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“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” - Oscar Wilde

Lieutenant Commander
Alexander W. Brodie, Psy.D., Ph.D
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Chief Counselor - USS Thor (NCC-82607)



TO: Starfleet Medical Central Records
CC: Duronis II Central Records

Mission began during scheduled rest & relaxation period at the command of Real Admiral Toni Turner. All senior staff were ordered to report to the USS Thor (NCC-82607).

A briefing advised that a distress signal was received from an orbital drilling rig – the Hercules in orbit around planet P-995. P-995 was also the location of the Fortuna III mineral processing – both the Hercules and the Fortuna III facilities are owned and operated by Nova Corporation: Profile attached.

Senior staff were advised neither facility could be contacted leaving twenty personnel aboard the Hercules, in addition to fifty at the Fortuna III facility unaccounted for. Staff were also advised that the IKS K’Tal, a Klingon vessel was en-route to the region and would be the first vessel on scene. Quantum Slip-Stream Dive (QSSD) was engaged in order to reduce travel time to the scene from six hours to approximately thirty minutes.

Upon arrival the IKS K’Tal was found to be unresponsive to hails but otherwise appeared unhindered or damaged. In addition a quarantine protocol had been activated aboard the Hercules. Away teams were divided up to travel to the Hercules, Fortuna and the K’Tal. I was assigned to the K’Tal team under the lead of Major Hannibal T. Parker (SFMC). Due to the quarantine protocols in place level five atmospheric suits were in use.

Arrival aboard the K’Tal showed the ship systems to be locked out and unresponsive to non-crew voice commands and computer system inputs. The ship was noted to be uncommonly sterile with little biological contamination and little to no evidence of occupation by a crew. A PADD was recovered from the vessel showing a partial ships manifest including an amino acid sampling array.

Major Parker was able to circumvent the vessel protocols and download a substantial part of the mission profile of the K’Tal indicating it was a science vessel that was on a test cruise in the Typhon Expanse. Full details attached.

Upon further investigation the K’Tal was found to have sealed deck which appeared to be some form of medical facility. Unable to progress further Major Parker made the decision to join Admiral Turner aboard the Hercules.

Upon arrival it became clear that the Hercules crew had become compromised by what is suspected to be a viral contagion (See Attached Medical Report: Dr. Boris Hendon) that had caused them to become extremely aggressive and cannibalistic. Major Parker engaged the creatures in order to provide time to escape for the remaining members of the crew to escape via a shuttle to the USS Thor.

It became clear that Lieutenant Commander T’Lea and Junior Lieutenant Daniel Cain had become infected by their exposure to the contagion. Commander T’Lea appears to have been largely unaffected by this event but Lieutenant Cain appeared to suffer significant mental distress as a result of his ordeal – see below comments.

Following a period of quarantine aboard the Thor, Major Parker and myself returned to the K’Tal to try and see if it was possible to gain entry to the sophisticated medical center aboard the vessel. During this away mission it was discovered that the Klingon crew, of five, had become largely compromised. Two fatalities, two advanced transformations and one crew member placed in stasis pending review – current status unknown.

Classified: Command Level Only
Further to this the K’Tal activated an internal protocol. This was in the form of a self-aware hologram similar to and advanced long-term Emergency Medical Hologram (LT-EMH). Disclosure from this photonic entity led to the acquisition of information pertaining to the Klingon away team and their efforts to ascertain the nature of the contagion. This was shared with the crew of the USS Thor but it’s transfer was purged from the K’Tal database by the ship’s internal system. To our knowledge the Klingon Empire is not aware it has been shared.
End Classified

Personal Notes
Advise that Lieutenant Cain be placed on restricted duties and undergo a full psychological evaluation prior to a full return to active service. In addition, all away team members to be monitored as part of routine follow up sessions to ensure no post-traumatic or other persistent psychological impact has occurred as a result of the engagement with the affected crew. Suggest follow up with Starfleet Intelligence and the Judge Advocate General regarding the activities of the Nova Corporation in regard to the incident.

Lt. (J.G.) Alexander W. Brodie; Psy.D, Ph.D.
Counselor, Federation Embassy, Duronis II


TO: Starfleet Medical Central Records
CC: Duronis II Central Records
Mission began following an apparent terrorist attack on the Duronis II Embassy facility. All senior staff were ordered to report to the USS Thor (NCC-82607) for briefing by Lieutenant Commander T’Lea and Major Hannibal Parker. Rear Admiral Turner was not present due to an unspecified assignment.

The briefing advised that Starfleet had been conduction orbital studies of a Class M world and had recently discovered a pre-warp species known as the Egrot – Species profile attached. Initial scans also revealed evidence of structures that required advanced industrial applications at odds with the current technology level of the Egrot society. Orbital scans could not penetrate the surface of the planet, nor the building to determine any further information. Information also provided from the initial orbital surveys.

The USS Thor was ordered to conduct surface investigations using a combination of techniques. Specifically these were to establish a duck-blind for localized surface scans as well as an embedded team to observe the Egort at close range and collect surface samples. Additional objectives were to ascertain the origin of the advanced technology present, assess the extent of contamination, and identify the additional species, if possible.

