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USS Blackwell
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Akinor Onlai Zaekia
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Captain
Species Kalean
Gender Male
DOB 209409.09
Age 303
Birthplace Upper Maiev General Hospital, Maiev, Lazow
Writer ID

Captain Akinor Onlai Zaekia is currently serving as Commanding Officer aboard the (USS Blackwell, which is one of four ships assigned to Andaris Task Force, led by Fleet Captain Renos.


  • Height: 1.83m (6 foot)
  • Weight: 72.5kg (160lbs)
  • Hair: Naturally very deep purple, however Akinor has been known to recolour his hair to keep up with the latest trends.
  • Skin: Pale Blue
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Athletic
  • Distinguishing Features: No scars, birthmarks or tattoos.

Innate Abilities

  • Handedness: Right

Kaleans are a reader species whose abilities develop over the course of their lives. Akinor's abilities are fairly well developed but may develop further over the course of his life. Kaelans do not exceed the telepathic abilities of a typical Vulcan (T5) and empathically the abilities of a Deltan (E4) at most.

  • Telepathy: Emerging T3. Among his own species, he can communicate telepathically with no contact required. Among some other two-lobed species he can communicate telepathically through touch.
  • Empathy: Emerging E4. He can read member of his own species without touch, members of most other two-lobed readable species with touch and some without the need for touch.



Talendril Ilona Zaekia

Talendril followed in the footsteps of generations of her ancestors by joining the Zaekia order as a dentist. Healthy living always had a particular importance to her family so she was keen to pass along these values to her children and encourage active lifestyles. One of her greatest achievements was seeing her son follow in her footsteps to become a qualified doctor and join the Zaekia order.

Talendril has a relaxed, adventurous spirit and enjoying trying new things. She particularly enjoys winter sports such as skiing and snowshoeing.


Peiyone Alayah Sindarai

Alayah is a fun loving musician trained to play multiple instruments with a particular fondness of string instruments and third generation member of the Sindarai Order. He met his wife Talendril through a shared interest in skiing.


Raela Ilona Sindarai
Twin Sister

Born just a few minutes behind Akinor, the identical twins were always close. Although she didn't have the words for it at the time she was the first to identify and support her twin's desire to transition. Her continued support has brought them as close as twins can be and they always make time for each other, no matter the distance, no matter what else they have going on in their lives.

Raela is a typical girly girl who loves floral and fruity fragrances and enjoyed expressing herself creatively so much she grew into a budding dancer. She joined the Sindarai Order, following in the footsteps of her dad and now dances with a popular dance troupe providing backup dancing for Kalean pop groups and solo artists.


Ewynder Akinor

Akinor is incredibly proud of his niece and naturally delighted his sister gave her firstborn daughter his name. Although he is unable to return home often to see them, he makes a point of talking with them via subspace transmission.

Her third name will be chosen by her during the Deudodosia (a coming of age ceremony) in years to come when she matures into an adult and decides which order to join. Showing promise in the sciences as well as a healthy interest and aptitude in art no one is sure what she will grow up to become but all are agreed they will be proud as long as she follows her heart.


Superior Officer

Renos is commanding officer of Andaris Task Force and his direct superior. Ne selected him for the position of Commanding Officer of the USS Blackwell after a gruelling interview. Having not had a chance to spend much time working with nem yet, his first impressions are of a stern, detail-oriented superior with high standards.


  • Parrises Squares
  • Holodeck Adventures
  • Running
  • History
  • Photography & holography

Service History

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SIM Archive

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