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“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” - Oscar Wilde

Lieutenant Commander
Alexander W. Brodie, Psy.D., Ph.D
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Counselor - USS 'Oumuamua (NCC-81226)



Stuart Alastiar Brodie

Father - (B: 231502.04 – D. 235804.10) (Age: 43) – Stuart Brodie was a civil engineer specialising in urban power distribution. Stuart was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and spent most of his life living close to the relay stations that supplied the starship drydocks. Stuart was a perfectionist in his work and highly focused – which was trait he carried into her personal life. This was not to say he was a poor parent or unkind partner, quite the opposite. He channelled this into making sure that his wife and children were taken care of and ensured they had everything they required. While he often spent time away working he always made the effort to speak to his family and, when he wasn’t away, spent as much time with his children as possible.

Tragically, Stuart was killed in an industrial accident in 2358 while conducting a site inspection at a new power facility on Mimas.

Lorna Helen Brodie

Mother – (B. 231107.14 – D. 236008.23) (Age: 49) – Lorna Brodie (Neé Ross) was an artist, following in the geometric abstraction school. Lorna met Stuart when she was commissioned to produce a series of artworks for an exhibition to launch a new colonization project. She was invited to attend as a result and connected with Stuart over their joint appreciation of the artistry and could be found within architecture.

Once Alexander and Iona were born she stepped back from her work to be a full-time parent. Following Stuart’s death, however, Lorna found herself increasingly struggling to cope bringing up her two teenage children while still grieving for her late husband and returning to employment. In 2360, she took her own life following an acute psychological collapse. Brodie and Iona were placed into the care of Lorna’s brother, at his insistence, until they reached the age of eighteen.

Danica Catherine Brodie

Dani Brodie

Daughter - (B: 237612.13) (Age: 23) – Danica, or more commonly Dani, is Alex’s daughter and his only child. Physically Dani takes after her mother but mentally she is definitely her father’s daughter. She is currently training as a dancer and musician after gaining a passion for performance listening to her father play when she was young. She is also a talented singer in the coloratura mezzo-soprano range.

Rosanna Ivanovna Savinkova

Rosanna Savinkova

Ex-Wife - (B: 234906.17) (Age: 51)

Iona Mhairi Williams

Iona Williams

Sister (Dizygotic Twin) - (B: 234703.13) (Age: 53) -

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