A Visit to Miri IV (Eagle)

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Stardate Beginning 238511.20 - Captain Taboo and Lt. Commander Devar were contacted by Admiral Kiru Hodoshi, who ordered them to go to Miri IV and investigate complaints made by various Federation settlers that had founded colonies on that world. Seems they felt they were not being given proper representation by the Miri Planetary Council even though they all had a representative on the council.

At the same time the Admiral hinted that there might be more going on, on Miri IV than met the eye. She wanted them to also take a look into various accidental deaths that had been plaguing Federation investigators on the planet.

Seeing this as an excellent first command chance Captain Taboo ordered Lt. Commander Devar to hand select a small away team to go to Miri IV and start the investigation into the matter since the Captain had more pressing matters that had to be dealt with at Starbase 118 first.

Lt. Commander Devar enlisted the help of the new 2nd officer Lt. Commander Tel-ar in selecting this team. They picked Lt. Commander Xoet, Lt. jg. Scott and Ensign Cam Michaels. They used the Captain's Aeroshuttle, designated the Harrier to fly to Miri IV where they then landed in the center of the city of Cru'ela. This is the location of the Planetary Council buildings.

Once on the surface they were introduced to most of the representatives serving on the Planetary Council. The meetings to discuss the complaints were long, loud and did not result in any resolution to the problems. While Lt. Commander Devar, Lt. Commander Xoet and Lt. jg Scott were involved with these talks Lt. Commander Tel-ar was exploring the city and learning more about the world and its people. Ensign Michaels had met and fallen for one of their guides, a Sara Delirante. She took him around and showed him all the engineering sights.

After they had been there about 4 days Ensign Michaels died in what appeared to be an accident. He fell to his death at the Cru'ela Power Generation Facility about 15 km north of the city near the village of Techville.

An investigation into his death by Lt. Commander Tel-ar and Lt. jg. Scott showed that while the city police lead by Inspector Matt Parner did good work they were rather quick in determining that the death was an accident. Both Tel-ar and Scott had reservations about it being accidental.

However just after the autopsy was performed by Lt. Commander Devar the away team was ordered back to the USS Eagle. They packed up their kit and left the planet.

Meanwhile the Captain and the rest of the crew did a routine patrol of the Trinity Sector and the Serellan Sector. While they were doing this Lt. jg. Birks started romanceing Petty Officer Devitt, the Captain's Yeoman. This turned out to be harder than he thought as his good friend Ensign Williams turned out to have a lot of social problems dealing with females in an acceptable manner. This had to be reported to the Captain.

Lt. jg. Elina Rose Kincade worked in engineering when she was not busy moving into Lt. Commander Tel-ar quarters. Their relationship had finally moved forward with them agreeing to go steady and becoming lovers all in the same night. The night before Tal left on the away mission.

Lt. Shade and Ensign Ku'vall spent the time in the science department working on various different projects.