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This page is a work in progress. Each section is a compilation of sims by Alucard Vess and Angie Vess

First Meeting

((Embassy Gardens - Embassy, Duronis II ((MD: 03))

::Angie had taken Vee and Garth to see Toni, and was carrying Garth home, while Vee, happy to have seen her mother, skipped down the path, singing a made up song, not paying attention to how far ahead of them she was getting. Angie quickened her pace to catch up with her, but as Vee came to a curve in the path, she lost sight of her. ::
::Alucard was walking along one of the paths. He wasn’t really paying attention, despite the most spectacular double sunset. His conversation with his father had made him realize just how far away he was from everyone from his past. He was just passing a deep purple Laudean flower when he heard the light skipping of a childs shoes on the pathway. He had just turned his head when a little girl catch up to him.::

::When Vee turned she spotted a man walking just ahead of her. Being a friendly child, she ran to catch up with him.::

Vee: Hi Misser.

Vess: Hi lassie. Who are yeh?

Vee: I Vee. You wurk at da Embassie?

Vess: Yeah. Ah’m Alucard, Ah’m a doctor.

Vee: My Mommy wurk here too. She da Capin.

Vess: Ah know who she is. She's my boss.
::Rounding the curve, Angie saw Vee talking to a man not in uniform. Frightened she picked up the pace almost to a run, not an easy task carrying a year old. ::

Reynolds: ::somewhat out of breath, speaking as she approached:: Vee, don't bother the man. He doesn't have time to talk to you.

Vee: Yeah he do, ::looking up at Vess:: Dontcha?

Vess: Aye, lassie. Ah don’t mind.

::Recognizing his accent, Angie felt better, knowing who it was. At least she knew he wasn't some strange pervert.::

Reynolds: Hi, I'm Angie Reynolds, the children's nanny.

Vess: Hello, nice to meet yeh. Ah’m Alucard Vess.

Reynolds: ::smiling, but nervous:: Yes, I recognized your voice from earlier... on the comm... when you called about ... the Captain.

Vess: ::Smiling.:: Did yeh get to go see her?

Reynolds: Yes, we just left her. You did a nice job on her hand.

::Alucard blushes slightly. It was a little weird getting so much praise about his work. His father didn’t want him to be a doctor, and most of his residents during med school had been Vulcan, so usually the only feedback he got was "You're work is adequate."::

Vess: Aww, Ah was just doin’ my job. So, Angie, have yeh been here long? How’re yeh likin’ it?

Reynolds: ::pushing her blond hair behind her ears:: I came here on the Thunder from DS9 a little over two months ago. And yes, I like the Embassy really well, although I haven't seen much of it.

::Alucards chuckles a bit. He looks from Garth to Vee.::

Vess: Yeah, Ah expect it is hard to get out with this lad and lassie in tow. It’s a nice planet, that part that Ah’ve seen. It’s beautiful from the air.

::He was enjoying the conversation. His homesickness was all but forgotten, and it was nice talking to someone to whom rank didn’t matter.::

Reynolds: I only got a glimpse of it from the Thunder before I beamed down. How did you see it? Do you fly?

Vess: Yeah, Ah fly too. My Da was a helmsman before he was promoted to Captain, so he taught me. Not many kids can say they learned to fly on a Galaxy class starship. ::Pause.:: He wanted me to be a pilot like him, but medicine called to me more. He sent me his old Skimmer, so Ah’ve been up over the ocean in it.

Reynolds: ::giving him a quizzical glance:: Skimmer?

::Alucard blushes a bit, he had forgotten that few people outside New Caledonia would know what a Skimmer was.::

Vess: Sorry, it’s an old Caledonian fighter. Da flew it before my homeworlds defense force was absorbed into Starfleet. Ah can take yeh up in it sometime if yeh want.

Reynolds: ::smiling:: I'd love that. I'm never been flying come to think of it. I've always beamed to, or from, starships.

