A Cadet's Promise (Challenger)

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The most devious of all plots are those that are begun in the darkness. Major deMarc is recalled to earth to teach a class of Small Unit tactics at Starfleet Academy. Prior to leaving, however, he was greeted by Captain T'Pen with a request, retrieve the body of her son, killed on Earth. Over the course of days, a plot begins to materialize, the ship's old foes, the Scarlet Brotherhood taking form.

In a series of very well orchestrated attacks, the Challenger is attacked from all sides while en route to the Badlands. With the shields, primary armnaments and launch facilities taken out of action, the ship is assailed by a group of Brotherhood members, some of which bring a new meaning of terror to the crew. In the action, the Captain is arrested for treason, and is taken into custody. Unfortunately, for the terrorsts, she is presumed dead, and will come back to the fore front.

In a near devastating attack by fighters and landing crews, the ship is once again in the thick of battle. The group of Cadets have taken control of key areas, sabotaging the ship and it's vital systems. With the loss of these systems, the ship is also infected by a deadly disease which could mean it's destruction with all hands aboard. With a startling revelation, the USS Rio Grande arrives with deMarc's students, and over a period of hours, the ship is retaken. However, with the crew exposed to Omas virus, they may be too late to do anything.

The quick thinking of the crewmen turns the Rio Grande's danger against themselves, rendering their mission useless. With the ship under control again, and the virus eradicated by the Ship's medical staff, the ship's staff is shocked by the naming of SF Intelligence agent, Commander Domas. The captain, in an unsurprising move, has vouched for the new cadet, recommending that, even with her treachary, that she be restored to her duties, and assigned to the CHALLENGER hence forth for all cadet cruises.

The Captain is charged with treason as well as incompetance in the face of the enemy, and remanded to Earth for trial. She is, of course, exhonerated by the tribunal, earning an eternal enemy in Commander Domas. Lieutenant Turner is honored to present a paper on the findings of the Omas virus, earning her accolades, and stirring an old throb. Returning to the Challenger, we find that the Captain is, indeed pregnant. The Captain and Major deMarc arive on Bajor to bury her son, and deMarc asks the Captain to marry him, which she says yes as long as he will love their child as much as her. Once back aboard the Challenger, there is a celebration for the three crewmembers promoted. New Ensigns Tribuzio and Levin are promoted to Lt(jg) and Lieutenant Netal gaining the rights and privilidges of Lieutenant Commander.

Unfortunately, the shore leave is cut short by the newest mission, one which begins, as the previous, in the darkness of space. What will this one bring to the crew, and those they are sworn to defend.