3rd Special Services Battalion

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The Lightning Aldabrans are a platoon out of the 3rd Special Services Battalion. They consist out of three squads, each squad consisting out of 9 Marines which means that, currently, there are a total of 27 Marines stationed at Denali Station. Long term plans are to establish a permanent base for the 3rd Special Services Battalion on Denali Station, making it the home base for their operations in the Aavaro Wilds.


With Starfleet’s Security and Tactical departments focusing on securing the administrative area of Denali Station, the Marines will be called upon to escort those teams that are sent out beyond the secured area of the Station – including other biomes. For this purpose, their members are trained in a wide variety of specialties that offer combat potential but can also be used by various departments during less combat intense situations.


While there is no specific list of skills required for the teams, there are some that are common to the point of being universal. Armorers are found in nearly every team, with the responsibility of maintaining the unit’s arms and armor. Orbital Mechanics are also fairly common, using their training to assist in planning assaults or defenses of buildings, and usually serves as the team’s pilot and navigator. The third near universal skill set is that of the combat medic. This roll can be rolled into other roles as makes sense and often, if the team has a Search and Rescue trained marine, they often double as the team’s medic.

To make better use of the team’s unique skills, the members are often integrated into the various mainline departments during non combat operations. While all of the members can provide additional manpower for the station’s security department, they also can be further divided out based on their more specific skill set. Combat Engineer can be embedded with the station's engineering department, Cyber Warfare with Operations, and medics with the station's medical team.

Listed below are common specialties found amongst the teams. This list is not exhaustive and the teams are always looking for new and unique ways to assist their crews.

  • Cyber Warfare
  • Armorer
  • Search And Rescue
  • Reconnaissance
  • Orbital Mechanics
  • Combat Engineer
  • Negotiator
  • EOD
  • Communication/Flight Control

Current Roster

3rd Special Services Battalion Crew Manifest
The Lightning Aldabrans
Insignia Rank/Title Portrait Character Name Duty Post
Marine Warrant Officer
Ella Koon.jpg
Gwen Kingsley Cyber Warfare
Gunnery Sergeant
Nan Hesan Recon
Francisco Villa Combat Pilot/Combat Engineer