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Alex Blair - Relationships
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Thomas Blair

Alex's father is Thomas Blair, the CEO of Blair Technologies. When he was quite young, Thomas began bringing Alex to work with him in an effort to begin teaching Alex the family business. As Alex grew older, Thomas began grooming him to one day take over the family business. Alex had no such desire and at the age of eighteen he ran off and joined the Starfleet Marines. This resulted in a very strained relationship between Alex and Thomas.

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Veronica Blair

Alex's mother is Veronica Blair. Veronica is a very talented engineer specializing in starship design and works as the Lead Project Engineer for Blair Technologies. While Alex was growing up, Veronica was a very loving mother who would do anything for her two boys, but she also spent most of her time working. When Alex decided to join the Starfleet Marines, Veronica was not happy and sided with her husband, Thomas. Veronica and Alex have a strained relationship.

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Michael Blair

Michael Blair is Alex's little brother. When they were growing up, their parents spent most of their time working so Alex and Michael spent almost all of their time together. This resulted in the two having a very close relationship. Unlike Alex, Michael never developed engineering skills and works for the family's aerospace business as the Chief Financial Officer. Alex and Michael speak as frequently as possible, but since graduating from the Starfleet Academy their talks have become less and less frequent.

Important Relationships

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Chythar Skyfire
Former Significant Other

When Alex first transferred to the USS Gorkon as First Officer, he was a direct replacement for Skyfire. As time progressed while in the alternate universe, Alex reached out to Skyfire to serve as the ship's morale officer. During their meetings as first officer and morale officer, Alex felt a connection grow between the two men. As their friendship grew, Alex wanted to spend more and more time with Skyfire leading several dinners and the exchange of a few kisses.

As their relationship has grown, Alex has come to realize that he has never felt for anyone the way he feels for Skyfire. The more time Alex spends with Skyfire, the more he commits to making this relationship last and to see where things go between them.

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Lael Rosek
Best Friend

An engineer aboard the USS Veritas. Alex's relationship with Rosek grew in part because of her closeness with his boyfriend, Chythar Skyfire. As their time serving aboard the same ship has passed, Alex has grown closer and closer to Rosek. At this point in their friendship, Alex considers Rosek to be a part of his family and couldn't imagine his life without her being in it.