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Medical Records

Doctor's Assessment

Ensign Diaz is a very fit Trill, showing great reaction, timing, strength, and movement ability. However, he does suffer from allergies to some foods, abrupt changes in temperature, and certain fabrics used in clothing. I have tried to treat him for these allergies, but no medications have worked thus far. I told him the only thing that we could do was to remove his spots and he rejected the idea and treatment.

However, while on a mission into a dense nebula, the Ensign came into contact with the strongest ever recorded Gamma Proton Ions. These particular Ions had a temporal wave signature to them.

These Ions affected the Ensign so bad that he was put into a coma. When he was beamed back to the ship, the skin around his spots looked to be breaking down and was burning the surrounding tissue like an acid would. My only action was to remove all of Ensign Diaz's spots. I then repaired and regenerated the skin and tissues. I feel that this was the only way to save his life. If the spots had not been removed the Gamma waves would have eaten into the skin and most likely would have hit the bone.

Sickbay Log

Ensign Diaz first reported in as he boarded the ship for duty and then a few weeks later for his allergies. The next time he was seen was when he was brought into sick bay for surgery.

Psychological Profile

Counselor's Assessment

Ensign Diaz, has always been a very happy and upbeat officer, often going out of his way to greet others and talk with them to make sure they feel welcome. The Ensign is a strong Officer and is emotionally stable. After his surgery, he stopped talking with others and kept to himself. He also started sleeping through all of his off duty hours and missing counseling sessions. He then started missing work. With the agreement of the Captain, we placed the Ensign in Sickbay and did full rehab therapy on the Ensign. I am pleased to say that the Ensign has made a full recovery and is cleared for duty