Ensign Ghant Xerix advised that a personal vessel under his ownership, the Celestial, was equipped with systems that would facilitate its use as a duck-blind and on-surface base of operations. During the six hour journey to the Egrot home world, this officer, together with Dr. Boris Hendon and Ensign Richard Walters worked on a hologrammatical simulation of the Egrot species that would allow surface observation with minimized risk of exposure. This was loaded onto personal holo-emitters and issued to all personnel.

Surface scans showed raised levels of radiation on the surface. Upon arrival, contact occurred with natural fauna of the planet, a bat-like species, which was placed into quarantine. Away teams were deployed and surface scans revealed significantly elevated radiation levels, consistent with those already recorded, which were attributed to a previously undocumented stellar object. Away team was in the process of withdrawal to the Celestial when they came into contact with another indigenous species – similar with Starfleet personnel.

The Egrot appear to have a two-tier class system – Low-Dwellers and High-Dwellers. The tribe contacted appeared to be of the Low-Dwelling caste and assumed our teams were High-Dwellers. The universal translator was, fortunately, able to adapt to the language and a meeting with the tribe was agreed. They spoke of ‘air growing foul’ and clearly had noticed the influence of the increased radiation levels.

The Egrot made reference to creatures known as Shadow Eaters during a joint feat between Egrot and the away team personnel. These creatures had slain several Egrot and a joint hunt was agreed. Major Parker, Ensign Walters and Ensign Jicheld were led towards the advanced structure – referred to by the Egrot as the ‘Dark Gate’ which was noted as the origin of these creatures.

Shortly after, a group of Shadow Eaters, attacked the camp, injuring Lieutenant Commander T’Lea. Remaining personnel, including Rear Admiral Turner, evacuated towards the Celestial and were able to kill and recover the body of a Shadow Eater. Upon analysis is was discovered the creature was found to have a mixture of Egrot and Zalkonian DNA. It was hypothesized that these creatures may be genetically altered Zalkonians that had partially, or subsequently, undergone The Change – an alteration to a state of non-corporeal existence. It was further speculated that a reduction in radiation levels, in addition to an elevation in natural proteins within the food source of the Egrot may be able to halt and possibly reverse the effect.

Further analysis was not possible, however, due to a sudden and apparently non-natural rainstorm. Once the event had passed, Doctor Hendon advised that the rain had, though an unknown mechanism, had removed the radiation from the atmosphere and from the creatures in the vicinity – including the Egrot, Shadow Eaters and the bat-like creature in quarantine.

Upon the return of Major Parker and his team, together with being satisfied that the contamination to the Egrot home world had been halted, the Celestial returned to the USS Thor.

Classified: Command Level Only
Several planetary and cultural specimens were acquired during this mission – see attached manifest. Due to the risk of contagion and genetic contamination, together with residual radiation, biological samples have been disposed of in accordance with quarantine protocols.

In addition, advise discrete enquiries are conducted via diplomatic and/or intelligence channels with the Zalkonian government to establish extent of potential involvement with this incident. Follow -up with Starfleet Science corps. is also advised to continue to monitor the Egrot home world via orbital studies to ensure further disruption to natural evolutionary development has not been unduly affected.
End Classified

Personal Notes
Despite interactions that occurred between the crew of the USS Thor and the Egrot species, it is the considered opinion of this officer that no violation of Starfleet General Order One occurred. Activities were carried out covertly and were executed to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of Egrot culture and cultural development. To the knowledge of this officer no identification of self or mission occurred to the Egrot.

Follow-up with Rear Admiral Turner concerning psychological state following the attack on Duronis II Embassy.

Lt. Alexander W. Brodie; Psy.D, Ph.D.
Counselor, Federation Embassy: Duronis II


TO: Starfleet Medical Central Records
CC: Duronis II Central Records

Mission began following an order from Rear Admiral Toni Turner for senior staff to report to their appropriate duty positions aboard the USS Thor (NCC-82607), USS Thunder (NCC 70605-A) and Duronis II Embassy Facility. This included a new compliment of officers including Ensign Ben Garcia, Ensign Daylan Daroo and Doctor Quen Deena.

It was revealed that a rogue Android had escaped from a Federation research station specializing in artificial intelligence. The escapee had been created by Doctor Frederick Waspson who, in an effort to overcome issues regarding neural net pathways and positronic cortex interactions had used illicit Borg technology to circumvent this issue. Upon activation the Android displayed instability and stole a shuttle to escape the facility. It’s escape trajectory showed it headed towards Til’ahn.

Upon assessment of the trajectory and identification of the stolen shuttlecraft the USS Thunder, under the command of Major Hannibal Parker moved to intercept. Scans reported the shuttle warp core was damaged and about to go critical. It was at this point that the Android jettisoned the warp core before turning and firing upon the critical core, sending an explosive warp plasma blast throughout the local area. This resulted in destruction of several ships, including the SS Capella Trader, and significant damage to many more. Casualty count at the time of this report is thirty-six dead and eighty-one injured with nineteen missing/unaccounted for.

