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[[Category:USS Ronin]]

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Located on Deck 15, the Brig is a restricted access area which only entrance is from within the Security department. Protected by reinforced walls and bulkheads as well as double reinforced door. The Akira class vessel has 10 double occupancy cells and 5 single occupancy cells. The USS Ronin also has holo emitters fitted in its Brig as part of the EMH programme, the emitters can be used as a deterrent against large prisoners by adding extra holographic security personnel to the Brig, also if the Brig needs to be sealed the EMH can still enter and treat the injured.

The Double occupancy cells contain 2 beds, a retractable table and chairs, a water dispenser, and a toilet. The 10 double occupancy cells are secured with a level 10-forcefield emitter built into each doorway.

The USS Ronin has been fitted with 5 single occupancy cells with multi-phasic shielding fitted into each doorway. This allows Borg to be safely contained therein, if ever necessary. These cells contain a bed, a retractable table and chair, a water dispenser, and a toilet.

It falls under the duty of the Senior Brig Officer to maintain the welfare of prisoners and their jurisdiction, who in turn reports to the Chief of Security.

The current Senior Brig Officer is:

Detention Cells

Detention Cells.gif

The detention cells on board the Akira-Class vessel were used to house large numbers of prisoners at a time. They were originally designed on the USS Voyager to cope with a large number of prisoners rescued when replying to a distress call. However, they have been intergrated into the latest Akira-Class designs to cope with any situation which arises.

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