Aeryck Arayuss/Personal history

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All the hybrids were designed to have enhanced psionic abilities in persuasion, interrogation, telepathy, memory regression and replacement. Trained in advanced tactics and infiltration, and termination. Extensive usage of psionics was for purposes of interrogation, manipulation and execution. Although these abilities had not yet been achieved before the decision of the Romulan Senate was made to terminate the program. Advanced psionic interfacing with LCARS systems. Extensive training in weapons, engineering, along with helm/navigation. Superior strength, agility and healing capabilities. Psionic readings are off the scale. Cause is believed to be the DNA re-sequencing done by Romulan genetic engineers. Extremely decelerated aging, also believed to be related to genetic engineering. Life-span expectancy is expected to exceed a millennia. Due to the decelerated aging, the hybrids appear relatively twelve Terran years of age, however they were created twenty Terran years ago.