The Android’s shuttle was also damaged in the blast and crashed on the surface of Til’ahn; in the region of the Talisen Forrest.

Senior staff regrouped at the Embassy Facility and additional new crew (Lieutenant Commander Krindo Pandorn and Doctor Iskabella Journs) and search teams were assigned by Admiral Turner. Due to the inclement climate in the region at the time groups planned for artic conditions. A plan was formed for the three teams to divide and try and encircle the escapee to affect a safe capture reducing risk to an indigenous people in the region. It was also advised that Starfleet personnel were operating in non-Federation space and care would be required.

Team Assignments listed below:

Rear Admiral Toni Turner
Ensign Ben Garcia
Ensign Quen Deena
Lieutenant Alexander Brodie
Ensign Jicheld Iza

Lieutenant Commander Krindo Pandorn
Captain Hella
Lieutenant Cadfael Peters
Ensign Eleanor Alexander
Lieutenant Ishkabella Journs

Major Hannibal Parker
Colonel Rode Mitchell
Ensign Richard Walters
Lieutenant Commander Boris Hendon
Ensign Daylan Daroo

The teams separated and made their way to the region of the crash site. Team ‘A’ made their shuttlecraft secure and rendered it with fail safes should the Android attempt to effect an escape. Due to adverse weather conditions in the region, however, Team ‘A’ were forced to seek shelter shortly after landing and before a full sweep of the region could be performed. Signal booster units were installed to be able to act as a sensor and communications base for all ground teams.

Team ‘A’ were advised by Lieutenant Pandorn that they had encountered the Android and that it was headed towards Team ‘A’s position. A perimeter was established and a watch pattern organized. Team ‘B’ moved to meet Team ‘A’s position and both were advised by Lieutenant Commander Kamela Allison that the Android was approaching their position. Major Parker attempted to subdue the Android which resulted in the Android sustaining significant damage. It was observed by Doctor Hendon, however, that the Android was not as damaged as first thought. Upon sight of Admiral Turner the Android became hostile before attempting to escape to the higher area of the foliage canopy.

It was decided the Counselor Brodie should approached the Android along with Commander Pandorn to attempt to reason with the being. Unfortunately the Android made a successful attempt to destroy itself, leaping from the tree and causing terminal damage to the positronic neural net. Major Parker and his team secured the remains which were taken into Starfleet custody.

Classified: Command Level Only
The Android remains were taken into Starfleet custody by Samuel Perkins of Starfleet security. No record of this collection, to the knowledge of this officer, was made and a follow up would be recommended to ensure that all appropriate protocols are followed.

Further, following the reported death of Doctor Waspson, it may be prudent to recommend to Starfleet Command that a series of inspections of Federation research facilities are carried out as well as psychological screening of personnel.
End Classified

Personal Notes
Major Hannibal Parker displayed a significant level of agitation and open hostility towards the Android – including escalating a physical confrontation. It is speculated that this stemmed from the destruction of the SS Capella Trader with the loss of all hands. Suggest follow-up with Major Parker concerning this incident to assess whether his objectivity, in the face of significant psychological stress, has become compromised. In addition, out-reach to newly on-boarded crew would be advisable.

The Talisen forest climate was also of interest. The arctic storms were unseasonable for the region and they abated as soon as the Android had been subdued. This may be a coincidence although it seems unlikely that there is no correlation to these strange events.

In addition, possible research may be of use in the field of likely psychological disorders in inorganic brain structures as the Android speared to be suffering from a form of Dissociative Personality Disorder.

Lt. Alexander W. Brodie; Psy.D, Ph.D.
Counselor, Federation Embassy: Duronis II


TO: Starfleet Medical Central Records
CC: Duronis II Central Records

The mission began following an order from Rear Admiral Toni Turner for senior staff to report for a briefing aboard the USS Thor (NCC-82607). This was delivered by Major Hannibal Parker (SFMC) and Lieutenant Commander Kamela Allison-Parker (Starfleet Intelligence).

The briefing indicated that a Federation registered starliner, the Red Star, disappeared while on a cruise between Bajor and Risa; together with the two-hundred and sixty-four crew and two-thousand one-hundred and thirty-one passengers. This coincided with the incident that occurred at Fortuna III/Hercules Station where a bio-engineered virus was released upon the workers at those facilities under the control of the Nova Corporation (File Ref: THR/DUR-AMWB-COU-MIS-0001). It was suspected that the vessel was seized by Tal Shiar forces to provide access to the Quantum Slip Stream Drive (QSSD) technology on-board as well as provide fresh victim for further genetic experimentation

The USS Thor was deployed under the command of Rear Admiral Toni Turner and the USS Thunder under the commander of Major Hannibal Parker. Additional personnel were to be supplied from Classified aboard Classified under the command of Classified. The mission scope was to destroy the bio-weapons facility on Jorok Three, rescue the prisoner aboard the Red Star – now located on Thendara Two. The Red Star was also to be destroyed to ensure the Romulans no longer had access to the QSSD system aboard the vessel. All personnel were to evacuate to Federation space upon successful completion of the mission.

