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Addyson Ellen Martin, or Addie as she is more popularly known, is a 10-year-old Terran child whose parents, Baxter and Sophie Martin, became casualties of the dreaded Morrin virus infection.

Dr Raj Blueheart was the couple's longtime friend who blames himself for not picking up the Morrin virus central nervous system infection in the couple until it was too late. The couple contracted the disease while surveying a desolate outpost on the fringes of Federation space. Addie also contracted the disease, but since Raj was able to diagnose the infection in time, her life was saved despite rendering her comatose for years. Nevertheless, the scars of the infection in her pituitary-amygdala region has mysteriously heightened her sense of awareness, turning her into an empath ( and possible telepath as she grows older).

She has decreed herself as friend and guardian to Hannibal and Hudson, the Discovery-B's wolf and bald eagle mascots, respectively.