Alana Devar/Personal History

The Early Years

Alana Devar was born in Mestara, Betazed just outside the Janaran Falls. Mestara is located just outside the city of Medara. She was the middle child of her parents, Devyn and Arianna Devar.

Her childhood and adolescent history is a bit vague but records do report that she was born with full-blown telepathy. As most Betazoid's develop this in adolescence, she went through intense Vulcan/Betazoid meditative and controlling techniques that helped dim the extremeness of her abilities. These lessons strengthened a young Alana's mind, thus allowing her to not go mad with mental noise. Through these lessons she perfected the Vulcan mind meld, which imperative to her treatments. It was apparent that her telepathic prowess was exceedingly exceptional at a young age.

It was the age of 15 that her and her family supposedly arrived on Vulcan for diplomatic matters, upon the recommendation of the Devar family friend, Tarin (who would later become Alana's mentor). Alana immediately fell in love with Vulcan, deciding to reside there after her family left. Of course this was frowned upon, but her wishes were granted. She was enrolled in the Vulcan Science Academy, for all her preliminary studies on Betazed were finished. Alana was a bright young girl, with aspirations of expanding her knowledge the best she could.

It was there it was said she met a young Vulcan male by the name of Savek, who was undoubtedly Tarin's youngest son. Although she's never confirmed the personal relationship vocally to anyone (other than Horne Makra before he departed for Qo'nos), it was said that the Vulcan and Betazoid bonded upon the grace and encouragement of both families.

It was also about this time that her family was off near the Neutral Zone for diplomatic affairs with the Romulans near Yadalla Prime (Alana was 16/17 at the time). Needless to say, her parents and sister (Galwyn would prove to have lived years later) passed away shortly thereafter. It was first suspected that the Romulans were responsible for their deaths, but it was later revealed (again, years later) that her father's ship was destroyed by a trans-dimensional rift leading to the Mirror Universe. The news was unsettling, leaving a defenseless and emotional Alana in its wake - she even learned the nerve pinch with ill matters in mind, but finally overcame the sadness with Tarin's help.

When word spread of her family's death, Savek (who became her genetic bondmate) ended the relationship with Devar, who became pregnant in their one night union. He graduated the Science Academy in pursuit of Starfleet for more logical things. His reasoning? He felt unsatisfactory in his bondage to a Betazoid female. This broke Alana's heart. She eventually miscarried due to grief and medical ailments. Turning completely cold and calculating, the teenager dedicated her life to the sciences and found a hidden love and gift for it. She graduated at the top 15% of her class with honors.

Entering Starfleet Academy

After her graduation from the Vulcan Science Academy, Alana decided to pursue a career with Starfleet so she joined the Academy. She breezed through the science and counseling/psychology courses, but was extremely poor in the Engineering department. It was in that subject did she require the assistance of her friend, Makal Kora. She had a bit of trouble, socially, in the Academy, but found friendship with Makal and Horne Makra.

Starfleet Years

  • 238008.01 Upon the mission concerning her disappearance to the Mirror Universe, Alana was confronted with many personal revelations: including the very facts of her family's death and whereabouts, and finding her father's dubious mirror as well as her own. This crackled something within her. She secretly went to Vulcan to purge her aching emotions... The change inside the tortured Betazoid only began.
  • 2381 After coming to terms about many things in her life, Alana retreated back into the arms of her people's Goddess to seek salvation and hope. With counselor Rea, she was able to put some balance to both her Vulcan teachings and Betazoid passion.
  • 238110.01 Finds out she is pregnant by her best friend's (Cmr. Idril Mar) twin brother, Halla Culemerwin.
  • 2384 Leaves her post on the USS Independence to be with her family on Betazed. She has seen what kind of strain Starfleet life causes to a family, and decides this move is the best for her and her relationship with those she holds dear. Attends her cousin, Sumein's, elaborate wedding ceremony. Alana is then crowned the Head of the 13th House. Discovers information about her siblings.
  • 238501 Gives birth to her daughter, Aelia, on Betazed. This will be her second child.
  • 238506 Attends Idril Mar's wedding as the Maid of Honor.

Medical Profile


Her experience with the Serpentai led her to a near death experience in 2379. As a result in the brief telepathic connection with this immensely powerful species, Alana’s abilities suffered a major blow to her barriers. It nearly wrecked her years of conditioning in controlling her gifts. She still suffers damage from the connection, but she has created new ways in dealing with the residual effects that are less conflicting as each year passes.


Alana has been pregnant four times in her life.

The first (Unnamed) was by her genetic bondmate, Savek, which resulted in a miscarriage. This left scarring, emotionally and physically, in the young woman.

