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Gareb was abducted from the Aenar city in 2153, and brainwashed by Romulans.
Jhamel, sister of the abductee Ghareb, aided the allied forces against the Romulans in 2154.

Below is a timeline of events that occurred in Aenar history.


Date Event
2104 A settlement of Aenar, long since assumed to be a myth by the Andorians, is discovered beneath a dampening field in Andor’s Northern Wastes.
2153 The Aenar known as Gareb is abducted by Romulan operatives. He is brainwashed into believing that he is the last surviving Aenar, and coerced into assisting the Romulan Drone-Ship project. His telepathy is to be used to pilot the ship via telepresence.
2154 The drone-ship piloted by Gareb is the instrument used to manifest a Romulan plot to cause a war between the Tellarites and the Andorians. It also makes an attempt to cause a strain in relations between Humans and Rigellians. Jonathan Archer theorizes that the Romulans are trying to destabilise a large area of space in preparation for an invasion.
2154 Captain Jonathan Archer and Andorian Commander Shran contact the Aenar for assistance in foiling the Romulan plot. The Aenar are unwilling to help but for one zhen, Jhamel. With her assistance, and co-operation from the Vulcans, Tellarites, Andorians, and Starfleet, the Romulan drone-ship is destroyed. However Gareb is killed as a result by his Romulan captors.
2154 Orion slavers raid the Aenar settlement in the Northern Wastes. Jhamel is captured, and later rescued by the crew of Enterprise. Romulan involvement is uncovered after Commander Shran attempts to kill one of the Orions captors on Adigeon Prime. Jhamel is returned home, but one of the members of her breeding group is killed in the process. Shran accepts the request to take his place.
2156 Talla, a ¾ Aenar, ¼ Andorian is born. She retains some telepathic ability and has fully working eyesight. Her skin has a green tint. Jonathan Archer’s effort to rescue her from being kidnapped was a contributing factor in the formation of the Coalition of Planets, which later became the United Federation of Planets.
In 2154, Lissan was chosen to act as speaker for the Aenar. This position was temporary, until the visitors to the Aenar city departed.