Amala Minks

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USS Columbia
Position Duty Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Iotian
Gender Female
DOB 236707.03
Age 30
Birthplace Sigma Iotia II
Writer ID A239504HM0

Ensign Amala Minks, an Iotian, is currently serving as a duty officer aboard the USS Columbia.


  • Height: 1.75 meters, 5' 9"
  • Weight: 59 kilos, 130 lbs
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Kelno Minks
    • Mother:Jayna Minks
  • Siblings:
    • Twin Brother: Amak Minks
    • Younger Sister: Kaiya Minks, 20


  1. 2366 Sigma Iotia becomes a Federation member world
  2. 236707.03: Amala is born on Sigma Iotia II to Kelno and Jayna
  3. 239504.10: Amala graduates from Starfleet Academy
  4. 239509: Amala arrives at her first duty post aboard the USS Columbia

Brief Bio

Amala was born on Sigma Iotia II and grew up there alongside her twin brother and baby sister eight years later. While her family was primarily influenced by the Chicago gang culture of Sigma Iotia II, Amala made friends earlier in life who came from backgrounds heavily influenced by the Transtator revolution. As a result, Amala developed affinities for both 1920s’ mobster attitude as well as that of 2200s’ Starfleet.

Amala was fascinated by the history of her culture and was determined to learn more about Earth, where it had originated. As a result, she left Sigma Iotia when she was 18 to live on Earth. She did not return to Sigma Iotia for five years. When she did so, she found her relationship with her family strained and soon after returned to Earth where she enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Her time on Earth exposed her to a variety of different aspects of human culture and speech, all of which left their mark on her.

She excelled at the Academy, and majored in Helm and Navigation, but found herself to be quite confident in her abilities in most other areas as well. After graduating, Amala took a short leave of absence to visit Sigma Iotia II before receiving her assignment to the Columbia. Her relationship with her family is still tenuous, but her second trip home did ease some of the tension.


  • Quick to pick up new vocabulary and slang.
  • Generally cheerful