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Starbase 118 Ops / USS Narendra
Alastriona DeTroyes
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 225303.12
Age 145
Birthplace Pleione / Scylanthia
Writer ID O239609AD0

Ensign Alastriona DeTroyes is currently serving as a science officer on Starbase 118 Ops, where she spends most of her time studying astrophysics, and on the USS Narendra.


  • Height: 180 cm / 5'10"
  • Weight: 48 kg / 105 lbs
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Tall and Thin (like a fashion model)
  • Languages: French, English, Mandarin, Scylanthian, Vulcan
  • Skin Tone: Light Caucasian. Pale face.
  • Taste in Clothes: Leather pants, pirate/peasant blouses, dresses, boots.
  • Shoes: 200 pairs of shoes and boots!
  • Voice: Soft, quiet. A giggler.
  • Hair Style: Shoulder-length wild blonde hair. Sometimes braided.
  • Birthmarks, Scars, Tattoos: : None.
  • Bearing: Alastriona has an ethereal, delicate quality about her.
  • General: Alastriona is a leaner: She likes to lean on something. A table, a chair, a wall.
  • Hands: Always brushing hair out of her face. Twirls old fashioned pencils around her fingers.
  • Legs: Walks like a fashion model, one foot in front of the other, like walking on a tightrope (which is required on Scylanthia).


Alastriona DeTroyes is from the French colonial world of Scylanthia which orbits the star Epsilon Argyros. The star is 151 light years from Sol in the Hyades Star Cluster, towards the constellation of Taurus, past Aldebaran.

When she was 16, Alastriona joined Star Fleet and served for twelve years, rising in rank from ensign to Lieutenant. After discovering an alien starship, she made an extended interstellar voyage. Eventually, she returned home after traveling only a few weeks, but the rest of the universe had advanced 114 years. After debriefing from Star Fleet, she re-entered service.

After a few "incidents," during her service she was demoted (twice). Alastriona took a break, returning home to Scylanthia where she took an the task of relearning everything, since she was over a hundred years out of date. After taking re-certification exams on earth, she rejoined Star Fleet.

