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This article pertains to a subject of the Mirror universe.Mirror-universe.jpg

Abigail Johnson (Mirror Universe), a Terran, is the mirror sister of Johnson, Nick aboard the USS Eagle.


  • Full Name: Abigail Johnson
  • Current Rank: None
  • Race: Terran
  • Birthdate: 236004.18
  • Place of Birth: Tallas IV (Tallas System)
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: None


  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: Undisclosed
  • Hair Color: Raven
  • Hair Style: Long and straight (midway down her back)
  • Eye Color: Ice Blue


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Johnson, Robert (DECEASED) - Victim of Tallas colony massacre
    • Mother: Johnson, Joanne (DECEASED) - Victim of Tallas colony massacre
  • Siblings: Johnson, Nicolai (MISSING) - Responsible for the Tallas colony massacre

Professional History

Medical History

None Known


None Known

Duty History

None Known

Personal History

Born to the Johnson family (Stardate 236004.18) on route to Tallas IV. Her family was forcebly relocated, by the Alliance, to Tallas IV and Abigail was born on the transport shuttle during the journey from Earth to Tallas IV.

Her family quickly settled in Port Juniper on Tallas IV and established an important prescence within the newly formed colony. It was sufficiently off the normal trade routes for the Alliance not to take major interest in the colonies actions although an Alliance monitoring station was established.

Abigail and her brother maintained a strong connection to each other with Nicolai being protective of his sister.

On stardate 236606.12 the Alliance monitoring station was destroyed in, what was later discovered, an accidental reactor overload. The Alliance arrived to investigate the distruction of the station and arrested, at random, colony members. Abigail's brother, Nicolai Johnson, was one of those arrested.

Her brother was not returned to her family for 2 months at which point he demonstrated uncharacteristic psychotic tendencies including extreme violence and hatred for everyone around him. No details of his experiences have been uncovered and on stardate 237707.02 he left without warning.

On stardate 237911.15, at the age of 19, Abigail accompanied Craig McKeef, a close family friend, on a journey to the Tallas IV trading station. Whilst aboard an unknown vessel entered orbit and released an unknown compound into the atmosphere. The compound was later identified as TriPyrion Neuro Toxin. Abigail watched as her family and all the inhabitants of Tallas IV died an angonising death at the hands of her brother Nicolai who, aboard the unknown vessel and for reasons unknown, had deployed the toxin.

Abigail sought refuge with Craig McKeef, who was later revealed to be a bounty hunter, at the station. Craig McKeef instructed Abigail in his trade until his death on stardate 238209.12. Abigail, now at the age of 23, subsequently stole an Icarus class fighter the station used for defence. She began the search for her brother to enact her revenge for his actions. During her search she obtained various technologies to aid in her search.

Her preferred weapons are a laser etched Samurai sword given to her as a gift from Craig McKeef and a pulse phaser rifle equipped with both a retractable stock and long range rifle scope.