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Allen was born on Starbase 143. His father was the Chief of Engineering and his Mother was the Chief of Communications. His Father was thought to have been killed in a shuttle accident, but later came home from an undercover mission to the Rumulan Homeworld. Allen attended school on the Starbase and was a top student in science related classes, while struggling with math.

At the age of 7, the Garrett family transferred to the USS Savannah, where Allen's Father, Commander Jayden Garrett, was made the executive officer of the New Orleans class ship. After a year on the ship, Allen was sent back to Trill to live with his Grandparents.

Allen was put into one of the best schools on Trill, where he succeeded in both math and science. His Grandfather talked him into applying for the Trill Institute for Arts and Sciences, where he was granted admission at the age of 12 under the Exobiology Program.

Allen was always a very active and happy child. He was in many different clubs while in school and attend council meetings for the city he lived in. As such, he would be asked to do research for the city's Prime Minister from time to time.

Teenage Years

At the age of 16, Allen left for the University of Trill in the capital. Allen was accepted to the University a year early. He studied Diplomatic Law for three years. When he graduated, he chose to travel to Earth to study at Oxford in the Diplomatic Relations Program. There, Allen learned to play lacrosse and joined the Oxford Lacrosse team.

While on Earth, Allen found that he loved Cajun type food, often visiting 'Sisko's' in New Orleans.

He met a few Starfleet Cadets while on Earth and thought about Starfleet for the first time, but not seriously.

Pre-Academy Years

Allen returned to Trill and became and member of the Trill Trade Union after his time on Earth and was placed on a Trill Trade Ship as a negotiator. Allen worked with the Union for two years. He had become the Chief of Fair Trade and Union Labor when he got a message from the Symbiosis Commission that demanded he return to Trill.

Allen returned home, heading straight to the Commission to find out that he was selected to be joined based on a test he took in early prep school, as well as the education he currently had.

Allen spent six months at the Commission taking tests and being reviewed before he was sent to Betazed to do his field testing with Kaun Jhan, who was then serving as the Trill Ambassador to Betazed. Allen spent a year on Betazed working with the Ambassador. Jhan was very impressed with Allen Garrett telling him that he had a bright future as a Diplomat and very bright future as a joined Trill.

Allen went back to Trill and was joined to the Diaz Symbiont three months later. He soon found that the experience was unlike any other when his spots began to itch all of the time. It took Diaz a few months to adapt to the five new personalities in his head; Brent Diaz, Jadden Diaz, Kazzen Diaz, Masters Diaz and Tannie Diaz.

He returned to Earth after applying for, and being accepted to, Starfleet Academy.