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Naturally occurring. Causes duonetic fields, resulting in equipment failures.

  • DS9: Paradise - Acetin deposits in the swamp beds near Alixus' community prevented equipment from operating.


Naturally occurring. In real life, a neurotransmitter produced by the brain.

  • DS9: Melora - Bashir used a medication designed to increase acetylcholine absorption to increase Melora's tensile muscular strength, thus enabling her to walk.
  • Voyager: The Chute - Increased amounts of acetylcholine in Kim's nervous system caused him (and others in the prison camp) to exhibit erratic behavior.

Acid Dichloride

Artificially generated by crew. Gaseous chemical. Toxic to humans, essential to advanced humans. In real life, acid dichloride is impossible as chlorine and hydrogen combine in a 1:1 ratio, and chemicals tend to separate into the lowest possible number of atoms. Acid "di"chloride would be H2Cl2, and this would break down into HCl: hydrochloric acid or (when a gas) hydrogen chloride.

  • Voyager: Threshold - The Doctor determines that the evolved Tom Paris requires acid dichloride gas to breathe.


Naturally occurring. Radioactive compounds generally found in uranium ore. Actinides are known to interfere with Federation sensors.

  • TNG: The Mind's Eye - The crew of the Enterprise encountered these in the Ilkalian asteroid belt. The actinides made it difficult to locate the Kriosian rebels.

Amniotic Fluid

Naturally occurring. In real life, protects embryos from disease while in the womb.

  • TNG: Genesis - Cured the outbreak of Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome.


Artificially generated by crew. A general anesthetic. Fatal if present in the air.

  • DS9: The Siege - Terrorists flooded the station's conduits with concentrated anesthizine gas to try to kill the crew.
  • TNG: Rascals - Ro suggests using anesthizine gas to knock out the Ferengi. Unfortunately, Picard points out that it's not possible since computer control has been locked out.
  • TNG: The Hunted - Picard orders that the cargo decks be flooded with anesthizine gas in order to try to knock out the fugitive Roga Danar.


Artificially generated by crew. Cancels out chroniton particles.

  • Voyager: Before and After - When Kes was irradiated with chroniton particles from the Krenim and later subjected to a biotemporal field, she began to shift backwards in time. This was cured by the use of an antichroniton field.


Artificially generated by aliens. Apparently can act as "antigravity." In real life, a graviton (which is still a theoretical particle whose existence hasn't been proven) is its own antiparticle. That is, an antigraviton would actually be a normal graviton.

  • TNG: Attached - Was used by aliens to deflect a transporter beam to a new set of co-ordinates.

Antilepton Interference

Artificially generated by aliens. Prevents communications.

  • DS9: Emissary - Gul Jassad's fleet flooded subspace with antilepton interference.


Artificially generated by crew; naturally occurring in real life. Matter whose electrical charge properties are the opposite of "normal matter." It is not well understood why the universe is made overwhelmingly of matter yet most reactions which produce particles produce matter and anti-matter equally. The imbalance could have started as a minor percentage in the early moments of the big bang, with resulting annihilation keeping the excess only (the rest is the photon background).

  • Used to power the warp engines on Federation (and other) vessels. It's mentioned in countless episodes in all the series.


Naturally occurring. In real life, a byproduct of beta decay.

  • Voyager: Prime Factors - After B'Elanna installed the Sikarian space "folding" mechanism, the device generated antineutrino particles as a part of the process of its normal operation. These particles proved harmful to the Federation warp core and almost caused a core breach. Fortunately B'Elanna thought quickly and phasered the device out of existence before any serious harm was done.


A real particle; the antimatter version of a neutron.

  • Movie: IV: Voyage Home - Computer prompts Spock to "adjust the sine wave in the gravity envelope so that antineutrons may pass but antigravitons cannot"


Naturally occurring. Also generated by ships; can penetrate Romulan cloaking devices. In real life, the antimatter version of a proton.

  • DS9: The Search, Part 1 and Defiant - Used by Jem'Hadar in "The Search" and by the Cardassians in "Defiant" to detect the cloaked Defiant.
  • TOS: The Doomsday Machine - Comm. Decker called the Doomsday Machine's weapon an antiproton beam - "absolutely pure!"
  • TNG: Face of the Enemy - Enterprise D used it to determine who destroyed the smuggler's ship
  • TNG: Silicon Avatar - Crystalline Entity is tracked by gamma radiation from antiproton decay.
  • Voyager: The Threshold - Used to slow down the mutation of Lt. Paris' DNA.
  • Movie: First Contact - The navigational deflector of the Enterprise-E normally stores a large number of antiprotons.


Naturally occurring. Analogous to "antimatter" but for time, not matter.

  • TNG: All Good Things - Produced as a result of the time rupture, which was caused by three dechyon beams from different timeframes intersecting.