The USS Thunder proceeded, under cover of her on-board cloaking device with the USS Thor proceeding to Romulan space in open view. Conversations between this officer, Rear Admiral Turner, Commander Krindo Pandorn and Junior Lieutenant Ben Garcia resulted in a plan to make the USS Thor appear as captured and under Romulan control. This was achieved using hologrammatic projections, communications masking and false-flag identification signatures provided by Ben Garcia. In addition, prior to the mission commencement, the USS Thunder fired upon the USS Thor causing moderate damage as part of this cover.

Following entry to Romulan space contact was made initially with a D'deridex class Romulan Warbird of the Romulan Star Empire under the command of Subcommander T'Rok. This officer assumed, using the covers already described above, the identity of a Romulan Tal Shiar officer – Major Vashall – an officer tasked with recovering restricted Federation technology. Conversation with T’Rok confirmed the involvement of the Romulans in the bio-weapon production that tore through the Hercules and the Fortuna mining facility.

This situation was resolved peacefully and the USS Thor progressed further into Romulan space. Appreaching Thendara Two a further Romulan warbird, the IRW B’Dora under the command Commander T’Kona, was encountered. This encounter allowed the Thor to reach an orbital pattern over Thendara Two and transfer an assault teams to the surface and aboard Red Star. These teams, under the command of First Sergeant Sally Rodriguez and Sergeant Rocky Franklin, were able evacuate the Red Star crew, including the commanding officer, Captain Richard Amadeus. Charges planted by assault team two were then detonated by the USS Thor to prevent further discovery of the QSSD. The USS Thor then began to exfiltrate form combat as additional Romulan reinforcements approached the USS Thunder’s position.

This officer then visited the cargo bay, where Junior Lieutenant Lorian Lovar and Doctor Quen Dena had been studying the virus during the course of the mission and had been able to formulate a vaccine and, from there a cure. Lieutenants Quen and Lovar had been able to administer this to the rescued crew and, based on observed data, a full recovery is expected.

Classified: Command Level Only
Additional support was provided by the Starfleet Marine Corps. Special Forces (SFMC-SF) unit known as Shadow Team. These personnel were under the command of Director Samantha Chang of Starfleet Intelligence. Director Chang was supported by Captain Hella (SFMC) and Ensign Daylan Daroo. This USS Thunder’s firing on the USS Thor is not to be considered as act of aggression and Major Hannibal Parker was acting in full authority of Rear Admiral Toni Turner. Communication logs on file.

Further, long-range sensors were able to detect a subspace signature during this mission. Upon the USS Thor’s exfiltration this was revealed to be Klingon vessel. Formal identification was not possible but the configuration suggests this was the IKS K’Tal – a vessel involved in the Fortuna/Hercules incident. The K’Tal is likely to be responsible for the destruction of at least one Valdore-class Warbird.
End Classified

Personal Notes
While this mission carried a significant risk of further hostilities with the Romulan Empire this officer does not believe there will be significant diplomatic repercussions. There may, however, be clandestine retaliation from the rogue members of the Tal Shiar responsible for the bio-weapons production. It may be advised to contact Starfleet Intelligence to monitor the region for further Romulan activity.

Lieutenants Lovar and Quen are to commended for their work on a treatment for the bio-engineered virus. This officer has seen the effects of this infection and the preservation of life via their actions cannot be overstated.

Additionally, in light of previous observations, Major Parker appeared to display a significant level of restraint in light of provocation form the Romulan forces. While continued observation is advised on all combat personnel it was encouraging to see Major Parker display cool, clear-headed thinking in a combat environment.

Follow-up reviews are to be conducted on rescued Red Star crew and passengers.

Lt. Alexander W. Brodie; Psy.D, Ph.D.
Counselor, Federation Embassy: Duronis II


TO: Starfleet Medical Central Records
CC: Duronis II Central Records

Following an aborted diplomatic assignment to bring a party from the Romulan Republic to visit with the Prime Minister of Til’ahn it was deemed a prudent move to use the planned ‘sight-seeing’ tour of the planet to give orientation to fresh transfers to the Embassy. These included Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller (Executive Officer) and Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie (Chief Medical Officer).

Additional personnel transferred over the course of this mission included:
Second Lieutenant Wes Greaves: SFMC
Ensign Tara Wilkins: Scientific Officer
Ensign Sirok: Engineering Officer
Ensign Alieth: Medical Officer
Ensign Dar Elandra: Security Officer

This officer was acting in a diplomatic capacity following the temporary leave of absence taken by Ambassador Brell. During the initial stages of the tour the flight group came under fire from and unknown aggressor and the shuttle carrying Commander Teller was forced to crash land in the Talisen Forrest. The officer, under the security watch of Captain Hella, pulled back to the Embassy compound to protect Admiral Turner. Commander Teller was injured and placed under the care of Doctor Alieth and Doctor Addison MacKenzie was abducted by the aggressors, now identified as Romulan. The SFMC Air Wing, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell, evacuated casualties back to the Embassy compound to regroup.

