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Excaliber Mission Log Redux

=Missions in 2398 under the command of Fleet Captain [[Kalianna Nicholotti]]=
|NAME=mission name
|STARDATE=dates in stardates
|IMAGE=mission image
|BLURB=what's happening

Excalibur Current Mission Format

== Teaser ==
DVD cover description

== Plot Summary ==

What's taking place?

== MSPNPCs ==

=== A Person ===

Name:  their name

Species:  their species

Sex:  their sex

DOB (Age):  when they were born

Height:  how tall are they?

Weight:  how much do they weigh?

Hair:  what color is their hair?

Eyes:  what color are their eyes?

Rank:  do they even have a rank?

Spouse:  marital status, to make sure Talos behaves

Children:  just names, not details...

Overview:  history or misc. who are they's

== What we've learned ==
: ''Note:  Information in this section has been stated IC.''
* Things we know IC.

== Just for your knowledge ==
: ''Note:  Information in this section may not necessarily be commonly known IC.''
* Things we know OOC.


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