Chronological History

  • March 12th, 2253 A.D. – Pleione Colony
Alastriona de Troyes was born March 12, 2253 on the colony world, Pleione, in the main dome. Pleione had been a vibrant world until a comet struck the planet, shifting it's orbit. Now it is a frozen glacier world, barely habitable except for the colonial domes erected by Starfleet engineers. All of its inhabitants live in domed cities as the landscape outside is covered by frozen wastelands.
Alastriona's parents were from a different colony world, Scylanthia, and were living on Pleione to avoid a dangerous radiation storm there. Although the wet, forest covered world was shielded, the exotic biosphere could have produced dangerous pathogens during the radiation storm coming from the Super Giant star, Epsilon Argyros.
  • 2256 A.D. – Epsilon Argyros / Scylanthia
Three years later, her parents returned to Scylanthia after the radiation storm had abated and this is where Alastriona grew up. Scylanthia is an exotic trade world where the gravity is .7G, and this resulted in her growing into a tall, thin woman.
Scylanthia is a rich trade world, covered in forests, and containing many unique elements in it's atmosphere. The indigenous inhabitants, Scylanthians, are aerial balloon like creatures with their own culture and history. The locals appear as giant multicolored balloons. They are friendly and happily give rides to the colonists and they are one of the main methods of transportation on the world.
The Scylanthian day is 18 Earth hours long and the Scylanthian year is 169 days. The gravity is a light .7G's and Alastriona prefers to keep her personal life support at this setting. Scylanthia circles the G3 Super Giant star Epsilon Argyros.
Telfour De Troyes, Alastriona's father, was a professor of Colonial History, and specialized in alien cultures such as the Scylanthians, which are radially shaped, symmetrical, aerial creatures that live in the atmosphere of their beautiful planet. Six billion Scylanthians share their world with 50 million humans in mutual friendship.
Chantel De Troyes, Alastriona's mother, was born in southern France on Earth. She had fallen in love with Telfour while he was visiting Earth on a lecture tour.
Genevieve De Troyes, Alastriona’s younger sister, was born on Scylanthia.
  • 2265 A.D. – Telfour De Troyes has an “incident” on a water world.
Alastriona's mother, Chantel de Troyes, returned from a trip to France after nearly getting killed in an "incident" on a water world after her ship landed to make repairs. The transport ship had to make an emergency landing on the water world. There were only a few small islands to land on. Apparently a group of hostile aliens had made an outpost there. The encounter resulted in the deaths of several members of the ship. There was some kind of resolution with the aid of the members of a Vulcan ship that was on a scientific survey. Ever since this event, Alastriona's mother was marked as a potential danger when dealing with the aliens and was warned by the Vulcans to never return.
  • 2265 A.D. – Alastriona Develops Phobia of Computers & Turbolifts
In 2265, there is an accident at a Scylanthian shopping mall triggered by a computer malfunction. This causes a failure in one of the antigravity lifts and Alastriona breaks her leg. She develops a phobia of computers after this, never completely trusting them.
  • 2269 A.D. – Telfour De Troyes joins Star Fleet
When Alastriona had her 16th birthday (it was actually her 48th birthday by Scylanthian years) her father joined Star Fleet to serve as an adviser on alien cultures. This inspired her to join Starfleet herself, although her interest was in science instead of alien cultures and history.
  • 2269 A.D. – Star Fleet Academy, Scylanthia Colony
While a Vulcan friend of her mothers was visiting, Alastriona developed an interest in science. She enrolled in a prominent Scylanthian university to study astrophysics and stellar navigation.
With her father's encouragement, she enrolled in Starfleet Academy to conduct research into advanced astrophysics and possibly to do some exploration.
In 2269 Alastriona enters Star Fleet. A special branch of Star Fleet Academy is opened up on Scylanthia to cater to aliens from lighter gravity worlds.
  • 2271 A.D. – Versooth Orbital Research Station, Astrophysics Dept.
On her first Star Fleet assignment, Alastriona worked in the astrophysics department on a research station above the world of Versooth.
Star Fleet was conducting research into a dark space anomaly, which was on the edge of the system. The local colonists called the dark patch of space, "The Vortex," and it was thought to be some sort of gateway, since a few ships had disappeared when they encountered it in the past.
Versooth was attacked by Orion pirates who were interested in stealing a large shipment of the crystals used in hyper-pulse communication devices, which were harvested in the Crystal Mountains above the Great Forest (the trees on Versooth are extremely tall). All of the Star Fleet personnel survived with the assistance of the USS Defiance, a destroyer.
  • 2272 A.D. – USS Wildcard - Assistant Navigator
On her second assignment, she was assigned to a scientific research ship, the USS Wildcard, and this ship conducted stellar surveys along the stellar rim.
On one survey, the captain of the ship, Vincent Knoxx, discovered an abandoned research outpost, and it was determined that the original inhabitants were investigating the subject of longevity.
They were apparently in the process of designing a device to extend their lifespans. The entire population of the outpost was missing, along with any possible prototypes of the device the were developing.
  • 2275 A.D. – Deep Space Research Station, Astrophysics Dept.
Alastriona was assigned to a research facility on a deep space research station, where she worked as an assistant to the scientists developing the transwarp conduit. She worked in stellar cartography, and conducted research into where the transwarp conduit would go, and how to change it's stellar destination.
  • 2275 A.D. – Awarded Tralutojot Grand Champion Medal
After Alastriona nearly kills an alien ambassador from Puntu, (they look like giant beach balls), she is called in to speak with an admiral. Instead of getting thrown out of Star Fleet, she is given an award, the Tralutojot Grand Champion Medal, a 16-pointed gold and silver star suspended from a bright ribbon.
R. Admiral: The Puntu game of ambush and retreat. The ambassador says that you are a brilliant player. He said that he had not been defeated in years.
Alastriona had encountered the giant beach ball alien in the maintenance section of the station after checking on a sensor fault.
R. Admiral: Ambassador Jilkopadratormilpowqyt wanted to present the Grand Champion medal to you himself, but he had to return to his homeworld after his… injury.
Alastriona: I didn't realize he would deflate so quickly.
  • 2275 A.D. – Deep Space Research Station is Destroyed by Klingons
The Klingons and Romulans were observing the transwarp experiments, and just before the Star Fleet scientists completed their work, the Klingons attacked the station. The device was triggered incorrectly, opening a transwarp conduit, and transported everyone within the area to the M31 Andromeda Galaxy. The deep space research station was destroyed, but three Star Fleet starships and two Klingon battlecruisers survived, along with a single Romulan starship, which lost their cloaking field when the device failed. After the Klingon attack destroyed the station, Alastriona escaped in a life pod. Her fiance, Francois dies in the attack. She never forgives the Klingons.
  • 2276 A.D. – Perseus Colony – M31 Andromeda galaxy – Food Sciences Dept.
The survivors began exploring Andromeda, and founded the Perseus Colony. Alastriona lived at Perseus Colony on the planet Drux'll for a year. Alastriona served as a food scientist & cook at the Perseus colony, making sure that the local foods are safe for human consumption.
  • 2280 A.D. – USS Resolution – M31 Andromeda galaxy, Chief Navigator
Alastriona was assigned to the USS Resolution as the Chief Navigator in the Andromeda Galaxy, conducting stellar research and exploration for two years.
  • 2280 A.D. – USS Resolution – Throat Cut By Hyperdimensional Aliens
Aliens from the 8th dimension come aboard. Invisible to the crew, they are engaged in fighting a war amongst themselves. Alastriona was able to sense them because she had encountered their dimension as a child on Pleione. When Alastriona warns the crew of their presence, one of the aliens cuts her throat wide open. Luckily, it occurred in front of a senior officer and he beamed her to sickbay.
  • 2281 A.D. – USS Lethe - Pilot
After the discovery of an abandoned alien starship from the Virgo Supercluster 80 million light years away, Alastriona accidentally triggered the engines, taking the starship back to the Milky Way galaxy. During the voyage, alien security drones appeared from hidden locations on the starship and attacked the crew. Alastriona was the only survivor.