During the briefing it was advised that this act constituted a declaration of war against the Tal Shiar. A Romulan Warbird had also been recorded on the edge of sensor range deep within Romulan space. During the assault it was recorded to have moved at maximum speed towards a previously uncharted system within the Typhon Expanse. Long-range sensor readings of this system revealed that the system contained a deposit of proto-matter. The ground assault believed to be a diversion.

Staff were split into two teams. Commander Teller, together with a contingent of marine officers and Doctor Alieth were tasked with the recovery of Doctor MacKenzie. Admiral Turner would take command of the USS Thunder to pursue the Romulan vessel into the Typhon Expanse. This officer was tasked to act as Executive Officer aboard the Thunder during this time.

The Thunder progressed to the expanse using the Quantum Slip-Stream Drive (QSSD) to attempt to beat the Romulans to the system containing the proto-matter – unfortunately the Romulans, aboard the IRW Tahndak, had already reached the system, although their vessel had sustained significant damage. Communications were opened and this officer, under the guise of a diplomatic aide operating under the auspices of Ambassador Brell, attempted to garner information from the Romulans. We assumed a position of addressing them as fellow scientific analysts performing a study on the proto-matter.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Krido Pandorn, Chief Engineer together with Ensign Sirok worked with Science officer Wilkins and Lovar to explore ways to monitor and/or destroy/neutralize the proto-matter.

The Romulan’s ready to harvest more proto-matter there was a sudden loss of command functions aboard the USS Thunder and an unknown voice emanated from the LCARS system in response to any command. Communications logs (see attached) show interaction between Lieutenant Lovar and the unknown entity revealed that the proto-matter was “…the nourishment we feed upon…” and that it should be “…returned to our cultures…”.

Admiral Turner opened communications with the IRW Tahndak and it became clear they were experiencing significant disruption similar to that experienced aboard the Thunder. It appeared that they began to vent the proto-matter back into the system while Commander Pandorn and Ensign Sirok, supported by Doctor Quen, tried to find a way to restore propulsion to the Thunder. This was further complicated by an apparent DNA mutation noted I the bio-gel packs found within the ships computer systems.

It appeared that these combined actions, together with potential actions of the Romulans, led to a restoration of command functions and the ability to move further from a potential engagement zone. The crew were advised “…I like the way all your minds work together, you are open to suggestions but are not satisfied until you have explored all possibilities, plus you all have a code of ethics suitable for space travel.”

The USS Thunder returned to the Embassy, under warp power only.

Classified: Command Level Only
Romulan operatives were noted to be on Til’ahn and took hostile action against Federation vessels operating within Laudean airspace. In addition, he following persons of interests were aboard the IRW Tahndak.

Persons Of Interest – Image Files Attached: Kotan: Commander, Commanding Officer IRW Tahndak Vetrix: Subcommander, Aboard IRW Tahndak Nelvar: Doctor, Aboard IRW Tahndak – Unknown if medical or scientific in nature. Covik: No designation provided – suspected government/Tal Shiar Operative.

These individuals details and visual biometric data should be transferred to Starfleet Intelligence for cross reference with existing operation information.

Further, during the encounter with the Tahndak the USS Thunder appeared to have command and control functions impaired by a force, or forces, unknown. This same force appears to have a similar impact on the IRW Tahdak. This loss of control was accompanied by a significant drop in temperature and this appeared consistent with observations made during the efforts to subdue the rouge android in the Talisen Forest (Ref: THR/DUR-AMWB-COU-MIS-0003). In addition, the USS Apollo recorded an encounter with a non-corporeal entity in this region some eight year previously.

This uncharted region of the Typhon Expanse should be designated as ‘Dangerous To Navigation’ until an appropriate astrophysical survey can be conducted. Monitoring of proto-matter deposits is also highly advisable.
End Classified

Personal Notes During the course of this mission, as noted above, this officer was requested to act as Executive Officer aboard the Thunder. It was an honour to be considered for and act in this role it is the belief of this officer that others aboard the crew would be better suited to this role. All being well, Commander Teller will be able to resume his duties in due course following his recuperation.

Lieutenant Ben Garcia is to be commended for both his action in keeping casualties to a minimum during the crash landing in the Talisen Forest but also for his composure under pressure aboard the USS Thunder during the confrontation with the Romulans.

A review should be scheduled for Addison MacKenzie as soon as is practical following her kidnap by Tal Shiar operatives.

Further diplomatic channels should be opened with the Laudean government following the latest breach of their sovereignty to ensure good on-going relations with the Federation.

Lt. Cmdr. Alexander W. Brodie; Psy.D, Ph.D.
Chief Counselor, Federation Embassy: Duronis II



TO: Starfleet Medical Central Records
CC: USS Thor Central Records

Following operational changes directed by Starfleet Command the senior staff of the Federation Embassy on Duronis II were reassigned permanently to the USS Thor under the command of Fleet Captain Aron Kells. Rear Admiral Toni Turner was assigned as Federation Ambassador aboard the Thor. Following deployment to the Menthar Corridor region, however, Ambassador Turner was reassigned from the Thor. In addition, Lieutenant Commander Krindo Pandorn was reassigned to the post of chief of security and Lieutenant Colonel Rode Mitchell requested a leave of absence which was granted.

