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Akira Class Heavy Cruiser
Commissioned: 2368

The Akira-class comes equipped with 10 holodecks and suites. The suites were part of an experimental design change in Starfleet to test if they were safer or more efficient than standard holodecks. As they often supported more programming space, they were put on Deck 2 of the ship for senior officers, while the standard holodecks were placed on Decks 3 or 4. However, the installation of these holosuites was often at a CO's discretion and can be swapped out with conventional holodecks.

The Akira-class also contains a training holodeck in the Marine barracks.

A holosuite uses transporter technology to create holographic images in much the same way that a holodeck does. However, holosuites are in wider use than holodecks and are not limited to starships. There is also more variation in holosuite design than holodecks. Generally, holosuites are intended for individual or small group usage.

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