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UFOP: Timeline
  • Year: 2371
  • OOC Year: 1994
  • Chronological Year: 1

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In June of 2371 Admiral Tristan Wolf took command of major fleet operations in Sector 118 under his flagship, the USS Phoenix-B.

Major Events



  • The wife and son of Admiral Wolf are killed by a faulty anti-matter containment storage pod on their transport shuttle while en route to Starbase 118 from Earth.


  • USS Phoenix-B, a Nebula Class starship becomes the inaugural ship in the 118 fleet under the command of Admiral Tristan Wolf and eventually becomes the starbase's primary support vehicle.


  • USS Alliance, a Galaxy Class starship joins the fleet as the second ship under the command of Captain Douglas Relic and First Officer Logan Paine. The Alliance would serve the fleet for three years before her destruction.

Date Unknown

  • Romulan Star Empire begins planning to engage the United Federation of Planets in a war (later known as the Yolanda Wars)


None of note


Not Yet Established

Ships in Service (2)

  • USS Phoenix-B
  • USS Alliance

OOC Notes

  • In December 1994, the UFOP officially adopts PBEM.