Artificially generated by crew. Caused by the interaction between phased and normal matter. In real life, an anyon isn't a real particle, it's a theoretical construct formed by confining a normal fermion (and possibly boson) to a two-dimensional region. The exchange arguments which lead to the parity operator eigenvalues being +-1 no longer apply, and these theoretical constructs can have arbitrary quantum phase changes under exchange.

  • TNG: The Next Phase - Data hypothesized that the bursts of anyons were caused by phased matter. When Geordie and Ro set off a disruptor on overload, a huge burst of anyons were detected, leading Data to sweep the area with amnions and save Geordie and Ro.


Origin unknown. Function unknown.

  • DS9: The Nagus - Used in the construction of Ferengi Locator Bombs.


Naturally occurring, area of space near Bajor containging large amounts of plasma. Powerful plasma eruptions occur quite frequently playing havoc with sensors and warp drives and larger ships have great difficulty navigating the storms.


Naturally occurring. In real life, "heavy" particles like protons, as opposed to "light" particles (leptons) like electrons. In TNG, something else.

  • TNG: Starship Mine - Ship needed to undergo a "baryon sweep" to remove the accumulation of these particles.

Berthold Radiation

Artificially generated by aliens. Unknown -- generated by aliens

  • TNG: Deja Q - A method employed by the aliens to scan the enterprise D when the aliens were looking for Q

Berthold Rays Naturally occurring. Nature unknown. Harmful or fatal to humans.

  • TOS: This Side of Paradise - The emotion-affecting spores granted immunity to Berthold rays, allowing a colony to survive.


Artificially generated by crew. A painkiller.

  • TNG: The First Duty - Wesley Crusher is allergic to metorapan treatments, so he is treated with a bicaridine substitute instead.


Naturally occurring. A rare crystalline element which can be an incredible source of energy if hooked up to an anti-matter converter.

  • DS9: Past Prologue - Tahna Los had purchased a cylinder of bilitrium from the Duras Sisters in an effort to destroy the wormhole.

Biogenic Field

Naturally occurring. Lethal to humans.

  • Voyager: Sacred Ground - A biogenic field was present at one of the religious shrines of the Nikani.


Naturally occurring. Nature unknown.

  • TNG: The Silicon Avatar - Bitrous fibers were found on planet after crystalline entity had left. The crew theorized that bitrium was a byproduct of the consumption of biological matter.


Artificially generated by crew. Used as a power generator or converter in compact machines and devices.

  • TNG: The Quality of Life - The Exocomps are equipped with boridium power generators. Dr. Farillon attempts to destroy some of these Exocomps by overloading these generators.
  • DS9: Babel - The Aphasia-inducing device has a di-boridium core which hints at possible Cardassian manufacture, but was actually created by the Bajoran Underground during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor.

Brill Cheese

Origin unknown. Contaminated cheese with a virus.

  • Voyager: Learning Curve - A contaminated piece of cheese threatened the entire USS Voyager.


Naturally occurring. chemical, possibly an element

  • TNG: Night Terrors - combined with hydrogen released by the Enterprise by the alien ship in order to produce a massive chemical explosion to free both vessels from the Tychon rift

Carbon Neutronium

Artificially generated by aliens.

  • TNG: Relics - The shell of the Dyson sphere was composed of it. A phaser blast was ruled out as an option to get out of the sphere because it would be ineffective.


Origin unknown. When mixed with infernite, becomes explosive.

  • DS9: In the Hands of the Prophets - Used by Neela to destroy Keiko's schoolroom.

Cast Rodinium

Naturally occurring. The hardest substance known to Federation science.

  • TOS: Balance of Terror - The outer protective layers of Federation outposts along the Romulan neutral zone are composed of this material. However, even with an outpost buried miles underground, it provided insufficient defense against the Romulan energy weapon. A piece of the destroyed shield was crushed by Spock.


Origin unknown. A highly explosive compound, dangerous to transport, can be sold for a good profit on Orion.

  • DS9: Little Green Men - A cascade reaction in the chemicite caused Quark's shuttle to be flung through time.


Artificially generated by aliens and crew. Involved in time travel and in cloaking; exact nature unknown.

  • DS9: Past Tense - Used to travel back to 21st-century Earth.
  • TNG: The Next Phase - Chroniton particles from a malfunctioning cloaking device cause Geordie and Ro to be phased so they can pass through walls (not floors).
  • DS9: Visionary - Sent O'Brien back and forth in time whenever a cloaked warbird came near DS9.
  • Voyager: Before and After - When Kes was irradiated with chroniton particles from the Krenim and later subjected to a biotemporal field, she began to shift backwards in time.

Chronometric Particle

Artificially generated by aliens. Involved in time travel.

