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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Gorkon)

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

  • Stardate 239311.1 to 239312.25

Contacted by the Tyrellian government with an urgent request for help with the Orion Syndicate increasing crime in their jurisdiction. An infiltrated government, a possible smuggling operation, and an informant on the loose, the USS Gorkon crew has their work cut out for them.


Yarista, Palanon Capital City
  • Palanon, Tyrellian Sector: The lush capital world of the Tyrellians.
    • Yarista: The capital city of Palanon. Home to the High Court and administration buildings.
    • Palanon Market District: An area known for its diverse market place and traders.
    • Perlonian Swamp: A swamp located on Palanon, with possible ties to the Orion Syndicate.

Plot Elements

  • Suspected smuggling operation: by the Orion Syndicate, to smuggle something onto the planet.
  • Infiltration into the Government: The Tyrellian government has been infiltrated by the Orion Syndicate at every level.
  • Securing the witness: An informant that needs to be found and protected.
  • Bomb in the Courthouse: An explosive device waiting for the Senators to leave court.

Notable Characters

  • Jhaeina Raisaris: Chief Prosecutor of Palanon
  • Siran Pilaris: Informant and witness to the Orion Syndicate activities
  • Leelou: "Slave" to the Orion Syndicate

Mission Summary

Recently assigned to the Tyrellian Sector, the USS Gorkon crew respond to an urgent request for help from the Tyrellian government to remove the influence and infiltration of the Orion Syndicate from their administration.

As the teams split apart on the USS Gorkon, the situation looked bleak.

Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds, accompanied by a small team of Officers, attended the Chief Prosecutor Raisaris in her office at the High Court. Their main objective was to secure Raisaris and provide protection. After a "bomb" was thrown through the window, they transported Raisaris back to their starship for her own safety until the court proceedings could begin.

Elsewhere, Commander Alucard Vess and team began their search for the local merchant, Siran Pilaris, who had gone to ground amid threats to his life. Required to participate in the upcoming inquiry, Pilaris needed to be found. While Vess's efforts of searching PIlaris' home provided little information, Commander Blair and Ensign O'Malley secured information that led them to an illegal gambling den.

Following a tipoff regarding the informant, Commander Vess led his team to the market districts of Palanon, locating the key witness inside the illegal gambling den. With a heavy bounty on his head, the team were forced to grab Pilaris and run when the Syndicate invaded the den, armed with heavy weaponry, and unleashed the arsenal upon the site, in an attempt to eliminate the witness once and for all. Retreating further into the district, the team and their ward resorted to disguising themselves until they could be evacuated back to the Gorkon.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Sevo's team investigated warehouses in the Palanon districts, seeking out any information regarding the suspected Orion Syndicate smuggling ring. They found crates of smuggled cargo, most currency, and managed to recover a sizable amount of it after a scuffle with armed assailants.

As the court inquiry began, the High Court was sealed, trapping all the occupants inside. Due to the deployment of an unauthorised forcefield, sensors and transporters proved ineffective. Inside, lockdown procedures were in effect, and a large bomb — enough to level the courthouse — was discovered by a Starfleet team in the East Wing.

It transpired that the situation was an elaborate escape attempt by the Orion Syndicate, on behalf of the senators on trial for corruption. As they tried to make their exit, they were discovered by Chief Prosecutor Jhaeina Raisaris and a Starfleet team led by Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds. During these events, the Chief Prosecutor turned her phaser on Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds, demanding that the bomb be activated so that the senators and herself would be killed, ensuring that they would not escape justice and that the full extent of Syndicate corruption would not be made public. In the struggle, the Fleet Captain ordered the device to be transported off the planet by the USS Gorkon, advising Raisaris that detonating the device and martyring themselves would not solve their problem. She offered her assistance in discussing what they could do going forward.

As the situation inside the High Court escalated, a team were deployed to the Perlonian Swamp to investigate a lead in suspected currency fraud, with possible ties to the Orion Syndicate and might have held an explanation as to their involvement on the planet. Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo's team managed to get down to the swamp and investigate, narrowly avoiding serious injury in an ensuing explosion that ripped apart the building. It was determined by Lieutenant JG Hallbjorn Baldursson to be a booby-trap that would have detonated the minute they entered.

Investigating the surrounding area, the team found a survivor of the blast, clad in not much clothing whatsoever, and tried to help. However, it transpired that the "survivor" was a Syndicate mob boss, with strong links to the smuggling operation planetside, and in the ensuing chaos managed to escape.

Thanks to the brave efforts of Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo, Leelou, Orion Syndicate Mob Leader, is now on Starfleet's Most Wanted list.

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