As previously stated, the USS Thor was redeployed to the Menthar Corridor region and traveled under Quantum Slipstream Drive (QSD) propulsion from the Luxis System. On arrival, the Thor was to proceed to the Ysdyen Nebula to determine the fate of the Vel Maijan colony. The colony on was established in 2159, and contact was reported as lost in 2164. Further investigation at the time revealed the entire solar system containing the colony had disappeared from known space. Federation monitoring stations had, however, picked up a feint but definitive distress call being sent from the colony requesting aid from the Federation.

En-route to the nebula the senior staff were split into teams to address separate aspects for mission preparation. These included:

Colony History: Team Lead - Lieutenant Commander Krindo Pandorn
Surface Preparations - Operations & Security: Team Lead – Lieutenant Ben Garcia
Surface Preparations - Medical & Scientific: Team Lead – Doctor Addison MacKenzie
Orbital Preparations - Ship Integrity & Security: Team Lead – Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller

This officer was assigned to the medical and scientific team alongside Ensign Tara Wilkins. Discussions were had to the likely condition of the colony including the consideration of temporal displacement effects and the likelihood of survivors. Based on an assumption that survivors were present and no temporal anomalies had occurred it was considered to proceed under first contact protocols due to the time elapsed since the colony disappeared and that, at the time of its disappearance, the Federation was in its infancy having only transitioned from United Earth and the Coalition of Planets in 2160.

Additional Hyronalyn was ordered to be replicated to provide treatment of radiation exposure to the colonists and any away teams dispatched to the surface. Historical assessments of the colony, including any record of any other ships lost at the time, were conducted and the colonist leader was identified as Hunter Flynn and that a group of botanists were assigned to the original colony. Diplomatic channels revealed no other losses at the time according to official records.

Upon arrival in the vicinity of Vel Maijan two away teams were dispatched to the surface.

Team One: Investigation Of Original Colony (Ruins)
Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie
Major Hannibal Parker (SFMC)
Lieutenant Quen Deena
Ensign Tara Wilkins
Ensign Dar Elandra

Team Two: Investigation Of Subsurface Tunnels
Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller
Captain Brell
Lieutenant Commander Krindo Pandorn
Lieutenant Lorian Lovar
Second Lieutenant Wes Greaves (SFMC)

This officer was assigned to command the USS Thor and, along with Ensign Alieth, monitor the away team progress while Captain Kells was in the engineering section with Lieutenant Garcia and Ensign Sirok to monitor the effect the nebula on the ship. Communication with away team one revealed high levels of radiation on the planets surface and this correlated with a subsequently observed weakened magnetosphere. In addition, remains were discovered that indicated whatever event had befallen the planet had occurred rapidly. Communications with team two were unable to be established, likely as a result of the growing atmospheric disturbances, depth and mineral formations withing the tunnel/cavern system.

Captain Kells and Lieutenant Garcia returned to the bridge and communications with team two were eventually established by Doctor Alieth via the telemetry to the team environmental suits together with signal relay booster emplaced by Ensign Sirok. This revealed that Lieutenant Greaves suit had been compromised and he had been severely injured within the tunnel network.

Further, communication with team one confirmed the build-up of an ion storm in the atmosphere together with the detection of a growing concentration of chroniton particles – indicating a possible shift in the solar system. The decision was made to evacuate the colony, one-hundred & ninety-three souls, immediately. Team one was to immediately evacuate via shuttle from the planet and Doctor Alieth sent to prepare sickbay for the arrival of any casualties.

Team two were further isolated by failures of transport beacons and transponders on the surface. Upon the return of team one it was determined that to recover the colonists and evacuate the away team, it would be necessary to re-establish the transporter link to the surface to the tunnels. Chroniton particles were continuing to build and consideration was given to what may be producing them and how they may be disrupted or terminate to buy more time for the colony. A working theory was formed by this officer and Ensign Wilkins that a decaying singularity core may be responsible for the build-up of particles but Insufficient time would be available to form and execute an effective action plan. Lieutenant Garcia was to pilot a shuttle to the surface with medical support to extract the away team and allow team two to re-establish the link and evacuate remaining personnel via transporter.

During this operation it became apparent via a security alert that a member of an indigenous species, subsequently to become known as ‘Azcou’, had been transported aboard the ship. It was believed with was via an accidental activation of the transporter relay return sequence. The creature, known as Orh’am, came aboard the USS Thor on deck three and traveled through the ship to the hangar bay on deck seven where he was contained by security forces.

This officer, Captain Kells and Ensign Wilkins met with the Azcou who advised their own colony had been compromised by the changes in the magnetosphere of Vel Maijan and a formal request for aid was provided by the Azcou representative. Orh’am was returned to their colony by transport to ready their people for transport aboard the Thor. Ensign Sirok deployed beacons to provide addition information for the transport.

