239807.02 The Garn Scale

//Personal Log 239807.02

So this shore leave has been a really productive one for me. I’m working hard on my department head qualifications. Ultimately, I’m working towards becoming the CMO for my ship. But this is not going to be a cake walk. I need to know my stuff forwards and backwards if I’m actually going to pull this off. I’ve been bringing my study materials everywhere I go. But on the upside, I’ve been getting a lot of encouragement and support from everyone. I’ll work hard not just for me, but for them and everyone I’ll help in the future.

In other news, something I’m proud of is that I managed to actually get Parker’s appointment done. All it cost me was a desk. You’d think that I got off light. That’d be true for most people. Me? I have an AI controlled desk that doesn’t seem to like me. It’s been the cause of a lot of issues at the moment including a few injuries I’ve sustained because of it. No doubt that those requisition orders have crossed my CO’s desk at some point. But I dunno if Captain Rahman has actually read them yet. That would make this uh… trip I’m on EXTREMELY awkward.

Which brings me to the present. As usual, I’m typically the last to know. But I’ve been placed on this mission to investigate what has become of the Endeavour Five crew. I don’t know if it’s cosmic irony, but there’s five of us packed into a runabout and we’re looking for five people in an NX era shuttle. I hope we don’t meet the same fate as them. Also, did I mention that I also struggle with smaller craft? It’s either a hit or miss if it makes me space sick. As it is, this mission has taken a few twists already. One of those NX era officers actually had a knack for setting traps. I think it speaks to a certain level of paranoia. But also we had a redacted come up in our search for more information. Something happened in the area. But we don’t know what it is yet. Looks like it’s not going to be so easy or straightforward as retrieving bodies and a missing shuttle.

Back to us. It’s going to be a five day trip out to the site. Five days of us within close quarters of each other. I know that Parker has some…. DIFFICULTIES with me given the appointment incident. Then we have Ensign Thorne with us. I just… I’m not ready to trust her again after the holodeck incident. I’m concerned that she’d actually find some new way I’d have to “prove my honour” while putting me in jeopardy again. I… don’t feel like I need to prove myself in that way. I know who I am. But she has me concerned.

In lighter news, I did bring along a soundtrack for the trip. Singing is a great team building exercise! It helps foster stronger bonds among your teammates. So here’s hoping that I can get at least the ensigns to sing with me. Also… I got a special note from the Captain to bring marshmallows which uh… I kind of FORGOT. But I don’t think it’s a huge concern. I’ve done a bit of a MODIFICATION to the replicators. There’s roughly a 35% chance that she will get her marshmallows the next time she uses a replicator. I mean she’ll still get the thing she asked for. It’ll also just come with marshmallows. There’s also a roughly 1 in 20 chance that the replicators will ask her to say please. I don’t think she knows I actually did that! But we’ll see what happens. It’s ONLY supposed to happen whenever SHE gets something from the replicator. I made sure of that.

And…. ugh…. Okay no… that doesn’t feel good….. I might be sick… Nope…. This isn’t going to end well….