------------ The VOID Between Galaxies – 114 Years Pass ------------

  • 2395 A.D. – USS Lethe - Alastriona Returns to the Milky Way Galaxy
After piloting the alien starship back to the Milky Way galaxy, she discovered that she had traveled forward in time 114 years. Alastriona’s biological age remains at 28 years old, but her chronological age is 142 years old.
Alastriona has been subjected to Einsteinian Time Dilation. All of her family and friends are long dead.
  • 2395 A.D. – USS Calhoun – Assistant Chief Science Officer
Alastriona returns to Star Fleet and after a debriefing on earth, she is assigned to the USS Calhoun, commanded by a female Human/Klingon captain. Alastriona is promoted to Lieutenant and serves as the Assistant Chief Science Officer.
  • 2395 A.D. – USS Calhoun – Implicated in a Terrorist Plot
Implicated in collaborating with a secret organization that wants to "purify" humanity by exterminating all of the "Halfies" (mixed races) in the galaxy. Alastriona was later exonerated of all charges, but some of the crew remains suspicious of her.
  • 2395 A.D. – USS Courageous – Acting Captain (Temporary Assignment)
Alastriona was ordered to return a damaged ship, the USS Courageous, back to earth after their captain was arrested. On the way, they received a distress signal from a Vulcan research station which was in danger of destruction by a stellar flare. After they refused a rescue, Alastriona investigated and discovered a plot by Vulcan scientists to pacify all of the galaxy with a new drug they had developed. The Vulcans took over the USS Courageous, but she managed to retake the ship and thwart their plans.
  • 2395 A.D. – USS Calhoun – Parallel Universe – Genocide Plot
While in a “mirror-mirror” parallel universe, Alastriona discovers an attempt by her evil counterpart to introduce a genetically advanced retrovirus into the Klingon population, which would have resulted in the extinction of their species, if it had succeeded. She does not report it.
Alastriona: My sin was the crime of hesitation. The darkness in my soul had consumed me with hate. I didn’t report it. For a small time, I wanted it to succeed.
When her half-human, half-klingon captain discovered Alastriona’s deception, she nearly kills her. While bound and under guard, Alastriona manages to stop her “mirror-mirror” counterpart from killing the rest of the crew, who were stranded on a planet.
After the mission, she was thrown in the brig. While she was eventually exonerated of the charges of genocide, she was found guilty of withholding vital information from her captain and was demoted to Lieutenant, J.G.
  • 2395 A.D. – USS Calhoun – Shot by Orion Pirates While Defending the Ship
While in the brig, Orion pirates attacked the Calhoun. A trio beamed into the security block to release one of their compatriots. Alastriona followed them to engineering and stopped them from placing a bomb, which would have destroyed the ship. An Orion shoots her in the stomach with a disruptor pistol.
  • 2395 A.D. – Scylanthian Science Institute
Needing to recover from her injuries, Alastriona transfers to a Star Fleet post on her homeworld, Scylanthia where she catches up with modern technologies. She prepares for a series of accelerated courses at Star Fleet Academy.
  • 2396 A.D. – Deltan IV, Seyann – Three Sisters Resort
Alastriona discovers that her family has no living descendants. So she travels to the Deltan homeworld and learns that her sister Genevieve was apparently involved in the genocide of an entire planet.
  • 2396 A.D. – Earth
After her final re-certification exams at the academy on earth, Alastriona was involved in the death of the Klingon ambassador’s son. Narrowly avoiding a war, her superiors demoted her to Ensign.
  • 2396 A.D. – Starbase 118
Alastriona is ordered to report to Starbase 118 for a final cadet training cruise, to prove she is current with modern technologies.
  • 2396 A.D. – Starbase 118 Ops – Science Officer
Now fully reinstated as an ensign, Alastriona has been assigned as a science officer on Starbase 118 Ops.


