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Compartment 1 is a fairly standard singles Crew Quarter aboard the USS Doyle-A. It consists of a bedroom, a living/dining area and a small bathroom. It is assigned to Aigle Phos.

Note: Due to the limits of 21st century floor planning technology, placeholders are used in the stead of 24th century objects.

Main Room

Aigle, shockingly, is rather fond of her Main Room. It functions as both her Living Room, her Dining Room, and her Office. Her favorite part, is the fact that she has access to a very small window. There are, like most room, two doors leading into the room. To the left of the left door is a small, and rather crowded, shoe rack. Aigle also has several plants across the room, mostly Cacti and other resilient plants due to her habit of forgetting to water them.

Living Room

The living room aspect of the Main room, is mostly placed between the two doors. It consists of a large bookcase against the wall, with a mat in front of it upon which a glass coffee table and a sofa can be found. Right at the end is the windows, which Aigle has placed a small-ish telescope against so that she can do some more primitive observation whenever she likes.

The coffee table is rather coated with stuff. In the centre is a small arrangement of candles, in a tray to prevent the wax from setting fire to any of the numerous papers (some of which are actually paper), books and other sundry items.

The bookcase itself is also filled with spare PADDs and replicated literature (Mostly in standard and from across the Federation, although some of her old Laudean books and a copy of her Doctoral Thesis can also be found in there if you look hard enough). Physical reproductions of some data she is currently working on also tend to end up in there.

Dining Room

Like most Starfleet Quarters, Aigle lacks facilities to do any real cooking. She does however, have a small hot-plate underneath her replicator station which she enjoys using to make tea and coffee from real materials instead of replicated stock. She also has a sizeable dining table, despite the rooms status as a single room, which Aigle is unlikely to complain about... It will make entertaining slightly easier, should she wish.

Office Area

This area is pressed right against the wall to her bedroom. The bulk of the actual 'office' part, was a small desk in the the corner with a standard issue Desktop Viewer on top of it. Surprisingly, this area is actually devoid of clutter...

A short way down from this is a white throw cloth, with one end pinned mid-way up the wall, with her trusty easel set on top of it, along with a few semi-finished or drying paintings leaning against the wall.

The Walls

As you might expect for a person with an interest in art, Aigle's wall's are covered in both replicated versions of her favorite works as well as some of her own on a separate wall. Also, framed copies of her qualifications can be found hung next to her window, two on each side.


As cluttered as Aigle's main room is, it is nothing compared to the state of her bedroom. If you can see it through the piles of clothing she left scattered around the room, Aigle has a rather nice plush rug near by the door, extending to the side of her bed against the right wall. By the side of her bed is a night-stand and in front of it a reasonably-sized wardrobe, filled with a few spare uniforms and her casual clothing.


Aigle's night-stand is a fairly basic affair, coming just up to the hight of her bed (so that she can reach things on top of it easily from the bed) and possessing a few draws, which she keeps make-up and other such sundries, and in the top a induction charger for her personal PADD. On the top of the stand she usually also keeps a glass of water, in case she needs it in the middle of the night.

The Walls

Unlike her main room, Aigle's bedroom is far more devoid of art. In fact, she has only one piece in her room - her favorite Salvador Dalí's The Persistence of Memory hung above her bed.


A standard washroom equipped with a sink, sonic shower and toilet.

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