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Vulcan Science Academy

  • 237103.02 Enrolled in The Vulcan Academy of Sciences at the age of 15. Graduated after 4 years of study; graduated in the top 15% of her class, in major interests of Astrophysics, computers and analysis, biology of species and planetary/heavenly bodies. She also took a Vulcan mentor by the name of Tarin.

Starfleet Academy

  • 237504.05 Fresh out of the Vulcan S.A., she immediately went to Starfleet Academy at the age of 19, where she studied psychology/counselling, and the sciences once more.
  • 237905.23 Graduation Simulation was PREX, Starbase 118

USS Phoenix-C

  • 237906.02 Serves at the ship USS PHOENIX-C as a ship's counselor.
  • 237907-237908 Cardassia Mission
  • 237909.02 Promoted to LtJG
  • 237909 Takes Leave with Horne Makra on Bajor
  • 237909 - Awarded TOSMA II

USS Independence

  • 237909.18 - New ship, Independence, serves as Counselor under the Command of Capt. Anassasi
  • 237911-12 - First Contact mission with the Serpentai. Speaking with them first-hand, her telepathic agents came into play. However, their mass power was overwhelming, leaving her nearly insane and unable to screen for a several hours. The experience almost killed her.
  • 238001.13 Promoted to full Lieutenant and reassigned as Second Officer of the USS INDEPENDENCE.
  • 23801-3 Assigned on Away Mission led by Commander O'Malley concerning the "Seer of Worlds" at the Bajoran temple on Orlidia Minor. Joint mission with the USS Kodiak.
  • 23804 Reassigned on Classified Mission aboard the Smokey en route to Draken IV. She would have a run in with her mirror counterpart, the sinister and psychotic Alana Lor Gulok, and finally find the true facts of her family's leave.
  • 238007.18 Promoted to Lt. Commander
  • 23810.26 Currently aboard the controversial ship, the USS Trillium, that is controled by an A.I. Her Vulcan persona is wavering.
  • 238012 - Was called in a Joint Mission with the Steadfast, but was called away prematurely by a personal message from her cousin Sumein on Betazed.
  • 238012.27 - Alana returns to the Independence.
  • 238101.02 - Awarded TOSMA I.
  • 2381.05 - Transferred to Chief Medical Officer, USS Independence.

USS Wallace/Deep Space 17

  • 238110.01 - Transfers to the USS Wallace as First Officer temporarily under the command of Commander Kare'en, en route to Deep Station 17 that rests within Tholian and Gorn space.

USS Independence-A

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13th House of Betazed

In 2384, she left her service on the USS Independence to travel to Betazed with her family.


In 2389, Alana was approached by the Federation to mediate relations with the Romulan colonists on Bilire IV, along with the USS Tiger-A.

Awards & Commendations

  • TOSMA I (The Order of StarFleet Merit and Achievement First Class ): This award is given to members who show great dedication in their behavior, and simming abilities. A candidate for TOSMA I regularly contributes good, solid ideas to the plot and character development. They also take the time to edit and proof-read their sims to ensure quality in their writing. Awarded in 2380.
  • TOSMA II (The Order of StarFleet Merit and Achievement Second Class): This award is for members who show a high level of enthusiasm in their writing and plot development. A candidate for the TOSMA II regularly contributes to the plot in solid ways, and helps keep the plot and energy onboard the ship at a high level. Awarded in 2379.
  • B-Plot Award: For those SIMmers who manage to show a good portion of the character's life despite the demands of the main plot. Awarded in 2381.

Current Projects

  • Taking the powers of the Thirteenth House of Betazed and restoring her family's name.
  • Alana has really taken to motherhood and has expressed an interest in having more children.
  • Organizing a foundation and center for Gifted Betazoid Childen and Adults. It is dedicated to helping those that suffer from mental ailments aflicked by their telepathy/empathy. Being born with the gift of telepathy, Alana has compassion for those that have suffered as she has.