::With Garth wiggling to get down, Angie struggled to keep him in her arms, and as much as she was enjoying their conversation, she hated to end it.::

Reynolds: I really have to get the children home. It's almost their bedtime.

Vess: Ah understand. It was nice meetin’ yeh.

Reynolds: It was nice to meet you too.

::Angie started to walk off, but then stopped and turn back toward him::

Reynolds: If you would like to come with us, maybe we could talk over a cup or coffee or glass of juice.

Vee: Yeah, come wif us.

Vess: Ah don’t wanna put yeh out.

Reynolds: No, really, it won't be any trouble at all. And frankly, I'd enjoy the company, that is if you aren't too busy or have something else to do.

Vess: Ah’m free, so sure, Ah’d like that.

::He joins Angie and the kids on their walk back to the Captains house, and they chat a bit as they walk. Vee was a little chatterbox. Pretty soon they reached the house. He had walked by a few times but had never been inside. It was a nice house.::

Vess: Nice place. Captains perks, eh?

Reynolds: Yeah, I think she restored the former gardener's house. It has a livingroom and kitchen and a small office under the stairs, with three bedrooms and a bath upstairs. Come on in the kitchen and I'll brew us some coffee.

Vess: Some coffee would be nice. Do yeh need any help with the kids?

Reynolds: ::coy smile:: Well, now that you mention it, I could use some help.

::Alucard smiles.::

Vess: Ah don’t mind. What do yeh need me to do?

Reynolds: My arms are tired from carrying Garth. If you'd carry him upstairs, I'd appreciate it. Then we can get them settled in for the night.

::Later, after the children were asleep, they sat at the kitchen table chatting.::

Vess: So, what made yeh go into child care, if yeh don’t mind my askin’?

Reynolds: ::laughing slightly:: Good question, and one I've asked myself a million times. The best answer I've come up with is I wanted to see the Universe, but I was too independent for a Military life. When I was choosing my course of study for college, I learned that many ships allowed families, and where there are children, there was a need for Nannies and Teachers. So voila! Here I am.

Vess: Yer really good with ‘em.

Reynolds: ::sipping her coffee, exchanging glances with him:: Thank you. They are good children, eager to learn and inquisitive. For the most part it's a very rewarding profession, but I have to admit, sometimes I miss the company of adults here at the Embassy. It's not so bad on a starship. Everything is in close quarters, but here it's all spread out and unless I meet people by chance, I ... well, I feel cut off. Ever feel that way?

::Alucard nearly laughed at this.::

Vess: Ah sure do! Everyone's afraid of the doctor.

Reynolds: Oh, enough about me. What about you? You said you chose being a doctor over being a pilot, but what was your lure?

Vess: Well, Ah could give the standard “Ah wanted to help people” answer, but that’s so cliche. And it’s never the real answer, not the only one anyway. Ah guess… By the time it came to apply to the Academy Ah was already a good pilot. It wasn’t a challenge to me anymore. But a doctor’s always challenged. Medicine is constantly evolving, and yeh have to learn quick to keep up. ::Pause.:: That’s probably why Ah chose the heart and brain as my specialties, the two most complicated systems in the whole body.

::A black german shepard padded into the room and came over to sniff at Alucard.::

Vess: Hello, what’s yer name?

Reynolds: ::speaking for the dog:: Jax, his name is Jax.

Vess: Hello, Jax. ::Holds out his hand palm up for Jax to sniff.:: Yeh smell my dogs on me don’t yeh?

Reynolds: Oh, you have dogs too?

Vess: Yeah, two Irish wolfhounds, Jameson and Ice. Big guys, but they’re really puppies at heart. They make great guard dogs. ::Smiles.:: They’re more likely to greet a thief as a friend, but the thief won’t see it that way when two 150 pound wolfhounds walk up. Ah can bring ‘em by sometime, Jax might like to play with them. ::Pause.:: Course Vee and Garth would be more interested in usin’ ‘em like ponies…

Reynolds: ::laughs:: And you'd be right too. Poor Jax has caught some of that action, but he is tolerant of them. Anyone ever try to ride your Wolfhounds?