  • Movie: First Contact - The Borg used them to travel back in time. The Enterprise-E used them to travel forward in time.
  • DS9: Trials and Tribble-ations - O'Brien reads chronometric particles around the Defiant just before it is pulled back in time by the Orb.

Cobalt Diselenide

Artificially generated by crew. A chemical compound that is considered a biogenic weapon. Cobalt diselenide is harmless to most humanoids but is lethal to Cardassians.

  • DS9: For the Uniform - The Maquis, under the leadership of Mr. Eddington, contaminated Cardassian colonies in the demilitarized zone with cobalt dinitrate to force them to abandon the planets.


Artificially generated by Captain Kirk. A fictional substance which supposedly reflects weapon fire back at the attacker.

  • TOS: The Corbomite Maneuver - Kirk tells the First Federation captain that the Enterprise is equipped with corbomite, a bluff that prevents the alien from firing his weapons.
  • TOS: The Deadly Years - Kirk uses the same ploy to escape Romulans!!


Artificially generated by crew. A drug.

  • TOS: City on the Edge of Forever - McCoy accidentally injects himself with a huge dose, goes insane, and beams down to a planet where he, Kirk and Spock enter a time travel portal.


Naturally occurring. Rich deposits of this compound are found on the Kazon-Ogla Homeworld, which they use for barter with the other Kazon sects.

  • Voyager: Caretaker


Artificially generated by crew. Used in thruster packs.

  • TNG: Disaster - Geordie and Beverly had to get rid of the containers of corodum, because the plasma fire was overheating them. They opened the cargo bay doors, and released the containers into space.

Cosmic String

Naturally occurring. A string of particles with gravitational forces that are the strength of a black hole.

  • TNG: The Loss - A flurry of energy based entities surrounding the Enterprise D were headed for it, dragging the ship toward certain destruction. These creatures disabled counselor Troi's empathic powers for a time. The cosmic string was home to them.


Artificially generated by aliens. An alien equivalent of steroids.

  • TNG: The Hunted - During a checkup on Roga Danar, Beverly discovered high levels of cryptobiolin and other drugs in Danar's body.


Naturally occurring. In real life, cyanoacrylate ester is a fast-bonding glue (e.g. Crazy Glue.)

  • TNG: The Child - According to Data, Eichner radiation, which caused genetically altered spores in stasis cage to expand uncontrollably and threaten Enterprise, is released by "certain cyanoacrylates."


Naturally occurring. Occurs in nebulae/gaseous anomalies in Delta and Alpha quadrants. Highly combustible.

  • Voyager: Flashback - Collected by Voyager for use as an energy source; used by Sulu to disable Klingons.

Dark Matter

Naturally occurring. Causes phase shifts in normal matter.

  • TNG: In Theory - Opened the wall for Spot to escape, wrecked the conference room, and dematerialized part of the floor, causing the death of a crewmember who walked into the "hole."

De Broglie Waves

Naturally occurring in real life -- in modern physics, a representation of ordinary matter as waves rather than particles. In Star Trek, artificially generated by aliens; a side effect of cloaking devices.

  • TOS: Balance of Terror - In James Blish's novel adaptation, the crew tracked the Romulan Warbird by sensing these waves. (In the aired episode, Spock used "motion sensors" to track the ship.


Artificially generated by crew. In real life, dechyons are the class of particles that travel below the speed of light (i.e., the opposite of tachyons.)

  • Voyager: Parallax - Used to open a fissure in an event horizon (no, that concept doesn't make any sense to me either.)
  • TNG: Cause and Effect - The crew detected these particles as remnants of each "causality loop" and Data used them to send a message into the next loop, which allowed them to break this most vicious cycle.

Delta Rays

Naturally occurring. Type of radiation produced by older engines; exists in real life. Delta-rays refer to moderate energy electrons which have been kicked off a nucleus by the passage of a nearby high energy charged particle.

  • TOS: The Menagerie part I - Was emitted from a broken piece of an old class-J starship. Christopher pike, former captain of starship Enterprise was overexposed in that accident leaving him in a "wheelchair."
  • DS9: Visionary - O'Brien absorbed a heavy dose of delta radiation, which allowed the tetryon emissions from the Romulan warbird to shift him through time.

Dermateralean Plasticine

Artificially generated by aliens. Used in cosmetic surgery.

  • DS9: Duet - Marritza was using the plasticine to preserve his appearance as Gul Darhe'el.


Naturally occurring. Found as deposits in asteroid fields.

  • DS9: The Passenger - The Kobliad need deuridium to stabilize their cell membranes in order to survive.


Naturally occurring. Isotope of hydrogen, having twice the mass of ordinary hydrogen, also called heavy hydrogen

  • TNG: Phantasms - Used to power the warp core. Deuterium and antideuterium are combined to provide energy.


Origin unknown. A metallic substance.

