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"Tempus fugit, my dear Addison!"- CloQ of the Q Continuum


After a well-earned shoreleave on Betazed, the crew of the USS Artemis-A gather in the bar 'The Fifth Chalice' for an award ceremony to recognize the efforts of its crew in their conflict with the CIC Desdemona. During the ceremony and the following socializing, Crewman Fugit - who had thus far just been Cdr. Genkos Adea's personal headahe for the evening, sheds his disguise and reveals an enemy that Cpt. Addison MacKenzie had hoped to never encounter again. Now, the crew of the Artemis-A are displaced in time to an alternate version of 2375 where the Dominion's foothold on Betazed is more prominent than it ever became during the proper timeline. Can Cpt. MacKenzie's crew save the timeline, while also getting every member of her scattered crew back onto the Artemis and back to their proper time?

Act 1

On the Streets of Medara

That was CloQ. A rogue member of the Q continuum we’ve had the displeasure of dealing with before. ::He sighed.:: I had really hoped we’d seen the last of them. They are obsessed with time and get a sick sense of satisfaction out of sending us to history’s worst moments. ::His eyes swept the horizon.:: Though this time seems especially personal.

Displaced to another area of Betazed - Lt.Cmdr. Dakora's hometown of Medara - him and a team of Ensigns (Savel, Chevalier and Z'Vahme) are dropped into an active conflict zone between the Dominion occupying forces and the local resistance cells. After escaping a Jem'Hadar patrol by ducking into an abandoned building, the group comes face-to-face with a member of the Betazoid Resistance Network - Leera Dakora, Lt.Cmdr. Dakora's mother. While not supposed to be alive at this date in the real timeline, it becomes clear - beyond the occupation occurring outside - that all is not well with the timeline.

Mrs. Dakora realizes her son's identity immediately, and takes the wayward Starfleet officers under her wing as she continues her mission of sabotage.

Visitors at Casa Adea

Sequestered to Cmdr. Genkos Adea's childhood home in Dekoa by CloQ - who also bars any attempts at leaving the homestead - the three officers find themselves thoroughly confused by the current state of affairs. Their confusion is not aided by the appearance of a young Tevet Elain, a childhood friend of the Commander's that Lt Jovenan and Cmdr. Adea know as a vet in the future. The young Betazoid - not even ten years of age in this time - has been taking care of the city's pet inhabitants while their owners are away in one of the numerous internment camps run by the Dominion forces.

Initially earning the child's tentative trust through veiled honesty and a clear desire to help, they are allowed into the basement to help with taking care of the numerous animals within. But maneuvering within one's own past, even an alternate one, can be fraught with dangers, and when Lt. Jovenan accidentally reveals too much, Cmdr. Adea reveals his identity to salvage the situation.

After gaining the Betazoid child's trust through a sharing of minds and memories, the three Starfleet officers - now unburdened with the task of keeping their true identities and purpose secret - set to discovering what CloQ has altered about history, and how to possibly rectify it. This quest leads them to the study of Cmdr. Adea's father, which is in disarray following a ransacking. After some unconventional engineering by the Commander, Lt Jovenan attempts to utilize the old terminal to peruse news reports and find any discrepancies with the timeline she knows. Meanwhile, Cmdr. Adea and LtJG Sadar attempt to clean the study and locate the reasoning behind the ransacking. Lt Jovenan discovers that the cause of the alteration is the absence of the Romulan Star Empire in the Alliance against the Dominion, which leaves the Alliance severely lacking in firepower. This discovery occurs moments before Cmdr. Adea finds a message on the back of one of his father's bookcases. "RIGHT ON TIME."

Purpose? ::their anger was barely concealed:: My purpose is to make your Betazoid friends confront their pasts. You’ve got mummy issues Dakora, and then the doctor here has been running from every trauma he’s ever had. He’s terrified that if he ever stops to confront any of them, well… ::they raised a brow at Genkos:: What do you think will happen, doctor?

Just then, CloQ manifested before them, taunting the crew members with their inability to comprehend his grand design and reasserting his desire for entertainment. Succeeding in his intention to rile up the Betazoid Commander, CloQ then promptly disappeared once more.

On the Streets of Oxeania

We know the Artemis is close – while we can’t make contact, I would have to assume she’s still in orbit where we left her - and likely crawling with Dominion forces - if CloQ has tasked us with retaking the ship. We don’t have weapons, we don’t have contact with the ship, and from the sounds of things, we’re knee-deep in trouble if we stay here. We need ideas.

Left behind in the ruins of the Fifth Chalice - the bar where (in an alternate future) the crew of the Artemis-A were enjoying an award ceremony - Captain MacKenzie and her team is tasked with the attempt at retaking their futuristic vessel, currently in orbit of the planet and beset by Dominion forces. Realizing that they currently stand out like sore thumbs on the streets of the occupied world, their first order of business is finding a clothing store to procure disguises.

However, not long after arriving at the store and examining their options, LT. Silveira reveals a concealed Jem'Hadar soldier who'd been following the officers into the store and the encounter immediately turns violent. The Tactical Chief of the Artemis deals with the situation in short order, before the group must turn their focus onto their next move: How to get to the Artemis? LT. Yellir reckons that the only 'safe' way to do so is to commandeer a landlocked vessel in one of Betazed's shipyards, and the group heads off to do just this.

Act 2

Act 3

MSNPCs and NPC Mentions

  • Mentioned NPCs:

Kyle Morgan - Assistant CMO, Addison MacKenzie's PNPC

FNS Headlines

*  Stardate 240102.24: USS Artemis-A Missing with all hands following Awards Ceremony

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