Aguinaldo, Emilio

Currently assigned to the USS Challenger



  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight:150 lbs
  • Gender: Male (Gay)
  • Species: Human
  • Date of Birth: 236210.08
  • Place of Birth: Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines, Earth
  • Mother: Clara Magdanghal (Civilian Nurse – Starfleet Academy)
  • Father: Francisco Aguinaldo (LtCmdr,COS,KIA – USS Grissom)
  • Brothers:Eduardo & Manolet
  • Sisters:Nena & Rosalinda
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
Aguinaldo, Emilio
Character Type Secondary Character
Biographical Information
Homeworld Human
Born 236210.08
Died n.a.
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male (Gay)
Height 5'8"
Weight 150 lbs
Build Athletic Built
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Browm
Political Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets
Job Description Starfleet Officer
Rank Lieutenant jg
Group USS Challenger

Personal History

Born in the Philippines, he was named after his ancestor Emilio Aguinaldo, the first President of the Philippines. He has two brothers and two sisters, all older than him. He was nicknamed Lio. Since Emilio is the youngest in the family, he was never a spoiled brat. He is actually very quiet and reserve. His parents still follow most of the Filipino traditions. At the age of 9, Emilio’s mother took a nursing job at Starfleet Academy and they moved to San Francisco, CA, N. America, Earth, while, his father was station aboard USS Grissom (24th century).

At the age of 12, Emilio felt different and he began to show affections with a boy from his school. At first, he thought it was just a phase, but then his emotion towards same-sex became stronger. He never understood it, not after he attended Social Studies.

Although, homosexuality is widely accepted, but he was afraid to tell his family and kept his homosexuality to himself. While hiding his sexuality from his family, Emilio began dating a boy his age, but his family soon found out when his older sister, Nena, saw him and his boyfriend kissing. Nena convinced him to tell his parents about his sexuality, but he was too afraid. Eventually, he told his family and his mother told him that she knew and was only waiting for Emilio to tell her.

On stardate 237510.19, Emilio’s birthday, the Grissom was destroyed at the Battle of Ricktor Prime, with a loss of all but six of wartime crew of 1,250. His father is one of the losses. It was a big blow to his family losing his father.

Emilio was sponsored by the Chief Medical Officer of the Starfleet Academy and was accepted on Stardate 238006.05.

While in the academy, Emilio showed amazing proficiency in his classes and was assigned to the USS Constitution-B for his Cadet Course Training. After serving to USS Constitution-B, he was to report to Starbase 118 for his final training.

Upon passing his final training, Emilio was assigned aboard the USS Challenger, Akira-Class, as a Science Officer.

On Stardate 238503.08, he was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade and appointed by Captain T'Pen as the head of the Science department.


  • George Archer (Human)
    • Emilio dated George, a descendant of the first Warp 5 ship, Captain Jonathan Archer, while he was in high school. The two parted after Emilio decided to join the Starfleet. As for George, he went to San Francisco State University to study.
  • Illio (Deltan Male)
    • Emilio dated Ellio for 3 years while in the Academy. They were roommate and both pursuing Linguistics & Cryptography. Two broke up after Emilio learned Ellio was cheating on him with another Starfleet Cadet.

Professional History

  • 237608.16: Attended High School in Lowell High School
  • 238006.05: Enrolled and accepted to Starfleet Academy to study linguistics and cryptography
  • 2380 – 2381: Cadet 1st Year General Studies
  • 2381 – 2382: Cadet 2nd Year General Studies
  • 2382 – 2383: Cadet 3rd Year Major in Linguistic/Cryptography and Minor in Xenology/Sociology w/ Gender Studies
  • 2383 – 2384: Cadet 4th Year Major in Linguistic/Cryptography and Minor in Xenology/Sociology w/ Gender Studies
  • 238406 – 238411: Cadet 5th Year Linguistic/Crypography Specialist Cadet Cruise USS Constitution-B
  • 238411.10 - Graduated to Starfleet Academy and Promoted to Ensign
  • 238411.10 - 238503.08 - Assigned to USS Challenger as a Cryptolinguists, Science Officer
  • 238503.08 - Promoted to Lieutenant(jg) and was assigned as the Chief Science Officer.


  • 238501.08 TOSMA I

Character Data

Rank Upgrades

  • Ensign: 238411.10
  • Lieutenant JG: 238503.08
  • Lieutenant:
  • Lt. Commander:
  • Commander:
  • Captain:
  • Fleet Captain:
  • Commodore:
  • Rear Admiral:
  • Vice Admiral:
  • Admiral:
  • Fleet Admiral: