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((Enroute to the Bridge, USS Apollo))

::The whole situation was more than she had bargained for when she stepped into the sickbay on the Alabama that day to have the block removed from the symbiont. She had been expecting a smaller scale and much easier integration period of memories over the coming weeks, but what she had been experiencing was more akin to a hurricane spurred flood. Add to that the fact that they couldn’t even make it to their area of operations, the Typhon Expanse, without getting stopped with a common freighter carrying a very uncommon load, and Cayden felt as if the flood threatened to drown her.::

::Yet somewhere inside there was a feeling that kept her hanging on. The thought told her that this would pass one day, despite her feelings of overwhelming stress and worry – not for herself necessarily, but for the crew and the people she cared for and loved that all resided on the Apollo. It was a new ship, but after the finality of Alaryc and his fate, she had a just reason to be concerned. Not many people could say that they lived through the destruction of a starship, after all…::

::Her feelings and thoughts had taken on their own path, and despite the guidance of the others in her mind, the flood seemed to affect them all. Only Alaryc’s thoughts seemed able to break through it all to touch her, and at times, pull her through. A strange relationship had formed, though Cayden couldn’t exactly see it, between the deceased Alaryc, and the living Frost. Having walked into the procedure that removed the block with her, Alaryc had known what was coming, and knowing that Cayden was with who she was with probably had something to do with his easy agreement with the whole thing.::

::So many strange thoughts shot through her mind now that she was alone. There were the images of the scout ship that was still resting in the cargo bay of the Canduc, as well as the shadowy images of the ship from Alaryc’s memories. She wondered about his life for a while, wondering about his days off. It all apparently brought to the surface something new, and as she moved automatically into the turbolift, her daydreams took over.::

((Flashback, 30 Years Ago – Docking Umbilical, USS Valor))

::In a newly replicated uniform with all four pips on its collar, Alaryc Adyr stepped from the Starbase onto the ship that Starfleet had assigned to him. It would be the first ship he would take out brand new; today was set to be the day he would begin their shakedown cruise, working out the problems the new piece of engineering marvel had before they were to head out to their assignment. None of that worried him though. He almost felt at home as he turned right and glanced to his side to see Cory already taking things in.::

Reese: So. New ship.

::He gestured to the hallway in front of them.::

Reese: New bulkheads.

::Turning his head, he glanced down an intersecting hallway.::

Reese: New doors.

::He laughed a bit at this one and Alaryc nodded slightly not seeing quite where his new Chief Tactical Officer was going with it all.::

Adyr (Alaryc): Yep. Brand new right out of Utopia Planetia. ::He grinned.:: Even has that new ship smell.

::The last part was only half sarcastic; the ship really did have a particular scent about it that was seemingly only found on newer ships. With Cory next to him, the two officers stepped into a turbolift that would take them to the bridge.::

Reese: Mmmmhmm. New turbolifts.

::He smiled and glanced at Alaryc now.::

Reese: Ric, if the bridge don’t look any different, I’m going to have to wonder if this is really a new ship or not.

::vBoth men laughed. Sure there were subtle differences, but there were plenty of similarities too. Perhaps that was what the man was picking up on, or perhaps it was more metaphysical. Perhaps it was more like a long way of saying ‘the more things changed, the more they stayed the same’. Whatever he was saying, Alaryc was thankful his reassignment had been granted.::

::It only took a moment for the lift to make it to the bridge, and when the doors opened, Cory was anything but disappointed. The hardware on the bridge was new and bleeding edge, causing the officer to whistle slightly. With a knowing smile, Alaryc led the way from the lift.::

((End Flashback))

::Cayden stepped from the lift and glanced around the bridge for a moment. It was markedly different than the one in her memories – that of the Valor – but it felt very similar. New and advanced, the Apollo had more in common with the older ship that had since been destroyed than anyone might have known.::

::With a quick glance towards the command chair, Cayden realized that Liam had returned to the Apollo. A wave of relief seemed to wash over her and she couldn’t help but smile in his direction as she walked towards the ready room. It was good to know that he had come back and was no longer in that room with the loud and somewhat angry mob or the Borg ship. At least there was that, in the grand scheme of everything.::

::Her short, yet somewhat slow trek across the bridge brought her closer to the door of the Ready Room. Turning her head towards her goal, she contemplated just walking in again, but she decided to reserve that for those moments when it mattered. This time, she reached up and rang the chime.::



Lieutenant Cayden Adyr
Mission Specialist/Command Advisor
USS Apollo

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