Alpha Isles

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The Alpha Isles

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The Alpha Isles

From the perspective of someone looking over the galactic landscape, the upper left hand corner of the Alpha Quadrant is home to a myriad of species, cosmic phenomena, and potential. It is difficult to find a more diverse - or tenuous - sector of space. A twisted mess of politics and tempers under normal circumstances, the newly-expansionist Sheliak Corporate have upended the balance of power in the region, sending refugees and prior residents in the area scrambling for safety.

The Alpha Isles are sandwiched between The Breen Confederacy and the edge of The Ferengi Alliance, in the upper left sector of the Alpha Quadrant.


The politics and active groups in the region make up the principle danger of the Alpha Isles. Over a half dozen powers have borders on or claims in the Alpha Isles, with constantly shifting alliances and uncertain goals making conflict all but inevitable.

Major Powers

  • The United Federation of Planets ordered the USS Arrow into the Alpha Isles to bring peace and stability into the region. With the recent expansionist tactics of the Sheliak, the small Sabre class has its work cut out for it.
  • The Sheliak Corporate have begun an expansionist move into the region, without care for the lesser carbon-based lifeforms that are in the way. They view humanoids as lower life forms, and have no compunction about eradicating those that are not specifically protected under the terms of treaties, which are famously long, detailed, and intricate.
  • The powerful Breen Confederacy, secretive former enemies of the Federation, borders many of the major powers in the region.

Minor Powers:

  • The Ferengi Alliance shares a small border with the Isle's between Federation space and the borders of the Breen Confederacy. Until now, the Ferengi have left this section of space alone. But now that there's activity in the area, some Ferengi prospectors have moved in to try and secure some profit.
  • The Chalnoth, anarchic warriors of impressive prowess, pillage amongst themselves, weeding out weakness at every encounter. Rumours of in-fighting and pack-wars threaten to weaken the already anarchistic race.
  • The Caldonians, led by scholars and diplomats, devote themselves to refined, knowledgeable pursuits. They've been comparatively friendly and helpful to the Federation, and the USS Arrow in particular. However, their scientific aims and lack of Federation membership have led to some points of friction between the two powers.

"The Big Six":

During the Sheliak blockade of 2397 around Theta 122, a diffuse power structure briefly took shape between the Arrow and six other captains and their ships: Oqidd, Beriali Dau, DaiMon Blet, General Murkad, Gul Dakul, and most of all Eru Ghant. Time will tell how the alliances and bitter enemies made here will play out in the future.

Locations in the Isles

Theta 122
Theta 122 serves as the safest location in the Isles for refugees retreating from the advancing Sheliak. Neither a particularly hospitable or resource-rich world, the only real thing to recommend the small planet is its location out of the way of the Sheliak - for a while at least. It is also home to Atlas Base, and the location outside of Starfleet-protected space makes it prime for conducting the kind of research that escapes the watchful eye of Federation research review boards. Home to The Brotherhood of Thet.
Atlas Base
A small base on the surface of Theta 122, commissioned by Frederick Immelmann. Acting as the administrator to a colony fitted for approximately one hundred, the base was designed to conduct research on and around Theta 122. The base itself is tiny; unlike most other Federation installations, it was designed for compactness and functionality, with limited amenities. Designed principally to conduct science, it is positioned near water and food resources to maximize the power available for research. The base itself is poorly defended, and depends on its small size and relative obscurity for protection. Its minute resources are stretch nearly to the breaking point with the influx of refugees coming to the planet, creating a certain amount of tension between the inhabitants of the base and the Arrow.
An M-class planet home to the Venthis people, Venthis is located in the Almrada cluster. The planet is scarred terribly from centuries-long conflict of warring cities states, and a massive debris field of spent weaponry, satellites, and miscellaneous waste orbits the planet. The planet has finally achieved peace, but how it was achieved and whether it will last remain to be seen. Notable Venthians include Ambassador Dran and Madam Hawisa Alios.
The Well
A spatial phenomena close to Theta 122. It's an area of intense gravimetric distortions and anomalies. It's so disruptive to ships' navigation and propulsion most races of the Alpha Isle's avoid it and give it a wide berth. In Evading Mist (Arrow), the USS Arrow was chased into The Well by the Sheliak vessel Ikries. Narrowly avoiding the intense gravimetric disturbances, the Arrow 'sling-shot' around an anomaly with enough speed to be expelled from the area and back on course to Theta 122.
The Midnight Planet
The "Midnight" Planet orbits a star that emits unusual and unstable energy readings, located in a distant and otherwise relatively quiet corner of the Alpha Isles. The planet has an unusually slow rotation for an M-class planet, creating a night that lasts 3.1 standard weeks. The planet is covered in 85% jungle, and is home to a very diverse set of flora and fauna. In Endless Night (Arrow), the USS Arrow was forced to abandon ship and take refuge on the planet for an extended period of time.
Forward Refit Station-1 (AKA Raft-One)
Not quite a hive of scum and villainy, but not exactly far off from one. Deployed at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant for the purpose of bare-bones repair, Raft-One didn’t have the most auspicious of starts. Over time the often-forgotten facility strives to survive on the edge of the Isle's by any means necessary - savoury or not.
Genti II
Home of the highly bureaucratic and easily offended Gentii. The Arrow was sent to parlay with the Gentii in order to secure Starfleet passage rites through their spaces, trade deals and other means for Starfleet to get a stronger foothold in the Isles. In the events of Freaky Friday (Arrow), a Gentii probe scanned and displaced the crews brainwaves making them switch bodies! Notable Gentii include Fentane Renswi and Enzo Dentak.
Starbase 821
The closest Federation outpost and a jumping-off point for patrol vessels headed into the Alpha Ilses or the Aavaro Wilds. The starbase is a Sigma Class station with few amenities but a nice respite when crews want familiar surroundings.
Deep Space 33

A Sigma Class Federation space station[1] located just within the Alpha Isles. It's construction was completed on Deep Space 33 in 2400, when it welcomed the USS Arrow as its first visiting starship.

People of Interest

Frederick Immelmann
Head of Atlas Base, Frederick Immelmann.
The Great God Thet, Actually an ancient Iconian stranded on Theta 122 for centuries.
A highly eccentric and dedicated scientist turned administrator of Atlas Base. Immelmann led a group of scientists away from Federation protection in the pursuit of the answers to mysteries surrounding Theta 122.
Edward Morgan
Former Starfleet scientist turned head of local cult group The Brotherhood of Thet. Eloquent yet dangerous, Morgan leads a rag-tag group of zealots near the only known natural water source on Theta 122, which housed an ancient Iconian Gateway and a terminally injured Iconian.
Madam Hawisa Alios
Director of Feren Industries and Head Scientist on the planet Venthis. She was responsible for creating The Miracle - the energy source which stopped over two hundred years of war on the planet. The Miracle is the Venthis name for what it actually is - An Omega Molecule.
Fentane Renswi
The Chief Delegate sent for diplomatic talks with the Arrow in 2398. He was unaware that his planets technology inadvertently made the crew swap bodies by displacing their brainwaves.
DaiMon Slek
Former Ferengi DaiMon who attempted to exploit the Arrow and the Space Hulk in 2398. Self-destructing his own ship after stealing a consignment of Gorn eggs, his fate is yet to be revealed...
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