The second pregnancy (Keiran) would come years later after being involved in her best friend’s (Idril’s) Zhian'tara. Alana considers having taken the persona of the previous host and mother, Rumina Mar, during the ceremony prepared her body for motherhood. This may be a reason why she was so easily impregnated by a Trill man, though small medical assistance was needed through the duration of the inter-species pregnancy. The second pregnancy left Alana teetering between love interests and emotional/hormonal highs and lows (often affecting her judgement).

However, by the third pregnancy (Aelia), Alana did not experience these emotions. After giving birth to her second child, Alana has noticed a significant change in her abilities. They are not as incapacitating and have lessen in severity, though remain quite strong in a comfortable way. She believes that carrying hybrid children have allowed the psilosynine levels in her paracortex (the telepathic portion of a Betazoid’s brain) to normalize. This theory was later proven by doctors at the University of Betazed.

After having her fourth pregnancy, producing her second daughter, Halyna, Alana has become even more calm and able to manipulate and understand the gifts that she struggled with her entire life. She has found peace within herself and happiness in her family. There are ongoing studies at the University of her natural Betazoid gifts, and she is arguably one of the most talented Betazoids in recorded history.

Emotional Distress

Alana has a past of being an emotional woman behind a stoic front. However, she has developed in a calm and confident individual (due to motherhood, status, etc) over time. See her psychological profile for more information.


Family History

Alana comes from a long line of Betazoid royal bloods, dating back generations upon generations. Her affairs with Starfleet help get the house's name out to the stars and other cultures. After Sumein's marriage to Satya, she has received all her house's powers and fortune. The fact was announced to her in late 2382 and was bittersweet; the ceremony took place in 2384. She took on the responsibilties to restore her House's credibility. Her title, following an elaborate Betazoid ceremony after her acceptance, has become Alana, The Divine Lady of Peace and Protection of the House Devar.


Devyn Devar, Ambassador of Betazed (Deceased)


Arianna Sarrin-Devar (Deceased)


Galwyn "Gal Teyr" Devar, Arista Devar (deceased) and Carmen Rogers (half sister)

Spouse/Significant Other

Halla Culemerwin


Keiran Culemerwin Devar (Son)
Aelia Culemerwin Devar (Daughter)
Halyna Culemerwin Devar (Daughter)


Raina Devar (Aunt)
Sumein Devar-Ailyn (Cousin)
Katiya Devar (Grandmother - Deceased)
Sorin Gavel-Devar (Grandfather - Deceased)
Tarin (Godfather - Vulcan Mentor)
Idril Mar (Sister in Spirit)
T'Lara (Sister in Spirit)

Random Interesting Facts

  • Tattoos: Alana's tattoos were given to her in her early teen years, signifying her dedication to her people and faith. They are typical not visible unless she is wearing civilian clothing.
  • Habits/Other: Is a chocoholic and tends to babble a lot about melodramatic details of life, love and otherwise. Alana is also known to bit her lower lip, twirl hair around her finger while she's in thought and think idealistically. Though her intentions are always good natured, she can appear to be stoic or harsh at times. Tends to says what she thinks and tends to be very honest, asking very open questions. This quality seems to be a normal trait among the Betazoid people. Alana is well-spoken, graceful, mild-mannered and collected and tries to advocate decisions that are dear and poignant to her.
  • Culture:She is fluent in Klingon, Vulcan, Betazoid and Terran (Latin, Hebrew, English, Italian, Greek, Korean, Catonese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and French), though it is apparent that her key languages are the Vulcan and Betazoid simply because of her exotic tone. Alana expresses an interest in pursuing knowledge in a wide variety of civilizations.
  • Food Preferences: Vegetarian, but a sugar-freak and chocoholic, the woman also has an affinity for uttaberry crepes.
  • Head of the 13th House: As the Head of the Sacred 13th House, Alana is deemed the Divine Lady of Peace and Protection and is holder of the Sacred Book and Scepter of Betazed after her cousin's marriage into the 2nd House. The artifacts have since been returned after their abduction in 2379/2380. They were stolen by Gal Teyr, who was later be revealed to be her long lost brother Galwyn Devar, who had spent most of his life posing as a Romulan. The details of the events are sketchy, but Alana left her position on the Independence to restore her family and House's credibility.
  • Infuence/Feminine Charm: Alana has an innate feminine charm that influences or intrigues others. This seems to strike a small cord of jealousy in her partner, Halla, but she is completely faithful to him and he knows this.
  • Telepathy: Her extraordinary gifts of telepathy and empathy are special, even to Betazoid standards. The fact that she was born with them, challenged over them as a small child and is still able to control them as an adult with special barriers makes her a special figure in Betazoid House culture. More information can be found here.