Adam Rothfeld (mirror)

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This article pertains to a subject of the Mirror universe.Mirror-universe.jpg


  • Name: Adam Rothfeld
  • Position: Ensign, Engineering Officer, USS Eagle. Former Member of the Terran Rebellion/Resistance. Title unclear. Previously Second in Command of the Evangeline.
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human, Caucasian
  • Birthdate/Place: 235402.11/Unknown


  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 163 lbs.
  • Hair: Sandy Blonde
  • Eyes: Slate Blue
  • Build: Lean, lanky, athletic
  • Scars/Tattoos: Various battle scars, unknown tattoos


Brief Biography

Terran Resistance fighter of the Mirror Universe and once declared "deceased" husband of Arista Devar by Starfleet Intel.

It was stated that the romance between he and Arista was forbidden and, once discovered by her Overseer, proved disastrous. He posed as a genetically enhanced Klingon-Terran hybrid to win the trust and approval of the Overseer of the mining facility that Arista would later become trapped in. It had taken him a better part of a decade to create this relationship, manipulating the Alliance from the inside out. He only got caught after his affair with Arista resulted in her giving birth to a half Terran child. The matter of how this conception could have been concealed, and why Adam never attempted to extract his pregnant wife from Alliance clutches, is yet to be explained.

After his deception was revealed, the Overseer put a mark on his head. His older brother would come to his rescue with the Evangeline, but left Arista and Jasmine behind when the battle became too intense. Adam would later part ways with his brother's ship to go back for his wife and child.

He saved his wife imprisonment of the Mirror Alliance in late 2378 and stayed behind to search and rescue their newborn daughter. His search and rescue resulted in separation from his brother, Trevor, his loss of his daughter to Alana Lor Gulok, and his own capture by Alana to Betazed. The details of his imprisonment is yet to be revealed.

On 238509.29, he was extracted from Betazed by the wife he had been separated from for nearly seven years, though his condition was very dire. He was found near death, frail, pale, malnourished, and severly dehydrated. Since being brought to the Eagle, he has made a significant recovery and is now an Ensign and Engineering Officer.

On 2386, he passed away during an away mission on the USS Eagle.

It is unknown if a mirror exists of him in this timeline.

Other Information

SIMmed by Arista Devar/Daydan Taboo

Details to be supplied as revealed by sim.