Alora DeVeau

Lieutenant Commander Alora DeVeau is a Mission Specialist aboard Denali Station.

  Alora DeVeau  
Denali Station

“The best scientist is open to experience and begins with romance – the idea that anything is possible.”

- Ray Bradbury

Fullname Alora Grace DeVeau
D.O.B. 236707.10 (looks/scans as 25)
Birthplace Terra
Occupation Mission Specialist
Specialties Xenobotany & Xenozoology
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Height 5' 5"
Gender Female
Eyes Green
Hair Brown with red highlights
Fluent Lang. Betazoid, Cardassian, English, French, Japanese, Klingon, Vulcan,
Other Lang. Romulan
Alora stands just over average height for a woman, though barely. Wavy brown hair holds traces of red highlights and is usually kept fairly long. Large green eyes peer out from beneath thick eyelashes and full lips tend to settle upward in a natural half smile. Her speaking voice is somewhere between an alto and a soprano, and her singing voice has a wide range. Her fingers are long and supple, her smile quick.
Alora tends to be a pretty informal, down to earth person. She's formal when she has to be, particularly when dealing with higher ranked officers, but most of the time she's just...well, her. She loves children and board games, tends to be rather naive and sometimes seems far too innocent for her age. She likes jokes but is bad at making them most of the time. Alora usually tries to look for the best in people and has a temper, though she does her best to keep it under control. When she is sure about something, though, she'll focus on it particularly hard, often times shutting out things around her until she's come to a conclusion or discovered something. She's not particularly brave, but she'll never abandon her post or her friends and she doesn't like to give up easily. Though she was tested for telepathy, she didn't register on any of the tests save for Empathy, though at a very low level. Several years after graduating the Academy, it was discovered that she was a 'sensitive', psychically attractive to other telepaths, her mind not only easy for them to connect to, but 'comfortable'.
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