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Aagan Eislas

Aagan Eislas is a Betazoid political activist and member of the Twentieth House of Betazed. Though not born into the Polgonz family, Eislas is currently third in line to become head of the noble house. As with many of those within the Twentieth House, Eislas is never in one place for very long, constantly touring the new colonies and settlements founded along the Federation's borders.



In praesens, in posterum

Eislas was present on a Camarian observatory in 2388, engaging in political discussion with a handful of Camarians and Cardassians just prior to the Prominence of Peace event, but left prematurely before the Camarian sun went supernova.

In early 2395, Eislas begins to put public pressure on Federation Immigration to look into the processes surrounding children born of both Federation and non-Federation citizens when the Brekkian government refuse to allow a seven year old child to leave the Delos system despite her relatives being Federation citizens, with the Federation refusing to take action against such decisions. Tabloids would later claim the specific child he is advocating for is actually his own illegitimate daughter, though Eislas has made no comment regarding this particular.

While touring Donova IV, Eislas was approached regarding concerns of Starfleet inaction when a Starfleet Ranger is reported missing nearby Havley's Hope. He alleviates concerns by pointing out that Starfleet's duty is not to manage civilian colonies nor to provide ongoing resources, and that colonies "that branch away from home must be prepared for a certain lack of support".