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Agragon Military

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The Agragon Military is the fighting might of a large fleet doctrine medium size ships and fighters of the Agragon people.

Common Tactics of the Agragon

Bull and Horns Tactic

Resembling the tactics of the Zulu, the Agragon raiding parties often have a Battleship style vessel as command and control equipped with a ‘Tarkesh’, a device that emits a bubble collapsing all subspace tunnels (excluding Jump and Slipstream) within a 125 million km radius. This vessel and a few support ships Jump in after the first wave, attacking the planet and it’s orbitals. Between the two, they effectively stop all traffic and prevent any escape (unless they have an ansible or similar device) or warning.

For major targets, there is usually a third group that hangs back and Jumps in half way through as reinforcements. Raids at that level are rare as Agragon Raiding Command often is overtasked and hitting multiple targets at once.

Rank Structure

  • Lord Marshal - Highest Rank in the Agragon Military.
  • High Marshal - Starfleet Admiral
  • Marshal - Starfleet Captain
  • Commander - Starfleet Commander
  • Altern - Starfleet Lieutenant.
  • Acolyte - Starfleet Ensign

All those in enlisted are called soldiers and they receive a battle tab and a pay raise for each year of service. Seniority and authority is based upon time in service.