::He shrugs and puts a sheepish look on his face.::

Vess: Well…the transporter chief on the Roddy had a cat… and the cat made the mistake of jumpin’ on Ices back one day…

Reynolds: ::intrigued:: What happened?

::Alucard makes a zooming motion with his hand.::

Vess: Yep, right down the corridor.

::Angie couldn't help but laugh. It was the best laugh she'd had in a long time.::

Reynolds: ::grinning:: You paint a vidid picture. I can almost see that cat flying through the air. ::smiling as the laughter dissipated.:: Dogs can be a lot of trouble sometimes, but their ability to make us laugh and the company they provide, makes having one, ::nodding toward him:: or two, makes it all worth it. Some people think of them as their kids. I don't think I'd go that far, but I would think of one as part of the family.

Vess: Yeah, Ah think callin’ a dog ones child is a bit much. Da’s sister is like that, with her her little Papillon. ::Shakes his head.:: The little dogs don’t make sense either…

Reynolds: Other than flying and playing with your dogs, what else to you enjoy during your free time?

Vess: Ah love video games. Good ones are hard to come by, since everyone uses holodecks. But a lot of my time gets spent readin’ medical journals. ::Shrugs:: Hazard of the job. How about yeh?

Reynolds: Other than read and watch the news feeds after the children are in bed, I really haven't had much free time, but Toni told me that anytime I wanted some time off to go out that she would arrange to have a Yeoman to sit with the children. I just haven't took her up on that yet though.

Vess: Yeh should. There’re a lot of places to pick from around here.

Reynolds: ::sighing:: I'd go to the lounge, but going alone to a place like that at night gives the wrong impression.

::Alucard got the hint.::

Vess: How about we go together?

Reynolds: I... I don't know, you sure?

Vess: It’ll be fun! We can go flyin’ then go to the lounge fer dinner and some dancin’.

::Alucard was enjoying spending time with Angie and hoped she’d accept the offer.::

Reynolds: ::smiles:: In that case, I would love to go with you.

Vess: Ah don’t know when, Ah’ll have to find a day where Ah’m off duty…

::He realized that Angie wasn’t free and clear right away either.::

Vess: And yeh’d have to make arrangements for a substitute nanny…

Reynolds: You just let me know when and I'll clear it with Toni.

::The awkward moment that followed, made her wonder if she had hinted too strongly; been too eager to see him again; backed him into a corner that made him feel the only was around it was to ask her out, or did he really enjoy her company as much as she enjoyed his.::

Reynolds: ::taking the last swallow from her cup, she broke the silence:: Care for another cup of coffee?

Vess: Ah wish, but if Ah do Ah’ll be up all night, and Ah have to be at the Medical Center in the mornin’,

Reynolds: ::disappointed, but keeping it light:: Ah yes, one of those "Hazards of the job," but I hope we can do this again soon. I've really enjoyed talking to you. ::standing:: Come on, I'll walk you out.

Vess: Thank yeh.

::Walking him to the door, she accompanied him onto the porch, then sat on the rail, looking up at the starry sky. The light breeze blowing a wisp of hair across her cheek.::

Reynolds: It's turned out to be another beautiful night. Enjoy your walk back to the medical center.

Vess: Ah’m sure Ah will. Good night, an’ thanks fer the coffee.

Reynolds: ::smiling:: Good night, Doctor.

::She watched him leave the yard, then went back inside, leaning against the door when it closed, thinking of how very much she would like to see him again.::

::Alucard walked down the path back toward his quarters. He had a pretty big grin across his face. What had started out to be a pretty lonely night had suddenly transformed into a great night and a new friendship. And, he had a date to look forward to.::

A compilation of sims by:

Ensign Alucard Vess
Embassy Duronis II
USS Thunder NCC-70605


PNPC Angie Reynolds
simed by...
Captain Toni Turner
Commanding Officer
Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605