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Akira Class Heavy Cruiser
Commissioned: 2368

Observation Lounge
The Observation Lounge is a medium sized briefing area located on deck one off the bridge on Akira-class starships. It serves as the primary meeting area for the ship's senior officers and commonly serves for diplomatic purposes. Generally the Observation Lounge contains a large table, chairs for the full Senior Staff, and at least two independent view screens, a replicator, and the Senior Officer's head. Commonly, the Observation Lounge is also situated so that a dramatic vista of space can be seen through it windows.

It is here where most of the briefings and the post-mission briefings take place and it is common to find the senior staff in here from time to time. This is for the more relaxed and laid back of briefing rooms instead of the more formal. In here, Officers can exchange ideas and develop them without having to worry about the formality of structure. Although, the CO still chairs every meeting.

On the Akira-class, the lounge is connected to the Main Bridge through a short ramped corridor, which originates at the upper starboard alcove of the bridge and leads to a door on the starboard side of the conference lounge. Another door, on the port side of the room, leads to another corridor.The shape of the conference table matches the curvature of the exterior hull, and has seating and data pads for ten individuals. The captain usually sits at the head of the table, at either side. Two display screens are located at either side of the room, behind the table and adjacent to the doors. The observation lounge was decorated by plants, and had two replicator terminals.

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