302nd Tactical Fighter Wing

Contrary to popular belief, not all fighters and pilots belong to the Marine division of Starfleet. There is a separate fighter corps pulled directly from the main body of Starfleet personnel. The 302nd is one such group.

Starfleet's 302nd Tactical Fighter Wing, known as Nova Burn, is stationed at Deep Space 26 in the Par'tha Expanse. The Wing is composed of six squadrons of fighters and support craft. Each squadron has 12 vessels, giving the wing a complement of 72 ships. Overseeing all of these craft, and the pilots, operators, and ground crew needed to keep the wing "aloft" is the Wing Commander, who answers directly to the station's CO and XO. All personnel assigned to the fighter wing report to the Wing Commander, not the station's personnel.

Directly under the Wing Commander are two individuals. First, the CAG (Commander, Air Group) is in command of all of the flight operations personnel (pilots and TSOs), and is often a pilot themself. Equal to the CAG is the Deck Boss, in charge of all of the ground crew personnel (engineers, weapons technicians, etc). Each vessel has its own crew of four to oversee maintenance, repair, reload, etc. In addition, there is a deck crew assigned to the hangar/fighter bay itself, to clean and move items, and to keep the bay in good repair. Finally, there is a group of technician specialists to help out in specific situations.

Size and Format

The 302nd is composed of the following:

  • 3 squadrons (3x 12 fighters, 36 total) of FI-25 Crossbow interceptors (single pilot, 1 jump seat)
    • Note: One flight of Crossbows (4 fighters) are the multi-seat Trainer variants (dual pilot controls, 2 jump seats), which function identically to their non-trainer counterparts in terms of combat (they simply have multiple pilot controls for training purposes).
  • 2 squadrons (2x 12 fighters, 24 total) of Lancer class multi-role fighters
  • 1 squadron (12 vessels) of Hawkeye class Scout ships (essentially warp-capable mobile sensor platforms)
    • Note:The Hawkeyes can be flown with only a pilot, but do require a TSO (Tactical Sensor Operator) to fulfill their primary mission profiles.


  • 1 fighter
  • 2 fighters = 1 Element (primary + wingman) (minimum used in a CAP)
  • 2 Elements = 1 Flight (4 fighters)
  • 3 Flights = 1 Squadron (12 fighters)
  • 6 Squadrons = 1 Wing (72 craft)


Command Division (86)

86 Officers, 0 Enlisted

  • 1 Wing Commander, 1 Commander Air Group (CAG), 72 Combat Pilots, 12 Tactical Sensor Operators (TSO)

Operations Division (341)

1 Officer, 340 Enlisted

  • 1 Deck Boss

Fighter Grounds Crew

  • 284 Fighter Maintenance Technicians (4 per craft)

Deck Crew

  • 5 Squad Chiefs, 50 Technician Specialists

Specific NPCs

302nd Tactical Fighter Wing NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Gender Current Post Posted By
Combat Pilots
Lieutenant Anthony Rogers Human Male Combat Aviator Emery Rhyn
Lieutenant JG Todd Manius Human Male Combat Aviator Renos
Ensign Suron M'K'T Antican Male Combat Aviator Valdivia