All colonists and members of the ‘am’ Azcou colony were evacuated via transporter to the USS Thor and the vessel cleared the area of effect of the chroniton particles before the system shifted a second time.

Classified: Command Level Only
Consideration must be given to the Prime Directive. It is the opinion of this officer that no material violation occurred by the crew of the USS Thor in the execution of this mission. The colony was established under the auspices of United Earth as a member of the Coalition of Planets and a formal request was made to the Federation for aid from the colony. In addition, while it may be considered a violation to have interacted with the Azcou there is reasonable grounds to believe that the natural evolution of their colony had already been contaminated by not only the original Federation colonization in 2159 but also by a potential external influence resulting the damage to the planetary magnetosphere.

This should be noted in the official record, as should the discovery and first contact with this new species, but it is not believed that this event requires further investigation or sanction as regards the prime directive at this time.

The Azcou have shown evidence of being an intelligent and organized species and, at the time of this report. They are in general isolation awaiting transport to a new colony world once a suitable location has been identified. Initial biological and sociological findings are attached.

In addition, decedents of the original colonists are also undergoing orientation and integration into modern Federation society. Suitable resettlement options are being examined but recommend follow-up reviews with all individuals at six-monthly intervals for two years to ensure a successful transition.

Further, constant observation of the Ysdyen Nebula would be advisable to monitor for the reappearance of Vel Maijan or other signs that Chroniton particles are providing an influence in the wider region. Any additional information on this should be forwarded to Starfleet Command as a matter of priority to facilitate a rapid response.
End Classified

Personal Notes
This was the first operation by the USS Thor under Captain Kells and the first as a stand-alone deployment rather than as an attachment to the Embassy on Duronis II. In addition, reassignment of a long-time commanding officer in Rear Admiral Toni Turner was also likely to have a significant effect on personnel.

Captain Kells acquitted himself admirably and it was encouraging to see that he made efforts to meet and integrate with the crew personally. It is the understanding of this officer that this is Captain Kells’ first assignment following a leave of absence so a follow-up review would be of benefit.

Following the completion of the mission Captain Brell will be leaving the USS Thor. A farewell gathering would be a good idea to tie into the commencement of shore leave should the timing be appropriate.

A follow-up visit should be made with Second Lieutenant Greaves to assess any psychological impact from his injuries – particularly if they affect his capacity for operational deployment.

Lt. Cmdr. Alexander W. Brodie; Psy.D, Ph.D.
Chief Counsellor, USS Thor


TO: Starfleet Medical Central Records
CC: USS Thor Central Records

Following a period of shoreleave in orbit or Ferenginar, Fleet Captain Aron Kells departed abord the USS Tharsis, under the command of Captain Otombo to further investigate a rare sighting of a Gormagander pod. Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller was assigned as acting captain of the USS Thor as the vessel conducted a test flight to perform diagnostics on the quantum slipstream drive (QSD).

The Thor left orbit on schedule and prepared to make the transition to quantum space. Upon engagement of the QSD system, however, the Thor was impacted by an unknown object which was able to bypass the vessel’s shields and struck amidships at deck twelve. The object continued along its initial trajectory and finally came to rest on deck fifteen. This cause significant damage to the Thor’s hull and internal systems including sensors, communications and plasma distribution.

Further, it became clear that the object, hereafter referred to as a ‘mine’, was the source of a gravity well that would result in the total destruction of the USS Thor should it disengage the QSD and leave quantum space. In addition, QSD technology is not designed for long-term use and would critically overload and initiate an auto-shutdown – which would also result in the complete destruction of the Thor.

Acting Captain Teller called a remote conference of the senior staff and formed a multi-faceted plan to address both the situation and the root cause. Doctor Addison MacKenzie was to coordinate the disaster response efforts from the primary sickbay on deck ten along with Doctor Quen Deena and Doctor Alieth. Lieutenant Commander Krindo Pandorn, supported by members of the security and marine units – including Ensign Dar Elandra and First Lieutenant Wes Greaves were to assist in the recovery of trapped crew and render aid where possible. Ensign Sirok and Junior Lieutenant Kortho Yang were tasked to stabilise the systems and superstructure of the USS Thor and ensure the QSD remained stable while repairs were affected. Lieutenant Lorian Lovar and Ensign Tara Wilkins were assigned to investigate the source of the gravity well and begin examining possible ways to remove the threat.

This officer was asked, once more, to act as Executive Officer during this period. It should be noted that this would typically fall to the Second Officer (Lieutenant Commander Ben Garcia) but Commander Garcia was required to remain at his station at the helm of the Thor. Third Officer (Lieutenant Commander Addison Mackenzie) was required in sickbay as already reported. Initial reports from Commander Pandorn revealed that the mine was, essentially, a piece of subspace. In addition to this a Laudean member of the crew, Crewman 3rd Class Kerr, was able to confirm this using their Fielding ability. It appears that the mine existing in subspace allowed it to penetrate the shields and hull of the Thor before becoming entangled in our own subspace field.

