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“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” - Oscar Wilde

Lieutenant Commander
Alexander W. Brodie, Psy.D., Ph.D
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Chief Counselor - USS Thor (NCC-82607)


Pre-Starfleet History

Alexander William Brodie was born in Stirling, Earth, to Lorna and Stuart Brodie along with his twin sister, Iona.

They had an uneventful upbringing although their father worked away a lot on projects off-world. This relative normalcy was shattered in 2358 when their father was killed in an industrial accident – leaving Lorna alone to bring up her two eleven-year-old children. They continued to attend school and Lorna tried to ease her burden by ensuring the children attended various clubs and out of school activities – which is where Alex began studying fencing. Their mother, however, never truly recovered from her husband’s death and, following an acute psychological collapse, she took her own life in 2360. Alex and Iona remained in Scotland, staying with their uncle Malcolm on a farmstead at Port Menteith on the banks of the Lake of Menteith.

The quieter rural life in a small, quiet community helped him and his sister comes to terms with their loss but, as he approached the age of eighteen, he knew he had to go out and try and find his own way. He’s always enjoyed languages and felt he wanted to study those in more detail. Eventually, however, he did not want to be too far from his sister so he opted for a course closer to home that combined linguistics with psychology. He found that an aptitude for psychology during his studies and decided to take it further by electing to complete a research masters in non-verbal communication in association with a research institute based on Mars. It was during these studies that he found work at some of the gambling establishments in the local area. He was able to employ his observational skills and psychological training to move up from a croupier to a team leader or 'pit boss' essentially running certain area of the establishments he was working in.

Following submission of his research thesis he joined the Elysium institute on Mars and it was while working here as a senior research associate that he met his future wife, Rosanna Savinkova, who was a junior agent with Federation Security. The couple were married and, in 2376, Ros gave birth to a daughter – Danica. Alex, meanwhile, had been working with a medical relief unit providing support to Cardassian refugees following the end of the Dominion War and felt he wanted to try and make a change to help people in need. Research work was grant dependent and, when his expired, he moved into training as a clinical psychologist. He studied at Cerberus Plains Teaching hospital where he continued to work following completion of his training.

In 2387, Alex and Ros decided to return to Earth with Dani and they relocated to Whangarei, New Zealand, where Alex accepted a role of Forensic Clinical Psychologist which saw him working more closely with more troubled individuals as well as a closer working relationship with FEDSec. In this role he was part of their rehabilitation/assessment program providing not only psychiatric care but also fitness assessments, conducting interviews, constructing profiling and providing on-site assistance to field operations in terms of negotiation strategies and victimology. He continued to provide this upon his transfer to Anchorage when Rosanna took a promotion to join the FEDSec. Marshals service.

This coincided with the ‘Black Mirror Killings’ of 2390 and Alex was involved in the capture of Inchyra Rixx in the winter of that year. This high-stress workload, for both Alex and Ros, led to the ultimate break-up of their marriage and, following their separation, he decided he wanted to go back to helping people in a wider setting – he moved to San Francisco to join Starfleet.

Starfleet Academy

Federation Embassy: Duronis II

Upon completion of his post-graduate studies, Brodie was assigned as a counsellor to the Federation Embassy on Duronis II under the command of Rear Admiral Toni Turner.


Freshly arrived at the Federation Embassy on Duronis II during a period of shore-leave for the existing crew Alex was suprised to be promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) due to his past service to Starfleet at the academy. His first mission saw the crew deployed to P995, a planet where the Fortuna III mining facility and Hercules orbital processing plant were located and operated by the Nova Corporation.

Upon arrival it was apparent that a Klingon vessel, the IKS K'Tal, was already on station and Alex was assigned to investigate the K'Tal together with Major Hannibal Parker as the ship was unresponsive to hails. Upon investigation of all facilities it became clear that the Hercules, Fortuna III and K'Tal crews had become compromised by what was suspected to be a viral contagion that had caused them to become extremely aggressive and cannibalistic. Following a period of quarantine aboard the Thor, Alex and Major Parker returned to the K’Tal to attempt to gain entry to the sophisticated medical center aboard the vessel and encountered Sa'na - a long-term photonic entity and science officer of the KDF.

The Hercules, now in a decaying orbit due to damage sustained fighting the mutated crew, crashed to the planetary surface - destroying the Fortuna III facility - with the loss of all hands. Upon completion of his mssion, Alex was promoted again to full Lieutenant.

Out Of Place

Mission began following an apparent terrorist attack on the Duronis II Embassy facility. All senior staff were ordered to report to the USS Thor (NCC-82607) for briefing by Lieutenant Commander T'Lea and Major Hannibal Parker. Rear Admiral Turner was not present due to an unspecified assignment The briefing advised that Starfleet had been conduction orbital studies of a Class M world and had recently discovered a pre-warp species known as the Egrot. Initial scans also revealed evidence of structures that required advanced industrial applications at odds with the current technology level of the Egrot society. Ensign Ghant Xerix advised that a personal vessel under his ownership, the Celestial, was equipped with systems that would facilitate its use as a duck-blind and on-surface base of operations to observe the Egrot.

The Egrot appear to have a two-tier class system – Low-Dwellers and High-Dwellers and Alex took the lead as one of the High Dwellers to make contact with the Egrot. The Egrot were subject to attack by creatures known as Shadow Eaters which subsequently attacked the camp. Upon analysis of one of these creatures is was discovered the creature was found to have a mixture of Egrot and Zalkonian DNA. It was hypothesized that these creatures may be genetically altered Zalkonians that had partially, or subsequently, undergone The Change – an alteration to a state of non-corporeal existence. Further analysis was not possible, however, due to a sudden and apparently non-natural rainstorm. Once the event had passed, Doctor Boris Hendon advised that the rain had, though an unknown mechanism, had removed the radiation from the atmosphere and from the creatures in the vicinity.

Satisfied that the contamination to the Egrot home world had been halted, the Celestial returned to the USS Thor.

The Glass Android

Red Star Rising

The Til'ahn Gambit

USS Thor

In the first half of 2397 Alex, together with the entirety of the Embassy senior staff, were transferred to the USS Thor on a full-time basis. The Thor, now under the command of Fleet Admiral Aron Kells was was reassigned as a fully independent vessel to the Menthar Corridor.

The Lost Colony


  • Stardate: 239707.03 - Present

Current Mission - In Progress

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