  • TOS: By Any Other Name - The substance used by the Kelvin to imprison Captain Kirk and company in the cave was described by Spock as "similar to diburinium, but much denser."

Diburnium-osmium Alloy

Artificially generated by aliens. A substance highly resistant to energy and radiation.

  • TOS: That Which Survives - An artificial planet was made of this substance. The Kelandans were the race responsible.


Naturally occurring. An element that makes up part of the molecular structure of a gaseous creature, possibly allowing the creature to exist in a state on the border between matter and energy and avoid weapons fire by moving itself through time.

  • TOS: Obsession - Kirk encounters the gaseous creature while prospecting for tritanium deposits. It gives of a sickly sweet odor, which Kirk recognizes from another encounter with the creature 11 years before - an encounter that resulted in the death of then Lieutenant Kirk's commanding officer, Captain Garrovick, and a consequent load of guilt. Kirk and Garrovick's son destroy the creature with an anti-matter bomb, since it is immune to phasers and photon torpedoes.


Origin unknown. Optic material used to build lenses and mirrors.

  • TNG: A Matter of Perspective - Used to build Kreeger wave generator.


Naturally occurring. Focuses energy into highly concentrated form. Necessary for the operation of warp drives, and a vital part of a starship's power system.

  • TOS: all - Cracked, running out, etc.
  • TNG: Relics - La Forge states to an out-of-time Mr. Scott that they recomposite the dilithium inside the reaction chamber. Only after Mr. Scott erroneously states that dilithium crystals are going to fracture.

Displacement Wave

Artificially generated by aliens. Moves objects at high warp speed.

  • Voyager: The Caretaker - Used by caretaker to bring ship to Delta Quadrant.

Disruptor Beam

Artificially generated by aliens. Klingon equivalent of a phasers. Accompanied by a shrill, echoing sound. (See Errand of Mercy, Elaan of Troyus.) The same beam is used by the Amenians in A Taste of Armageddon (Perhaps the Klingons once conquered Ameniar during their history!)

  • TOS: Errand of Mercy, others - Used by the Klingons to retaliate against the Organians for acts of sabotage by Kirk and Spock. The Klingons fired it the Enterprise during attacking runs in Ellan of Troyus. Kirk also used it to destroy suicide stations on Ameniar.


Origin unknown. Used in power generators, reactors, and short-range transporters. If pure enough, it can be made into weapons.

  • DS9: Dramatis Personae - Kira refuses a Valerian transport carrying dolamide to dock with the station under the suspicion that they are trading with the Cardassians.


Artificially generated by crew. A hard metal alloy.

  • DS9: The Emissary - Duranium shadows were used to create an illusion of photon torpedo launchers on DS9. This effect is also known as "Quaker Guns" in the DS9 novel _The Way of the Warrior_.
  • DS9: Captive Pursuit - Used in construction of access tunnels on DS9; impervious to normal sensors.
  • TNG: Hollow Pursuits - O'Brien tested the transporter with a container made of pure duranium. The container rematerialized as molten goo.

E-band radiation

Naturally occurring. Emitted by collapsing stars; can also be used as a means of communication.

  • TNG: The Mind's Eye - Data detected E-band rays and traced them to Geordie, who was brainwashed to kill Governor Vagh.

Eicharon Particles

Created by injecting deuterium through a thoronic polarizing grid into a quantum induction field. Used by the Valcarian Imperial Republic for superluminal propulsion.

Eichner Radiation

Artificially generated by aliens.

  • TNG: The Child - Caused genetically altered spores in stasis cage to expand uncontrollably and threaten Enterprise. Tracked to Iain, Troi's son.

Electrophoretic Energy

In real life, electrophoresis is a process by which proteins are identified by putting them on a gel and running an electric current through the gel, then staining the gel and measuring how far the proteins moved in comparison to a group of standard proteins that were also put on the gel (bigger proteins move slower, in general.)

  • Voyager: The Elogium - It was generated by space-dwelling lifeforms, but caused Kes to prematurely enter the Elogium (puberty.)


Naturally occurring. A substance produced from plants by the people of Brekka and exported to Ornara.

  • TNG: Symbiosis - Felicium is Brekka's sole export. It was once used to cure a deadly plague. Now, everyone on Ornara is addicted to it.


Naturally occurring. Refractory metal found in caves of Melona IV.

  • TNG: Silicon Avatar - Data thought the presence of fistrium and kelbonite prevented the Crystalline Entity from scanning the caves.

Fluidic Space

Naturally occurring. A parallel universe near our own composed entirely of a biological fluid.

  • Voyager: Scorpion, Part 2 - Species 8472 exists in fluidic space and attacked the Delta Quadrant following a failed Borg invasion into their territory. Voyager was brought to fluidic space by Seven of Nine in order to force their cooperation.


Naturally occurring.

  • TNG: Masks- Used in the composition of the informational archive at the comet's core.