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Satya Ailyn comes from a very long line of Betazoid royal ancestory, dating back for generations. As the eldest daughter to her father and deceased mother, Satya is the keeper of the Second House of Betazed and is titled the Mistress of Mysticism.


  • Full Name: Satya Ailyn
  • Birthdate: 235411.17
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Place of Birth: 2nd House of Betazed
  • Hair: Long, brownish-blonde
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 5'3
  • Weight: 115 pounds



Naxanna Ailyn, mother of the Second House for her generation. Naxanna married Tristin at the tender age of 17 Terran years and blessed her family with two daughters. She died during labor with her second child, Aires. Naxanna was a brilliant painter and botonist.


Tristin Dev-Ailyn is a shrewd business man who specializes in economics and trade. No matter how abrupt he might come across, he loves his daughters dearly and wishes nothing but the best for them. After his wife, Naxanna, died, Tristin went into a spiral of depression that only intensified his work.

Coming across as a ladies man, it took Tristin years to get over the death of Naxanna. Since and recently, he has made himself known as a playboy.

He arranged the compatibility of marriage for Satya, his eldest, when she was at an early age with Sumein's mother, Raina. Believing that the joining will be in the best interest of both houses, Tristin is behind the arrangement one hundred percent. He considers it a business arrangement that will benefit not only his house, but Sumein's as well.


Aires Ailyn is Satya's only sister. Being the youngest of the two, Aires hasn't had the upbringing that their father has poured onto Satya. Never knowing her mother, Aires had made it known of her insecurities and constant want of approval.

She's been known more as a free spirit and a wild child.

Being of blonde hair, Aires has followed her own path of spirituality and has found the temples of Karawati. Being a priestess of her faith, Aires decided to not pursue any further studies.

Significant Other

Sumein Devar-Ailyn is Satya's genetic bondmate and husband. Arranged at a very young age to marry him, Satya does find herself deeply attracted and connected to him. Sumein is also Alana Devar's cousin.

Brief History

Satya's presence is one with much grace and gentleness. Her youthful face gives a personification of freshness, yet her voice and heart speak with wisdom beyond her years. Most believe her communication to be passive, but, to the contrary, she is very determined and holds her ground.