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Counselors act as general overseers of the crew's mental well-being. They give advice and guidance for personal problems that crewmembers may have. If necessary, they can provide psychiatric and psychological treatment and care. Counselors can also refer clients to other medical personnel for more conventional treatments. They work closely with the Chief Medical Officer.

Counselors also work frequently with the command staff of a starship or installation in other roles beyond personal counseling. Counselors perform crew evaluations and offer career guidance for other Starfleet officers. They are often called on to act as mediators during negotiations and serve as diplomatic officers during contact with other species.

Counselors may have several more Language, Psychology, and Xenology skills than the requirements below.

Counseling Major

To major in Counseling, a cadet must have the following 22 credits:

  • Administration: Starfleet Starships
  • Administration: Starfleet Bases and Outposts
  • Diplomacy: Hostile Species
  • Diplomacy: Non-Traditional Situations
  • Engineering: Medical Systems and Equipment
  • Language: Major Species
    • Level 200, being of the same language as chosen Core Requirement course.
  • Psychology Department
    • At least 10 courses.
  • Xenobiology: Neuroscience
  • Xenobiology: General Physiology
  • Xenobiology: Physiology, Major Species
  • Xenobiology: Physiology, Minor Species
  • Xenology: Major Species
  • Xenology: Minor Species

Psychology Minor

A minor in counseling is not offered, but non-counseling majors who take at least 6 psychology courses can earn a minor in psychology.

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