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Alleran Tan's Permanent Record

"I'm afraid your recovery prognosis isn't too good, Lieutenant."

This page represents Alleran Tan's permanent record.

Starfleet Record

2387, April: Commander Thelev reports that Alleran Tan performed well in a scramble-and-intercept sortie, despite accidentally boarding and subsequently damaging Commander Thelev's personal fighter. Tan assisted in the capture of a rogue civilian freighter, the Ebon Hawk.

2387, April: Alleran Tan is treated aboard Starbase 118 for radiation burns and a broken femur resulting from damage to Commander Thelev's Hammerhead fighter.

2387, June: Alleran Tan destroys a larger and better armed Vaadwaur Assault Fighter in a Longbow fighter, earning his first complete victory.

2387, September: Mikali Sh'Shar destroyed a Vaadwaur Assault Fighter with Alleran Tan acting as her navigator.

The Longbow Incident

2387, June: Alleran Tan discovers two civilian children hiding on his Longbow fighter. He abandons ship, damaging it in the process, attempting to hide the two children in the "wreckage". Captured and abused by the vaadwaur but rescued by marines from the USS Ronin, a formal reprimand is issued; a note was placed in his permanent record by Tracey Townson that Tan was negligent in his duty, having failed to perform a pre-flight inspection before launching in a non-emergency situation.

Tan was specifically reprimanded for attempting to place blame on others, for going off-mission and complicating rescue, as well as the psychological effect of abandoning two children in the middle of a combat zone. Mention was made of his overly aggressive flying and reckless behaviour, with Tracey nearly considering taking him to Courts Martial. Major Rowten of the USS Ronin also lodged a formal complaint regarding Tan's behaviour, criticising the trill's plan to hide the children on a wreck as 'fundamentally flawed'.

Subsequently, Tan was stripped of his flight privileges and ordered to undergo 72 hours of remedial training before being offered the chance to re-qualify.

2387, June: A note is placed in Tan's medical log stating that, possibly due to recent injuries sustained after bailing out from a Longbow, his isoboramine levels have fallen below average. The risk of symbiont rejection is classified as 'very low', with 5 cc's of benzocyatizine being prescribed by Dr Sasak.

2387, June: Alleran Tan is promoted to Lt. Jr Grade. The loss of his flight privileges, however, remains.

Leave of Absence on the recently colonized Vaadwaur world

2387, October: Alleran Tan is rejected by Sidney Riley. Unable to cope with his mounting personal issues (stemming from the Vaadwaur occupation of Deep Space 17), Tan is clearly unable to perform his duties. Despite repeated attempts to council him by members of the crew, Tan eventually writes a personal letter to every single member of the command staff and files for a leave of absence. He plans to spend this time living on the newly settled Vaadwaur world, assisting with the relief and reconstruction effort there. He expects this absence to last a long time, but he vows very clearly to return.

2387, November: Alleran Tan arrives on the Vaadwaur homeworld and begins assisting with the reconstruction effort there. He meets the wife of the man he killed during the Longbow Incident and apologizes to her. Yin is distraught to learn that her husband is dead, but does not hold any lasting anger towards Alleran. This becomes a very important part in his healing process.

2387, November: Alleran Tan, for the first time in his life, prays to the Trill Four Virtues. Specifically he asks them to put Passion out of his life and for Courage to endure his pain.

2388, February: Alleran Tan returns to the USS Independence-A. Sidney Riley asks him for another chance at their relationship and he agrees.

2388, July: Alleran Tan is promoted to Lieutenant.

2388, September: Sidney Riley breaks off their relationship again and their unborn daughter is killed.

Near Death Experience

2388, October 31st: Alleran Tan is near-fatally wounded aboard the USS Independence-A, saved only by the intervention of Ensign Velana, who prevents the consciousness of his host being transferred to the symbiont via the use of a mind-meld. Comatose, Alleran's body is dispatched to Medical Starbase 253 and, just in case, is prepared for symbiont transfer. Despite the gravity of his injuries, Velana's treatment works; but upon waking, Alleran learns that his injuries prevent him from re-qualifying on fighters.

Specifically, his heart suffered severe damage when his mirror universe duplicate shot him. It's a unique quirk of Trill physiology that, sometimes, damage to the heart results in a neurological issue where muscles in the body degenerate, and in some cases, die. This issue does not respond well to treatment, although high doses of dexameraphine show a statistically significant reduction in the effects. Recovery is slow and prolonged; for the next six months Alleran experienced bouts of fatigue, nausea (from the medication), weakness and dizzy spells. Alleran also had a vertebrae removed.

