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((Deep Space 17, Sickbay))

"It hurts... Ah Goddess, it hurts!"

::The woman could be heard screaming as she was helped into sickbay with a nurse on each arm. Taking vitals the whole time, the male Human nurse spoke out to Sidney as he helped Alana to a biobed while the other nurse pulled the privacy curtain.::

Tamren: Her water has already broken and the contractions are nearly five minutes apart.

::The young female Bajoran nurse added, activating the readouts of the biobed on the display screen for Sidney.::

Zara: Patient has complained of a headache right after the pains started, Doctor. I have seen no signs of swelling in the hands or face but we might want to keep a check on Toxemia or rather Pre-Eclampsia. It happens quite commonly in hybrid births.

Riley: I am well aware of the complications with a High Risk Pregnancy Nurse.  ::Sidney smiled, she never could understand why births always put everyone on edge. The miracle of life was the best part of being a doctor.:: Start the test for Pre-Eclampsia...has there been any indication of abnormal kidney function?

Zara: No doctor. Adrenal scans are negative. Blood pressure in both baby and mother are normal as well.

Riley: Good.  ::Sidney glanced down at Devar.:: I also want a Nitrazine test to determine the PH of the amniotic fluid, if there is any available. How long ago did her water break?

Zara: About fifteen minutes ago.

::Alana moaned, her hands resting on her stomach as she grinded her teeth. Who said labor was going to be an easy thing? The littlest thing affected her. Like, for instance, the light above. She demanded Nurse Tamren to subdue the light before addressing her Doctor.::

Devar: Where's Halla? He needs to be here! I can't do this, not without him here.

::Sidney reached down and took the Commander's hand in hers, she needed to calm down.::

Riley: It's ok...we'll make sure Mr. Culemerwin is here.

::Sidney nodded to Tamren and he scrambled off to request Mr. Culemerwin's presence. Screaming again, Alana slapped away Zara’s hand as she tried to administer something in a hypospray in her arm. The pain cradled in her stomach intensified as another contraction took the will over her body, causing the fingernails of her left hand to bury deep into the mattress of the bed.::

Devar: Goddess! This thing isn't coming out until his body is in here! He did this to me and he's going to see the pain it caused...

::Sweating, the Betazoid threw back her head on the pillow and breathed through the last quakes of the contraction. She didn't mean to be so hard on Sidney.::

Riley: Sir, Alana...::Sidney squeezed her hand.::...You must calm down...Kieran will come when he is ready and not before. Nurse Tamren has called for Mr. Culemerwin, he should be here shortly.

Devar: Good... good... thank you.

::Alana remembered her Vulcan prenatal exercises and started to breath in rhythm. Straying curls of dark hair encircled her face while the bulk of the mane was bound in clips.::

Riley:  ::Calmly:: If you try to prevent Kieran from coming, it can cause problems... please relax...

::Sidney smiled. It reassured Alana and she returned the smile weakly, savoring the moment until another painful contraction would strike her petite body.::

Devar: I will try...

::Easier said than done, Alana thought, as the wave of warmth riddled throughout her body. It made her olive-toned skin flush over. Tamren arrived and informed both Riley and Devar that Mr. Culemerwin had been informed of the situation. Alana's hand raised to her temple, content in knowing that he would be here by her side through this.::

Riley: See, he should be here shortly. Is there anyone else you would like present?

Devar: No... I... argh...

::The spasm of pain hit again and Sidney released the Betazoid's hand. Birth was really not a complicated process and Sidney was not worried. She enjoyed delivering babies. She watched the First Officer intently; unfortunately it appeared she was going to worry for them all. In Alana's mind, however, it was the agony that crossed. She didn't have time to worry when she felt like this.::

Riley: Nurse Tamren, consult the Fetal Monitor...I want to know the exact heartbeat and the level of the contractions.

Tamren: Aye, Sir.

::Sidney was handed a PADD with the results of the two tests she had ordered. She looked down at the results and felt a sense of relief. Everything was normal, which was excellent. Sidney placed her hands on the First Officer's belly trying to feel Kieran's position. She nodded to herself. He had a good facial presentation perfect for birth; Sidney had been worried Kieran would be breech. It all appeared to be falling into place but Devar was still beside herself.::

Riley: I have wonderful news Commander, everything appears to be normal. All the tests and everything points to a normal birth.

::Alana breathed, smiling still weakly but relieved of the news. Somewhere deep in her mind, the brunette thought of her first miscarriage and worried that it might inflict problems with this child.::

Devar: Ah, goddess... good...

Riley: You are dilated to 6 cm and your contractions are still five minutes apart. You still have four cm to go...It shouldn't take too long now...

::And it didn't. There was much pain, screaming and sweat in that room. However, only an hour passed before the small child was cradled neatly in the tired Betazoid's arms. Pushing back the blanket wrapped around his small, frail form, Alana got a good look at him and smiled... and instantly the doubts she felt before bled away, becoming a distant memory. Keiran's eyes were a dark blue, his head full of pale blonde hair, similar to her mother's, Arianna. Looking over to Halla, who was sitting beside the bed, Alana said weakly as she took in the look on his face. They were really parents now. She told herself she was a mother but the concept still seemed foreign to her.::

Devar: Did you want to hold him?

::He hesitated before replying, leaning in carefully.::

Halla: Yes, of course.

::Handing Keiran gently over to his dad, Alana smiled and breathed in deeply. With the movement of the blankets she could clearly see the distinct Trill spots on the sides of her son's face. Sidney stepped in from the side and Devar looked over to her, still smiling proudly.::

Devar: Thank you doctor... for everything.

Riley: No problem...That's what I'm here for.

Devar: You washed away my fears during this labor. You gave me immense courage and without you I wouldn't have been able to do this. Your strength helped me and I'll be forever grateful for that.

Riley: Thank you Sir, but you are stronger than you know.  ::Sidney smiled.::