Alex Swift

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  • Full name Alex James Swift.
  • Age (date of birth) 23 // 235798.17
  • Species Human
  • Gender Male
  • Hair color Blonde
  • Eye color Blue
  • Height 5ft 11"


  • Parents Antony Mark Swift & Louse Joanne Swift
  • Siblings Amanda Fiona Swift - Sister.
  • Spouse None.
  • Children None.


Alex Swift was the first born to Antony and Louise, he was born in a small city suburb on Earth. Alex grew up with standard high-school education but did not excel at every subject. He did however enjoy History and Geography, but struggled with Chemistry and Numeracy. As a child growing up he liked to visit lots of different places and explore new settings this is one of the reasons for his decision to join Starfleet.

Alex joined Starfleet aged 19, his parents were not initially pleased with his decision at first as they saw Starfleet more as a military organization than an exploration of new worlds. They did come to except this eventually and supported their son throughout his Academy training. Alex's younger sister Amanda now looks up to Alex and would like to follow in his footsteps. Amanda is still too young to join the Academy as she is only 14.

Life at the Academy was not easy for Alex as much as he enjoyed learning about different cultures previous Captains had visited and explored. Alex did struggle with some of the Operations systems and weapons technology. Alex however did find a way to get around these areas to complete his training to a satisfactory standard. Cadet Swift's Commanding Officer recommended him for further positions in either Security or Tactical fields.

Alex graduated second in his class, just behind a Bolian who graduated in first place.


  • 235817.16 Joined Starfleet Academy
  • 238405.26 Promoted to the Rank of Ensign
  • 238405.26 Duty Post - Helmsman
  • 238405.26 Assigned to the USS Challenger