Alastriona is a quiet, shy person. She is reticent to be too involved in things, but usually ends up in the middle anyway. She is often moody, and mourns the death of Francois, her fiance, who worked on the USS Wildcard and the deep space research station. Alastriona hates klingons, blaming them for the death of her fiance. She distrusts computers and turbolifts, since she had a traumatic accident as a child when a turbolift failed. Alastriona suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome and sometimes has nightmares about her past.


Alastriona DeTroyes – All Alone

  • Archetype: Queen/Magician/Trickster --> Great Souled Hero
  • Values: Intelligence, Excellence, Kindness, Honor & Respect, Ruthlessness
  • Symbol: The Void
  • Clothes: Leggings, peasant blouses, boots.
  • Style: Sophisticated and trendy.


  • Primary Weakness: Superiority
  • Psychological: Alastriona is running away from her pain.
  • Psychological: Alastriona lives in the past, not caring about the present.
  • Moral: Alastriona is arrogant.
  • Moral: Alastriona is impulsive, always getting herself into trouble with the wrong people.


  • Primary Need: To respect her inferiors
  • Psychological: Alastriona needs to accept her pain.
  • Psychological: Alastriona needs to find love.
  • Moral: Not to become a monster.

DESIRE: To explore the mysteries of the universe

  • Second Desire: To discover what happened to her sister, and if she is responsible for genocide.
  • Secret Motives: To run away from the present and escape into the past.
  • Power, status, ability: Scientist, mathematician, Kung Fu.
  • Mystery: Alastriona searches for love.
  • Actions: Courageous, indifferent, imperious, arrogant.

Specialties and Skills

  • Astrophysicist
  • Navigation
  • Has mapped the Andromeda galaxy extensively.
  • Has experience with aliens, but prefers the company of humans.
  • Kung Fu (Black Belt)
  • Hand to Hand Weapons (Alastriona refers to these as “Primitive Weapons”)

Hobbies and Interests

Fashion, painting, fashion, shopping, badminton, chess, mathematics, cooking, Vulcan philosophy, dancing, gymnastics, working out, martial arts. She has two cats, Hansel & Gretel. Alastriona keeps her fiance’s hat as a keepsake.


  • What in me is dark, illumine.
  • Nothing I do compares to what I have done.
  • Hatred is so. . . unattractive, no?
  • Perhaps I won’t obliterate you all.


  • Alastriona has been subjected to Einsteinian Time Dilation from an extended interstellar voyage on an alien starship. While she is biologically 29 years old, she was born 143 years ago.
  • Alastriona has only been to the Earth twice.
  • Scylanthia, her homeworld, is populated by a balloon-like species.
  • She attended a special branch of Star Fleet on her homeworld of Scylanthia that was designed to cater to those from light gravity worlds.
  • Alastriona has one younger sister, Genevieve, who remained on Scylanthia. She never adapted to the heavier gravity in other human environments. She studied human psychology.
  • There are only 18 hours in the Scylanthian day, so Alastriona is on a rotating schedule.
  • Alastriona prefers to change the gravity settings of her quarters to .7G which is just noticeable to others.
  • Alastriona wears a contragravity harness, which is an antigravity belt designed to provide .7G's gravity. Whenever possible, she turns the gravity down in the room she works in.
  • Alastriona's Age: As Earthlings measure time, Alastriona was born on March 12th, in the year 2253, a hundred and forty three years ago. Chronologically, Alastriona is 143 years old. Biologically, she is 29, by earth’s time standards, but on her homeworld of Scylanthia, where time is measured differently, she considers herself to be 87 (one year on earth is three years on Scylanthia).


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Service History

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Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239609.18 Graduated Starfleet Academy Starbase 118 Ops
Ensign 239609.20 USS Narendra Starbase 118 Ops

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Year or Stardate
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

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