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“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” - Oscar Wilde

Lieutenant Commander
Alexander W. Brodie, Psy.D., Ph.D
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Chief Counselor - USS Thor (NCC-82607)



Alex is typically cheerful and respectful with a large dose of cynicism and a very fine attention to detail. He cares deeply for the people under his care but, due to his working history, he tries to keep an element of detachment and this has led to some individuals he has worked with thinking that he can be a little cold. In truth, however, it is more of an in built defense mechanism to ensure that he retains a sense of perspective and detachment form his work.

Having spent the vast majority of his life working outside of Starfleet he is more used to working outside of a traditional chain of command than others might like and has a general indifference to rank. He is generally respectful, however, and he tends to play along. The main exception to this is within counselling sessions as he feels rank has no place in that environment. In addition, Brodie tends to address people by the first name rather than surname or rank.


Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stand Still upon Gideon. John Martin, 1816

Brodie occupies senior officers quarters aboard the USS Thor on Deck Five, close to the Arboretum. They contain the usual mundane items such as clothing and minor personal effects. Several PADDs typically litter his desk and comprise history books from various cultures as well as psychological, political, theological, and legal texts. In terms of non-fiction he prefers thrillers and intrigues.

A family picture sits on his desk, taken at Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand in 2388, with his then wife and young daughter. There is also a picture of him with his twin sister, Iona, on the banks of Loch Lomond as well as one of him and Dani from her visit to Til'ahn.

He has a fondness for landscape art, particularly from nineteenth century Earth, and has several replications of works by John Martin, Alexander Nasmyth, Sebastian Pether and Horatio McCulloch loaded into a holo-image projector in his quarters. He also has landscapes of Scotland, Mars, and Til'ahn on his walls as various reminders of key points in his life.

Despite his quarters being close to the arboretum he keeps some plants in his quarters for both colour and to keep a little bit of the natural world close to hand aboard a starship.


Alex works from an office in the Counselling suites on the Deck Ten of the USS Thor. Given the nature of his role together with his background he will frequently attend to matters in person as he feels it helps him establish a better relationship with the individual in question and put them at ease.

He is a firm believer that he is always on duty for his patients and so his office hours would best be described as 'chaotic'.


Brodie tries to maintain a good level of physical fitness through general exercise in the gym as well as isometric training. He counts his more active hobbies as fencing, specializing in the rapier, and competed for one of the faculty teams during his time at the academy.

Brodie's Rapier

He enjoys the taste of whisky and always tries to ensure he has at least one genuine, non-replicated, bottle of single malt available in his quarters – his personal favourites being Islay region whiskies, their full peaty flavours reminding him of the fires of home. He is also fond of a good red wine. He has quite a varied palate and enjoys preparing fresh food over replicated meals an particularly enjoys fish. He prefers coffee to tea but is not adverse to either.

Islay Malts

He enjoys games that involve thought, memory, tactics and bluffs and is particularly fond of poker and liars dice – although his skills at observation, discerning microexpressions and deception detection mean he seldom finds people who are prepared to play him for long...and even more seldom for money. Alex is also an accomplished sleight of hand artist, particularly regarding card magic, which he learnt as a way of keeping his daughter entertained when she was younger.

Alex enjoys classical music, of both earth and off-world cultures, together with theatre and plays the flute, piano and violin.