It was decided at this stage that Doctor Addison MacKenzie would lead an evacuation flight of all non-essential personnel to the nearest Federation outpost as the Thor passed close to the Bajoran sector. The operation was not without risk due to the QSD field and runabouts and shuttles making the transition to normal space but all vessels successfully evacuated.

Following this Captain Teller formed a new strategy to attempt to remove the mine from the Thor – this would take the form of a three-phase approach that would involve destabilising the link the device had to subspace, find a way to neutralise the mine and, more vitally to continue to maintain the security of the QSD to give the maximum window of opportunity to put any devised plan into action.

This officer was assigned to head up the first of these assignments alongside Ensign Sirok, Lieutenant Lovar and Ensign Kinnear. It was decided that, if the appropriate subspace frequency could be identified then it may be possible to disrupt that frequency and cause the mine’s anchor to subspace to be broken. This was to be conducted using a subspace differential pulse via an array of class-four and class-two probes arranged close to the alien artifact. During these frequency detections, however, beta and gamma wave emissions were detected but, more worryingly, theta waves were also detected. These appeared initially to be a series of brainwaves that were somehow connected to the device. Further, frequency applications to the mine resulted in tetryon particle bursts that risked causing significant damage to the ship. It was decided to consolidate efforts in a final attempt to free the Thor from the object.

Work carried out by Commander Pandorn and his team to prepare the bulkheads and forcefields to allow a controlled hull-breach were in place and a series of probes emitting a synthetic QSD drive signature were placed into a ship synchronous orbit. These features, combined with the destabilisation frequencies, allowed a controlled release of the device from the vessel as the ship exited quantum space under the helmsmanship of Lieutenant Commander Garcia. This, however, was not without incident as further damage to the structural integrity field and inertial dampeners led to further damage to the superstructure.

While the Thor was now safe and free of the alien mine the damage to the vessel together with the isolated nature of the ship beyond the furthest reaches of the Federation the regretful decision was made to abandon ship. The preparations were made for this eventuality but it was not required due to the timely intervention of Fleet Captain Kells aboard the USS Tharsis leading a taskforce, that also constituted the USS Indefatigable and USS Alameda, who had been advised of the situation aboard the Thor by Docotor Mackenzie.

This taskforce towed the Thor back to Federation space where she is currently in dock at Deep Space Nine, in the orbit of Bajor, awaiting repairs. The final fate of the mine remains unknown.

This event placed and intolerable burden on the entire crew of the USS Thor and particularly on Acting Captain Geoffrey Teller. Captain Teller, however, never failed to act in the best interests of his crew or the safety of his ship under these circumstances and this should be reflected in the official record.

Finally, it is the solemn duty of this officer to report that, at this time, the number of fatalities connected with this incident stands at one-hundred and eighty-three. A full list of those lost is appended and should be forwarded to the office of personnel management as soon as all appropriate verification processes have been completed.

Classified: Command Level Only
The nature of this ‘attacker’ remains shrouded in mystery. It is speculated that it may have been an anomaly in subspace with the Thor simply unfortunate to encounter it rather than a targeted attack. This, however, cannot be ruled out. The device does not seem to conform to any technology in use by any hostile, neutral or friendly galactic power.

As noted above, the device produced an effect determined by a Laudean member of the crew using their innate sensitive to energy fields (Fielding: See Laudean LFI File). It also, however, produced a separate reaction in a civilian aboard the Thor (Dar Kalib: Medical Records Attached). Kalib is of Bajoran and El-Aurian heritage and suffered significant psychological impairment since the mine attached to the Thor and Doctor Alieth conducted a Vulcan Mind Meld in an attempt to learn more of his condition.

It was during this that she discovered a name in the mixed consciousness: The Mandate. It is unknown if this is an organisation or an individual and should also be observed that this mind meld was conducted under a significant level of stress. As a result of this perceived memories may have been adversely affected and cannot be taken as verifiably accurate.

A biological sample, recovered by Doctor Quen, is also currently held in secure stasis aboard the USS Thor awaiting further analysis. In addition, detected theta waves – together with all other frequency data – was recoded onto probe memory cores. These remain isolated in high security containment until this can be verified as safe for transfer to the main memory core for investigation.
End Classified

Personal Notes
As noted above, this event placed and intolerable burden on the entire crew of the USS Thor and particularly on Acting Captain Geoffrey Teller. A follow-up with Commander Teller regarding this following his reaction to the on-going casualty reports. Follow-ups are also recommended with Dar Kalib and Doctor Alieth to ensure they are not adversely affected by their melding of minds.

Additional Starfleet Medical Corps. Personnel are also requested to be available over the coming weeks to help treat and counsel those injured and traumatised through this period. A monitoring protocol should also be established.

Finally, Doctor Addison MacKenzie should be commended for her bravery and leadership in safely evacuating non-essential crew to the safety of Deep Space Nine.

Lt. Cmdr. Alexander W. Brodie; Psy.D, Ph.D.
Chief Counsellor, USS Thor