet Admiral Wolf during one of the admiral's forays into Federation politics (campaigning for the UFP presidency). A.C. decided that the political world held just as much intrigue and danger as what he had been used to, but that he could "go farther" as a political attache rather than a journalist.

A.C. worked as part of Admiral Wolf's staff. His job included setting up appointments and public appearances, background checks on people and locations with whom the admiral would come into contact, and he helped advise the admiral on the formation of his policy based on the will of his constituents.

During 2387, A.C. was reassigned to Outpost Ganzera, in the Par'tha Expanse, as the FNS' chief reporter, especially pertaining to diplomatic and political stories concerning the Federation's interests in the Expanse region. When all the ambassadors and staff were forced to relocate back to Deep Space 26 in 2393 and Ganzera abandoned, A.C. went with them.