The surgeons at Medical Starbase 253 determine that, in three months, there's a good chance he'll recover 70% of his former fitness. Long term, over the next year, he may recover up to 80%.

In addition to being unable to fly fighters, his request to return to the Independence-A in any capacity is denied.

Specific medical issues:

- Alleran's left leg is significantly weakened due to the partial muscle-death in that region. Although the damaged tissue was able to be partially regenerated, he walks with a pronounced limp and uses a black walking cane to get around. This is, hopefully, a temporary measure.

- Alleran's balance has been affected. Although joined Trills generally find their balance improving, his is now worse than it was before. This impacts his ability to fly when "going manual". This is a byproduct of the medication and should pass when the treatment is stopped.

- General breathlessness and physical weakness. A combination of the time spent comatose, the effect on his heart and the dexameraphine mean that Alleran's physical fitness is currently in danger of earning him a medical discharge. So far so good.

- High gravity is an issue. Due to his weakened heart, higher than normal gravity (or anything else that puts undue strain on the heart muscle) may cause cardiac arrest.

- Nightmares, sleeplessness and a mild psychological phobia of battle-bridges and prosthetic limbs. Dying is bad for your mental health.

Return to Duty

- Alleran Tan returned to duty aboard the newly launched USS Avandar, serving there until the ship was decommissioned.
- Tan enjoyed a brief tour aboard the USS Vigilant-A until reoccuring medical problems forced a brief sabbatical.


- Victories

An ancient Terran tradition was for pilots to record their victories over their foes. Tan has adopted this practice.
- Ebon Hawk, frighter- 1/6th kill (assisted).
- Vaadwaur Assault Fighter - 1 kill, solo. (Second Battle of Eratis)
- Vaadwaur Assault Fighter - 1 kill, assist (sh'Shar credited). (Operation Bright Star)

- Losses

Technically not tracked in any formal or informal sense, it is nevertheless important to point out Alleran Tan's defeats. Specifically:
- Hammerhead Fighter, Starbase 118 (damaged): Damaged by onboard feedback device. The perpetrator was never apprehended.
- Longbow Fighter, Deep Space 17 (lost and presumed destroyed): Damaged by combat. Two civilian children had snuck onboard, due to negligence on Tan's behalf (no preflight inspection was performed with no extenuating circumstances). When the civilians were discovered, Tan damaged the ship and activated his emergency transporter, hoping to hide the children in the wreckage. The Longbow was programmed to 'reactivate' after a time, then flee- but the civilians and Tan were picked up by a Maul from the USS Ronin before this took place. The damaged fighter was abandoned and presumed captured or destroyed.
Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign 238704.15 - 238704.30 Starbase 118 Flight Ops Officer
01-Ens-Gold.png 238704.30 - 238706.26 USS Tiger Helm
01-Ens-Gold.png 238706.26 - 238706.27 Deep Space 17 CAG
Note: 238706.27 Official Reprimand placed by Tracey Townson. Flight privileges revoked.
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant JG 238706.28 - 238708.28 USS Tiger Helm
02-LtJG-Red.png Lieutenant JG 238708.28 - 2387-10.19 USS Independence-A Chief Helm Officer & Commander, Air Group (CAG)
Leave of Absence. 238710.19 - 238803.01 Broken by his rejection by Sidney Riley and unable to cope with taking sentient lives, Alleran Tan temporarily retired for some soul-searching.
02-LtJG-Red.png Lieutenant JG 238803.01 - 238807.21 USS Independence-A Chief Helm Officer & Commander, Air Group (CAG)
03-Lt-Red.png Lieutenant 238807.21 - 238810.31 USS Independence-A Chief Helm Officer & Commander, Air Group (CAG)
Note: 238810.31 Critically wounded and evacuated to Medical Starbase 253 in preparation for symbiont transfer. His application to return to the Independence-A is denied.
03-Lt-Red.png Lieutenant 238812.11 - 238906.28 USS Avandar Chief of Operations
04-LtCmdr-Red.png Lieutenant Commander 238906.28 - 239012.30 USS Avandar Chief of Operations
Note: 239012.30 With the Avandar's decomission, Tan transferred with profound sadness to the USS Vigilant-A.
04-LtCmdr-Red.png Lieutenant Commander 239012.30 - 239104.15 USS Vigilant Chief of Helm
Note: 239012.30 After a medical emergency, Tan took a one month sabbatical and reconsidered his place in the universe.